Snow dumps and ice-skating injuries

Almost every article published by contains a percentage, an age, an amount of money or some other figure. Here’s a round-up of the most interesting statistics to appear in the past week’s stories. Monday 73 Winter has come! Many Swiss regions were covered in the white stuff, with a high of 73 centimetres of fresh snow recorded in the village of St Antönien, situated at 1,510 metres above sea level, in eastern Switzerland.  Tuesday 2.6 The unemployment rate in Switzerland averaged 2.6% in 2018, a ten-year low. Just over 118,000 people were registered with regional job centres during 2018 – 17.5% fewer than the previous year.  Wednesday 15 billion The Swiss National Bank says it expects to report a loss of about CHF15 billion ($15.3 billion) for 2018, mainly because of a weak performance of foreign currency positions.  Thursday 3,600 Some 3,600 ice-skaters require medical attention every year in Switzerland, with almost nine out of ten injured people ...
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