The people’s prime minister? Let’s hear it for the Queen… | David Mitchell

With a leader and a Brexit plan that no one really wants, it’s time to give the whole country a lift

Do you think the Queen would be a better prime minister than the prime minister? Probably not – she’s really old. It may be borderline treason to say it, but she is almost certainly too old to be prime minister and so might be even worse than the current one. Or maybe it’s borderline treason to suggest that she could be prime minister at all? After all, I think the person the prime minister is ostensibly primely ministering to is the Queen. So, if she were prime minister, she’d be ministering to herself, which sounds vaguely rude. In a way, that might also be treason. And is constitutionally unsound. At her age.

So it’s not a workable idea, but I like its narrative arc. The Queen rolling her sleeves up (or having them rolled up by a footman) (or maybe an armperson) and saying: “Looks like we’re going to have to do this the old-fashioned way!” Just like after Henry VIII executed Thomas Cromwell.

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