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Brexit Dancing

LONDON — Just after work on Halloween, people congregated in a cavernous steampunk-themed bar in the financial district here, drinking No Deal Daiquiris, Bo-jitos and Tequila Mays: cocktails dreamed ...

The Guardian view on the Brexit #Party offer: one the Tories cannot refuse

‘Both Mr Johnson and Mr Farage are committed to supporting a damaging Brexit to get Britain out of the EU.’ Photograph: Getty Nigel Farage has never won a seat in the UK parliament, nor has he sat at ...

Brexit #Party Gives Johnson an Election Boost

Britain’s euroskeptic Brexit Party said it wouldn’t contest hundreds of Conservative Party-held districts in next month’s U.K. election, boosting Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chances of re-election.

Even Germany backs Boris: European firms attack Corbyn’s anti-business economic plans

GERMAN businesses back Boris Johnson in the upcoming general election as the official representative of German companies attacked the economic plans proposed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Nigel Farage urged to stand aside in Tory target seats after climbdown

Brexit party will not contest Conservative seats but source says it will pursue Labour-held ones

Nigel Farage is facing calls from Brexit supporters to stand down further candidates to help Boris Johnson after he made a dramatic public U-turn by agreeing to withdraw his party from all Conservative-held seats.

The Brexit party leader claimed he had changed his mind about fielding candidates in 317 seats held by the Tories after Johnson released a video pledging to take Britain out of the EU by 2020 and to pursue a Canada-style trade deal.

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New Zealand Dollar Price Outlook: NZD/USD Reversal Halted–Kiwi Levels

An outside-weekly reversal off resistance last week is now threatening a low in Kiwi just above support. Here are the levels that matter on the NZD/USD weekly chart.

Sam Gyimah continues down Lib Dem path of fairytales and unicorns | John Crace

There is no plan B because Jo Swinson will become PM and stop Brexit, all on her own

It wasn’t the worst day to campaign on adult education. Almost at the very moment that Sam Gyimah, the Lib Dems’ business spokesperson, was sitting down to chat to a handful of apprentices in Marylebone after a near pointless two-mile journey in the party’s electric battle bus, Nigel Farage was busy handing out P45s to 317 of the Brexit party’s own candidates in Hartlepool. Still, as they had all stumped up a non-refundable £100 for the privilege, the party was over £30K to the good. And Nige had kept Boris Johnson and Arron Banks happy. You win some, you win some.

It wasn’t the most challenging outing for Gyimah. All the apprentices were either too friendly, too young to remember or just not that bothered about university tuition fees – which was was probably just as well. He too has the wide-eyed innocence of the ingenue. But then he has been on something of a reskilling programme himself, having defected from the Conservatives only a few months ago.

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