How the Swiss food supply chain is coping with Covid-19

Running out of rice? Low on loo roll? In fact Switzerland has enough to last for months, but stockists are putting in serious overtime to meet the demand.  Like their peers in other parts of the world, shoppers in Switzerland began panic-buying in response to the threat of coronavirus. Images of empty shelves made the rounds on social media, with popular items selling out more quickly than the shops could replenish them – replenish being the key word.  “There is no reason to panic over food,” the government’s delegate for national economic supply, Werner Meier, told journalists last week. The Swiss Retail Federation took out a full-page newspaper ad assuring the public that there was no shortage of food, drinks, pet supplies or other necessities. It called on shoppers to be sensible: “Those who buy more than necessary may be leaving others empty-handed and our staff overworked – at a time that is already very challenging.”  Double the pallet loads  So how are workers in retail ...
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