Think you’ll dodge a painful political choice? You’re away with the fairies | Nick Cohen

We don’t have to live in a NeverNeverLand of politics if we vote wisely at the election

Cry #NeverCorbyn. Cry #NeverBrexit and you soon realise Britain is now a #NeverNeverLand of self-cancelling double negatives. The only way, it seems, to stop one extremist in #NeverNeverLand is to vote for another. The only way to save #NeverNeverLand from a rightwing disaster is to vote for a leftwing disaster. If you believe in fairies, Peter Pan says clap your hands and Tinker Bell won’t die. When set against what the British are being asked to believe in the general election campaign, belief in fairies sounds modest.

In a plea that might have been made by the anti-fascists of the 1930s, the Jewish Chronicle asked all citizens to walk in the shoes of British Jewry and not vote for Jeremy Corbyn. It asked: “How can the racist views of a party leader – and the deep fear he inspires among an ethnic minority – not be among the most fundamental of issues?” So devoutly does the former Labour minister Ian Austin believe in #NeverCorbyn that he is telling “decent, traditional, patriotic Labour voters” to support Boris Johnson at this election.

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