Why is Labour just letting the Brexit party win the European elections? | Mary Kaldor

Fence-sitting is never a good look. Especially when opposition has a historic duty to perform: stopping Nigel Farage

The European elections are of historic importance. Dangerous rightwing parties are likely to gain support, led by the Brexit party. We need to defeat the far right, and confront the spread of racism and the threat of authoritarianism and violence. We also need a serious commitment to tackling climate change and inequality.

The Party of European Socialists has released a radical manifesto, much influenced by Labour’s 2017 general election manifesto. It is calling for an end to austerity, for a green transition, for a feminist Europe and a “Europe for the many”. If Labour were to take these elections seriously, this could help shift the political balance in the European parliament – with a transformative effect on the EU and Britain.

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