European Parliament will hold ‘extraordinary session’ if UK approves Brexit deal

Members of the European Parliament will return to Brussels for an “extraordinary session” to ratify the Brexit withdrawal deal if the U.K. approves the text between now and July, a Parliament spokesman said.

Last week, EU leaders agreed to delay Brexit until October 31 to give the U.K. more time to get the deal approved by parliament.

If that happens before July 2, when the new European Parliament is supposed to start work, there would be “the possibility, if necessary, of having an extraordinary session,” Parliament spokesman Jaume Duch told reporters Monday.

The Parliament is holding its last plenary session this week in Strasbourg. That marks the last time all MEPs will be together before the May election. The first official gathering of the new Parliament is slated to begin on July 2 in Strasbourg.

Duch said that if Theresa May can get her deal passed by the House of Commons, “it would be the current plenary with the current composition” that would have to ratify it. That would mean MEPs who have failed to get re-elected or who have retired would have to come back for one last time.

Under EU rules, the Parliament has to sign off on the Brexit deal.

“We are ready to ratify the agreement,” Duch said.

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