May says Chequers plan is only way to avoid hard border without "carving up the UK"

Source: --- Sunday, September 16, 2018
The British Prime Minister says her Brexit strategy is the only option in play that can avoid a hard border in Ireland – without ‘carving up the UK.’ The so-called Chequers plan, agreed by the British Cabinet in July, has faced stiff opposition in both London and Brussels. Some 80 Tory MPs have signalled that they would be willing to vote against the plan in the House of Commons – while chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier has warned that he is "strongly opposed" to key parts of it. Speaking to BBC Panorama however, Mrs Say said the plan is the only way to protect the union between Britain and the North while upholding the peace process in Ireland. “The people of Northern Ireland deserve to be listened to in these negotiations by the UK Government just as people elsewhere in this country,” she said. “I want to ensure that as we go forward, we have that strong union. “Northern Ireland is part of the UK and it is important that we deliver for the people of Northern Ireland. “They don’t want a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. The only proposal that has been put forward that delivers on them not having a hard border and ensures that we don’t carve up the UK is the Chequers plan.” The Tánaiste Simon Coveney Yesterday, the Tánaiste Simon Coveney once again warned that there will be no Brexit deal without a legally binding guarantee that there will be no return to a hard border. He noted that "the EU and Ireland could no ...

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