Don’t panic! Brexit Dad’s Army ready and willing to tell EU to sod off | John Crace

David ‘Captain Mainwaring’ Davis and his team bear uncanny likeness to another home guard

The Royal Mail has done some expert trolling this week by announcing plans to release a set of Dad’s Army stamps. “Don’t panic! Don’t panic!” and “We’re all doomed!” might be just the kind of nostalgic messages being whispered within the government but ministers are keen not to let the good news spread to members of the general public. Careless talk costs lives and all that.

There was some good news for the Brexit department. The Royal Mail stopped short of superimposing the heads of ministers on those of the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard. David Davis is the perfect Captain Mainwaring. All mouth and no trousers, the perfect leader for any disorganised retreat: the bank manager capable of mis-selling himself his own pension.

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