Farage is the homeopathic politician: he has a memory of an idea but no trace | John Crace

The Brexit party leader only continues because he’s worried he may no longer exist if he stops

There were more security guards outside the Little Mill village hall in south Wales than there were people trying to get in. Once inside, it became clear why. They were trying to do everyone a favour by keeping them out. An hour or so that nobody unlucky enough to be there would ever get back. Six months ago, a Brexit party rally could be guaranteed to have a certain energy. The thrill of the new, if nothing else. No more. This one would have died on its feet if it hadn’t already been dead on arrival.

Normally it’s shopping channel 3am graveyard slot presenter Richard Tice who gets wheeled out to compere these events. But with Tice otherwise engaged, hastily mugging up where Hartlepool is on the map and taking lessons in how to talk to northern people, before he announces he is standing to be MP there on Monday, it was Brexit party MEP, Nathan Gill who did the honours. A man who somehow manages to have even less charisma than Tice. The go-to person for the de-motivational speech.

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