The Poppies should always be Red – Thoughts from a London Life

The Poppies should always be Red – Thoughts from a London Life
As I waited for the lift, I stared at the Poppy display table next to it. It looked so serene and peaceful, with red poppies strewn over a white cloth, a poppy wreath and a small cross. A simple yet beautiful homage to deep sacrifice and terrible bloodshed. Humbling. It really does make you stop, think and be grateful. And then my mind flicked to the events of the last few days…
‘I can’t believe this!’ I had picked up a voice message from a friend, expecting the usual chit chat. But no, she was in a café in Harrow, and the police had just arrived. A shop assistant told her some teenage boys had been in, demanding free food. When refused, they tried to steal it from a  customer, slapping and kicking her…. My friend had just missed it all… Harrow used to be a good area, full of top-notch public and grammar schools, and with a very nice town centre and shopping area. The views from Harrow on the Hill are famously spectacular. Some of Harry Potter was filmed there, using the beautiful old cobbled streets and schools as scenery. It has a quaint feel.
But the town centre below is now what I can only describe as a dump. It looks OK, but the behaviour of some of the people and the general feel is dirty and downtrodden, and overcrowded…  On Saturdays it is full of ‘fake beggars’, people making sand dogs (for goodness sake!), accordion players laying on the ground, and the beautiful  English language is rarely heard… There is also a horrible ‘fake’ market right through the middle, selling hot smelly food and playing unbearably loud, tinny music. This isn’t helped by a rough pub outside one of the shopping malls. I used to shop there every weekend, it was clean, decent and good quality (but not gentrified),  but I sadly avoid it like the plague now… if it wasn’t for a couple of well-known stores still clinging on it would be 100% depressing…
The night before, on my way home from central London, I  passed a homeless man outside the station. Some teenage boys were talking to him and holding two big bags of food from a local bakery that sometimes gives left over food to vulnerable people. I assumed they worked there and were offering him food. But then they said ‘It won’t be wasted’ and the man’s dog went for them… As I went through the ticket barrier they tried to follow without a ticket. A huge LUL chap appeared and blocked them. They laughed and leapt over the barriers. He again tried to stop them (he was very tall and brave)  but they ran down the stairs shouting, laughing and gesturing, now in a foreign language. I realised they had stolen the food, and they were getting on my train… just what I need after a hard day’s work!  Now I know teenagers are cheeky, I was one once, but we drew the line at being downright rude to our elders, and it never went past a little bit of cheekiness.  But now it feels like ‘anything goes’ and ‘do what you like’.
Last week at lunchtime our main doors were blocked by about 12 police cars and ambulances… There had been a stabbing in the building opposite and the staff from there were in the street petrified. We were reassured that it ‘wasn’t terrorism’ but just a ‘normal stabbing’ – oh that’s alright then! So we have normal stabbings now? I guess so… there have been 5 in the past week… my friends and I send each other the news as it comes in, day after day, shocked but numbed –  IS this normal now?? Are we to just accept and expect it? Theresa? Sadiq? Anyone?  (Since then we’ve had a smoke bomb, a man at reception claiming to have a gun, and someone sneaking in through a revolving door to threaten staff….) What has to happen for someone to say ENOUGH! When moped mugging was ‘new’ someone attempted to moped mug George Osborne (Mr Remainer) in our side street… no one is immune.  And George’s paper  (The Evening Standard) has informed us that Sadiq says it will take 10 years to sort out the violence in London…. Have we GOT 10 years??
Two years ago, also in Poppy week, I saw a lovely older lady selling poppies in the dreaded Harrow. She struck a lone figure and I chatted to her a few times. She promised she was going straight home as it was dark. A day or so later it was reported she had been followed home, attacked and knocked over outside her house for her handbag (which had nothing in it as she had sensibly dropped off the poppy money already, but I guess muggers don’t have brains). She survived a nasty head injury, but I doubt if she will be up to selling poppies again…
In this week leading up to the 100 year anniversary of the end of the 1st world war, it would be nice to look around at our achievements and feel proud at how far we have come, and how well we live now. To be able to say that what our ancestors sacrificed for us was worth it because they paved the way for a  better life,  that we have been grateful and not wasted the opportunity they gave us by laying down their lives… and yet… we seem to be sinking into some sort of abyss that we have no will to escape from…. We are giving it all away and don’t seem to care. Events over the last few days have only confirmed my opinion…
When we look at the red, red Poppies, and think of the bloodshed that gave us this way of life, tell me why – why are we throwing it all away?

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