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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Saturday 18th May 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Saturday 18th May 2019

And so the ‘Game of WAB’ continues … The Nation had just digested the latest twist in the PM’s admirable attempts to cling to her occupation of 10 Downing Street, looking with astonishment and derision at the communique from 1922 Committee, when Mr Corbyn, leader of the Opposition, detonated his bomb.

Yesterday he sent a letter to the PM cancelling any further talks – see here for the full text. I do like this sentence:

“the increasing weakness and instability of your government means there cannot be confidence in securing whatever might be agreed between us.”

The reference to the PM’s promise of being ‘strong and stable’ is, you will agree, rather delicious.

Senior Labour politicians meanwhile promote a 2nd Referendum disguised by clamouring for a ‘people’s vote’. Their battle cry of rejecting a “Tory Brexit” is hollow and aimed at the traditional tribal Labour voters who usually vote even for a donkey as long as it wore the red rosette. It’s interesting though that the Remain MSM are not asking why the PM’s vassalage treaty is unacceptable to Labour.

Instead, all politicians and the MSM are fluttering about like hens in a farmyard when they see a buzzard hovering above, with Party Politics rather than actual politics being the preferred displacement activity.

I won’t go so far and accuse the PM of duplicity when telling the 1922 Committee that she would get her WAB through Parliament – a feat only achievable with the help of Labour. She surely must have had an inkling however that, given the intransigence of Labour, the possibility of achieving her aim was minuscule. She either is delusional, or she has no political nous whatsoever, nor, it would seem, does the mischief of mice, the 1922 Committee.

Moreover, there’s simply no indication that either Party has actually grasped that we can all see how they’re fiddling while Brexit burns. See for example this:

“Theresa May is considering trying to persuade MPs to back her Brexit bill next month by offering them a free vote on the type of long-term relationship Britain should have with the EU. Downing Street has drawn up plans to use a preferential vote system to allow MPs to rank different options for a customs deal with the EU in order of preference. The proposal comes after formal talks on a cross-party deal with Labour collapsed yesterday. […] Jeremy Corbyn said that Labour would be prepared to look at any proposal from the government. “This is a novel process which we will obviously look at whenever it comes to parliament” (link, paywalled)

Politics by multiple-choice questions: you couldn’t make it up! That’s the level to which both Parties have dragged our formerly proud Parliament.

Oh – and there’s begging by offering ‘concessions’: “Theresa May to put concessions to DUP in desperate bid to win support for her deal” (link). These concessions are cosmetic alterations to the WAB which, as we all know is cast in stone and can’t be altered. Arlene Foster has of course rejected them, saying the 2016 result must be implemented.

We’ll certainly be treated to more flutterings and useless attempts to tweak the vassalage treaty, and an outcome is now utterly unpredictable. This describes the situation nicely:

“Mrs May’s failure to agree a deal with Labour means that she approaches the prospect of putting her WAB to MPs next month in the worst state possible: having failed to secure Opposition support and leaving her Tory colleagues even more irritated and less sympathetic towards her in the process.” (paywalled link),

I was however intrigued when I read this: A senior Tory said they believed a no deal was a “racing certainty”. (link) We don’t know who that ‘senior Tory’ was, nor has this remark crept up anywhere else, as far as I can see. I don’t discard it because there’s this new player whose presence has mixed up the Brexit game: TBP and Nigel Farage. Was this what led that ‘senior Tory’ to make this remark?

Having noted yesterday that the WAB is only a plaything for the establishment parties we observe that the Tories have now given up on their PM, the launch of their manifesto for the EP elections showing clearly that they know the game is over.

To general derision, the PM introduced the Tory Party manifesto for the EP Elections yesterday afternoon. Reports with video clips are here and here, where the comments by Tory grassroots are, well, illuminating. So is this report in the DT:

“With the Brexit Party riding high in the polls and Mrs May under growing pressure to set a timetable for her departure, the glum look on the candidates’ faces appeared to suggest that they would rather the Prime Minister was anywhere else but in their constituency on Friday. Six days out from the European Parliament elections and the scene was more akin to a wake than a political rally as Mrs May scarcely managed a smile herself as she gave her first – and one suspects only – speech to promote the Tories’ campaign.” (paywalled link)

Let’s spread the cloak of compassion over that sad spectacle and look at what the Tories who weren’t there had been getting up to: determining who their May-replacement will be. They are aided and abetted by the MSM who have suddenly rediscovered their predilection for Boris Johnson as the only ‘saviour’ who can beat Corbyn or slay Nigel Farage or both, see here and here.

However, the PM’s delusions seem to have gripped her supporters as well:

“Boris Johnson’s Tory opponents began cranking up a campaign to stop him becoming Prime Minister within 24 hours of his announcement he would stand for the party leadership, it can be revealed today. The ‘Stop Boris’ campaign swung into action in Westminster last night – amid warnings that some Tories could force a general election rather than give him the keys to Number 10.” (link)

How deluded must one be, as Tory MP, to rather have Corbyn in No 10 than support BoJo? Well, given that these anti-BoJo Tories are all Remainers you can surely identify the cause of that delusion:

“Among Tory members who voted to remain in the EU, Mr Johnson was fifth choice for the leadership, behind Sajid Javid, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt and Rory Stewart.” (link, paywalled)

These are the people we should trust to implement our vote to Leave? Really?

Meanwhile TBP keeps on surging ahead (see here, for example) while the Tories give the impression of a bedraggled bunch of players trudging off the pitch: beaten, muddied and bloodied, their peacock feathers torn, confounded about what actually happened. Labour meanwhile is wisely keeping quiet – but will that help them? Here’s a rousing introduction to a remarkable analysis:

“As the Tory party rots in its own narcissistic juices, bogged down in the vanities of a leadership contest and imperiously complacent about the Farage threat, one would be forgiven for wondering whether the party that wrecked Brexit is approaching certain death. But are we overlooking something obvious here? This week, a bombshell ComRes poll suggested the Brexit Party could rob the Tories of power in the next general election, seizing 49 seats. But the “natural” party of government may not, for all its disgraceful inadequacies, turn out to be Nigel Farage’s first victim. That would be the Labour Party, instead.” (paywalled link)

Great article – I will look at it in depth alter, separately.

But – what about Brexit? There are two things which makes me hopeful: the deep silence of Brussels in regard to this latest instalment of the ‘Game of WAB’, and the evident disarray of the PM and her government.

It looks as if the Mandarins, her handlers, have now abandoned her. I can’t help but wonder if the second level of Mandarins are secretly working on a palace revolution to get rid of the Sedwills. 

Is it too much to hope that we the people, some of whom are civil servants, are going to remove the cold hand of Remain from the levers of power?




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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Wednesday 15th May 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Wednesday 15th May 2019


“The PM has decided …” – no, not that she’ll leave as PM, but how she’ll deliver us into vassalage. Furthermore, Olly Robbins has gone to Brussels – not to apply for Belgian citizenship, as Verhofstadt and friends joked in that fly-on-the-wall documentary, but to submit the latest vassalage plan.

In a strange coincidence, ‘sources’ haven’t given the MSM any other titbits on Brexit. I’ll concentrate on the paywalled reports (here and here), the non-paywalled ones are here (DM) and here (Express). So – let’s step into the latest quagmire created by the PM:

“Theresa May will put her Brexit deal to the Commons next month in a vote that will determine her remaining time as prime minister. She told Jeremy Corbyn last night that in the week commencing June 3 she will bring in legislation implementing the divorce agreement with or without Labour’s support.” (link, paywalled)

This is a high-risk, desperate gamble for the PM:

“Mrs May has so far held back from introducing the Withdrawal Agreement Bill as she sought agreement from Labour that it would not vote it down. Defeat in the Commons vote would almost certainly spell the end of Mrs May’s tenure since it would bring to an end the parliamentary session and she lacks the authority to start a new one.” (link, paywalled)

It’s high-risk because an end to the parliamentary session means that the DUP can stop their agreement to support the PM in the HoC. For history buffs, here’s an interesting piece of information: this current parliamentary session is already the longest since the English Civil War (see here) – and by June or indeed July the PM will have broken all records … surely a historical achievement, no? More on how the PM plans to proceed:

“Mrs May wants MPs to come up with a compromise Brexit during the committee stage of passing the withdrawal legislation. To reach that stage, however, the Commons must vote for a second reading. The bill is expected to be introduced after MPs return from their Whitsun recess on June 4, meaning that the vote would be held the following week. (link, paywalled)

No ‘indicative’ or ‘definitive’ votes then, but the vassalage bill to be put on the table and the MPs to amend it during second-reading stages. It doesn’t take a genius to notice that this means she can show that she has done ‘her best’ and can wash her hands of anything the MPs add. Oh, and she can leave for her summer holidays, never (hopefully) to return as PM and never to have to face a GE again … genius!

The report in the DT (paywalled link) throws more light on a possible reason for the PM’s sudden ‘hard’ stance:

“Mrs May is expected to set a deadline for Labour to agree to a deal or end the talks by next week, as she wants to publish Brexit legislation before next week’s European elections. Mrs May is now prepared to put a tweaked Brexit deal to a vote in Parliament even if she cannot guarantee it will pass, as she has accepted she has “run out of road”. Her aim is for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill – the legislation required for Britain to leave the EU with a deal – to receive royal assent before Parliament breaks for the summer at the end of July. That would in turn trigger Mrs May’s departure, allowing for a Tory leadership contest to take place over the summer and for a new leader to be in place before the Conservative Party Conference at the end of September.” (paywalled link)

There you have it: it’s about herself, not about the country, not about Brexit proper. It shows clearly what the PM and her advisers want to achieve, with a nice threat hidden in the tail:

“Mrs May will publish the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in the week beginning June 3 to force MPs into a choice between the deal on the table or the possibility of Brexit being cancelled. One Government source said: “We are fast getting to a point where a decision has to be made either way. MPs in constituencies that voted Leave will have to decide once and for all whether they back Brexit or want to risk Parliament voting to revoke Article 50 when the current Brexit extension runs out in October. We can’t guarantee that the Brexit bill will pass, but if it doesn’t, the EU will also have a choice to make: does it offer Britain a better deal, or does it fuel the rise of the Brexit Party by risking Brexit being cancelled by MPs?” (paywalled link)

For ‘backing Brexit’ read: “support the PM’s vassalage treaty or the EU will kill Brexit”. Here’s what Nigel Dodds MP (DUP) had to say:

“DUP Westminster leader Nigel Dodds said: “If the Prime Minister brings the Withdrawal bill to the Commons for a vote the question will be ‘what has changed? Unless she can demonstrate something new that addresses the problem of the backstop then it is highly likely her deal will go down to defeat once again. […] For the Bill to have any prospect of success then there must be real change to protect the economic and constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom and deliver Brexit.” (paywalled link)

Of course the is no change, but that’s irrelevant because for the PM it’s no longer about the content of that abomination, it’s about showing that she has ‘done something’:

“Mrs May also needs to show progress is being made when she meets the executive of the 1922 Committee of backbench Tory MPs on Thursday. They are impatient for her to set out the timetable for her departure, and she will come under pressure to promise to quit before the summer regardless of whether she can get a deal through Parliament.” (paywalled link)

Obviously, this last endeavour by the PM to get her vassalage treaty through Parliament is nothing but her final (I do hope it’s final!) attempt to convince her grassroot members and Tory voters that they ought to stay with her and her sell-out while she looks blameless in a forthcoming GE.

Meanwhile, Mr Oily Robbins has gone to Brussels (here and paywalled here), leading to speculations or expectations that there’s more cooking on the vassalage deal. The DT’s Europe Editor writes:

“The Telegraph understands that Theresa May’s chief Brexit negotiator is back talking to his European counterparts and “stress-testing” new Brexit texts that have emerged from more than six weeks of talks in Westminster. But before anyone puts the champagne on ice, all the signs are that this visit will not amount to much more than a bureaucratic charade designed to keep Mrs May’s stated ambition to deliver a Brexit deal before she departs alive – albeit in a semi-vegetative state.” (paywalled link)

His interpretation of the Oily-visit – he’s meeting his German counterpart, Ms Weyand, so perhaps the reason for his trip is a bit more salacious? – is intriguing: 

“So remind me what the point of Olly Robbins being in Brussels is? Very little, in all truth, barring a breakthrough in Labour-Tory talks that produces a deal that is then backed by a majority of MPs – which as noted above, seems deeply unlikely. […] Brussels does not expect this to happen. They are already bracing for Mrs May’s departure after the May European Elections and the arrival of a new Tory Prime Minister committed to renegotiating the backstop and – if that fails – walking away without a deal. With Westminster apparently stuck fast, it seems as if the real Brexit battle-lines are already being drawn up for October, when the current extension to Article 50 expires.” (paywalled link)

Of course, by that date – 31st October – she hopes to’ve gone into retirement, leaving the mess to whichever hated Leave PM is following her.

If you need one more piece of ammunition to fight for Leave, here it is. It’s not been reported in our MSM, for obvious reasons: our subjugation to the ECJ under the vassalage treaty must be kept tightly under wraps.

The ECJ decided yesterday that even hardened and dangerous criminals who have committed serious crimes in the EU country where they’re registered as ‘refugees’ cannot be deported.

Here’s the article in the German paper “Die Welt” – use your machine translator. Ask Remainers why they think our subjugation under the ECJ is such a wonderful idea – surely they can tell us?





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Britain’s Conservatives in fourth place in EU election poll, Farage leads

Theresa May’s Conservative Party has fallen into fourth place in a poll on voting intentions for the European elections, well behind Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party which has more support than Britain’s traditionally two biggest parties combined.





Aren’t our politicians entertaining! They present us with their Daily Farce, with ever more ridiculous proposals to divert our attention from not implementing Brexit. We shout ‘it’s behind you!’ but they don’t hear us – they are busy preening before our incredulous gaze.

Yesterday Corbyn kicked off the Labour campaign for the EP elections and he told the nation that basically a 2nd referendum (he carefully did not use that expression) would ‘heal the Nation’:

“I would want that to be seen as a healing process bringing this whole process to a conclusion. Nothing is easy in this, but, our essential message has to be to bring people together.”(link)

It’s astonishing how he and incidentally Tory MPs are again wallowing in ‘bringing us all together’ imagery. They cry out for ‘unity’ after having busily destroyed it – but only when they see their cushy job as MP is in danger. Three years of not implementing Brexit is a case in point.

Corbyn has also learned from the EU. Not only is he happy to let us vote again and again until the result fits, he’s standing as firm as M Barnier in saying ‘No’:

“The hard-left leader suggested that cross-party talks with Theresa May’s ministers in recent weeks were going nowhere, saying he had received ‘no big offer’. And in a swipe at Tory infighting he added: ‘It’s difficult negotiating with a disintegrating government with Cabinet ministers jockeying for the succession, rather than working for an agreement.”(link)

That type of language sounds rather familiar! Just replace ‘hard-left leader’ with ‘M Barnier’ … see what I mean?

Meanwhile the LibDems showed us how ‘with it’ and ‘modern’ they are by having Sir Vince Cable launch their EP election manifesto with the title “Bollocks to Brexit” (link) – yes, really!

The Tories however have upped the stakes with their EP election leaflet, actually attacking Tory Brexiteer MPs:

“Theresa May is facing renewed anger from Brexiteers after Tory European election leaflets included a link to a website that names and shames MPs who voted against her withdrawal deal. […]The pamphlet is being distributed by freepost rather than activists, many of whom are on strike. The leaflet shows the party is effectively using the campaign to criticise the 34 Tory Brexiteers who call themselves the “Spartans” and the second referendum supporters who declined to back Mrs May’s deal in March, causing it to fall in the Commons.” (link, paywalled)

That’s bound to be a vote winner! There are more, utterly farcical news. A Remainer has filed a complaint with the Electoral Commission because TBP’s logo is an arrow which is next to the voting box and thus an unfair advantage (link)! Never mind, Anna Soubry (TIG) said the TBP logo showed a house that had fallen over, symbolising the ‘chaos of Brexit’ (link).

It’s laughable: all those Remain champions still believe that all of us Leave voters are total idiots who are even too stupid to realise what a logo means!

That was Act One of the Remainer EP farce. Lets lower the curtain, have a break, and raise the curtain on Act Two: what the ‘real’ politicians in the House of Clowns are getting up to – aaand: it’s more holidays!

The leader of the House, Ms Leadsom, announced another recess which will take place from May 24th to June 3rd. Astute readers will have noticed immediately that our MPs will go home right after the EP elections. The result won’t be made public before all EU member states have gone to their polls, some of which are on Sunday the 26th of May, so our lot won’t have to face the MSM when the results are out. Here’s a nice interpretation:

“Andrea Leadsom, the Commons leader, announced a week-long recess immediately after the European elections. The government uses recesses to stop MPs plotting, although this tactic has backfired because positions often harden when the Commons is not sitting as MPs discuss topics on WhatsApp groups. Asked whether it was right for MPs to take a break when Brexit legislation still had to be pushed through parliament, a Downing Street spokeswoman said: “Recesses are obviously agreed by the House. This particular recess occurs every year. […] We hope we are able to bring forward the Withdrawal Agreement Bill before recess.” (link, paywalled)

Other MSM pundits also think this is about preventing Tory MP plotters from plotting:

“This could give Theresa May protection against efforts to oust her if the Conservatives perform as badly as expected. Mrs Leadsom yesterday told MPs the Commons would rise again later this month ‘subject to the progress of business’.” (link)

Why are the PM and her Remain colleagues so frightened of ‘plotting’ and ‘ousting’ her? The Brady Bunch of the 1922 committee have now shown to all that they are toothless tigers, that their roar is akin to that of a frightened mouse. They won’t bite – they only want to play! For good measure, Amber Rudd warned the male leadership contestants:

”Amber Rudd rounded on Tory leadership contenders last night for ‘parading’ their wives in a bid to win support.The Work and Pensions Secretary also complained it was ‘all the men’ putting themselves forward to succeed Theresa May at the moment.” (link)

Good grief – hasn’t she noticed the female contestants? Could they not ‘parade’ their husbands? Or is that a cry to Tory members to vote for yet another female leader because the current one is such a success?

Farcical, isn’t it! Lower the curtain while we laugh! Now onto Act Three and that ‘business’. This is what the PM and her Remain cabinet plan:

“The Prime Minister is preparing to hold the votes in the next fortnight if Brexit talks with Labour collapse, and wants to find a mechanism that would force Parliament to choose a way forward, rather than risking another stalemate. One of the methods under consideration is to make MPs rank the alternative Brexit outcomes in order of preference, so that second and third preference votes are counted if no one option gets a majority.” (paywalled link)

Don’t despair – they have alternatives if that one doesn’t work:

“Other alternatives include a knockout system, where the least popular options are dropped after each round of voting until only one option remains.” (paywalled link)

The actual reason for this proposed HoC Farce, hidden in the text, is to keep the PM in office for as long as possible:

“It would mean Mrs May could prove to voters that progress had been made, and that Britain will leave the EU by the start of August. Downing Street hopes that would temper the expected backlash against the Conservatives in the European elections, in which party officials fear the Tories will finish sixth.” (paywalled link)

Don’t splutter! Sixth place is well deserved – but note that Drowning Street has now extended their timetable to August. What are a few extensions between friends, after all! This is why it’s a farce:

“But if the talks with Labour fail, Mrs May’s plan B is to hold indicative votes – so-called because they indicate the will of Parliament, rather than being legally binding. Last month MPs voted on eight different alternative Brexit outcomes, including remaining in the EU, a no deal Brexit, a second referendum and a customs union with the EU, all of which were voted down.” (paywalled link)

According to good old EU fashion: ‘force Parliament’ to vote again and again until the result fits. I’m sure the PM and all the Remainers in LibLabSNPGreen etc regret deeply that the EP elections can’t be re-run, and I suspect so does that lot in Brussels.

Yesterday evening the BBC broadcast the 2nd part of that Belgian TV show on how our EU friends regard us. Here’s a most excellent comment published in The Times:

“If Nigel Farage had commissioned a party political broadcast to expose the arrogance of the European Union elite he couldn’t have come up with anything as damning as a documentary shown this week.” (link, paywalled)

I’ll now watch it on catch-up, and if you haven’t watched it, you might like to do so as well, given this assessment:

“Any dispirited Brexiteer who needs reminding why they voted three years ago to leave the EU should watch it. I suggest that my Remainer friends should watch it too and then try telling me, with a straight face, that our future lies in an organisation as ghastly as this.” (link, paywalled)





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May to meet Tory leaders next week to address calls for resignation

British Prime Minister Theresa May has offered to meet leaders of an influential group of Conservative Party lawmakers next week to address growing calls for her to resign, party representatives said on Wednesday (8 May).

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Wednesday, 8th May 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Wednesday, 8th May 2019

Are we now in a bazaar where the government is reduced to haggling about dates – and I don’t mean the edible ones? What has the PM, what has her deputy Mr Lidington, what have the Labour ‘negotiators’ been doing yesterday? Drinking tea and dunking biscuits?

There was no announcement of ‘a deal’, and they will meet again today. What we did get were the sad news  – sad for the government and the Tory Party, that is – that the EP Elections will have to go ahead.

However, the PM, through her deputy Mr Lidington, has come up with a new timetable. According to this, the PM now aims to get her WA through Parliament in June so that the newly elected MEPs won’t have to take their seats – or it might be August –  or it might be later – who actually knows:

“Theresa May is targeting July 1 as the day Britain leaves the EU after abandoning a deadline for a Brexit agreement with Labour. David Lidington, the Cabinet Office minister, said the Government was “redoubling” its efforts to ensure a Brexit deal is passed by Parliament in time to prevent MEPs taking up their seats in Brussels. If that proves impossible, the Government will make sure the EU Withdrawal Agreement is  “done and dusted” before Parliament rises for the summer, meaning Brexit day would be August 1. It means that Mrs May has now set five separate dates for Britain to leave the EU. (paywalled link)

You can find non-paywalled reports here and here. It’s as if That Lot in Drowning Street and Whitehell are totally oblivious to the one exit, the one solution which would have us Out and incidentally abolish the EP elections: leave on WTO rules before May 23rd. Sir John Redwood has been pointing this out repeatedly, but noooo ….! 

One reason for this game-of-dates is of course the demand of Tory MPs and Tory grassroot members that the PM go. The demand for her to set a date for her ‘Leave’ is intricately tied to this despicable game with our future.

Yesterday, Sir Graham Brady of the 1922 Brady Bunch, ahem, Committee, roared like a mouse:

“Theresa May has been given until teatime on Wednesday to come up with a “roadmap” to her resignation as leader of the Tory party – or she will have one forced upon her.Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 committee of backbench Conservative MPs, is understood to have made clear backbenchers’ frustration at a meeting on Tuesday night.” (paywalled link)

That will have had the PM quaking in her kitten heels! He’s actually given her a deadline:

“Sir Graham is understood to have given Mrs May until 4pm on Wednesday – the start of the meeting of the party’s 1922 executive – to set out a “roadmap” for her departure from Number 10. […] If Mrs May refuses to set out her exit plans, the 1922 committee will set out its own plans and can say “here is our timescale” for her departure, [a] MP said. (paywalled link)

A roadmap! How perfectly quaint. And how perfectly useless. After all, we did have a ‘roadmap’ given by the PM herself about when we’d Leave the EU … March 29th, wasn’t it? And Sir Graham Brady and his other toothless tigers believe the PM will keep to their roadmap? No chance, when you read this:

“Theresa May is poised to remain in office until the Conservative conference this September after setting a new summer deadline to complete Brexit talks.The prime minister was urged yesterday by Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers, to spell out a faster timetable for a departure before the Commons summer recess, which is expected in the third or fourth week of July.However, Downing Street indicated that it was working to a new deadline for solving the Brexit impasse that would mean her remaining in office for up to four more months.” (link, paywalled)

No wonder that the nerves in the Tory Party are jangling, as this extraordinary outburst by a member of the 1922 Committee shows:

“The Vice Chairman of the 192 [sic!] Committee sent a clear message to both Brexiteers in his party and those Remainers who voted against the Prime Minister’s deal for three times. Mr Walker urged his colleagues to “go find another party” if they are planning to continue to oppose Theresa May’s Brexit efforts. He said: “There were 34 people who voted against the Prime Minister’s deal. “They were six Remainers and 28 putative Leavers. And you have to look at them and ask is the Conservative Party the place that you continue to feel provides a home for you? Because if it doesn’t, stop making all our lives miserable and difficult and go find another party.” (source)

Strewth – is Mr Walker telling his colleagues to cross the floor and join the ChUK-TIGs or, God forbid, TBP if they’re not 100% PM-loyalists? Unbelievable, isn’t it!

On past form, the PM will obviously find perfectly good reasons to stay after fours months – and after six months – and after 12 months, until the end of this Parliament in 2022. After all, didn’t she ‘deliver Brexit’, ahem, BRINO? And aren’t her ‘strong and stable’ hands needed in this perilous times? Perhaps the PM has taken a lesson from The Speaker who also won’t relinquish his seat because only he, in his opinion, is capable of ‘delivering Remain’.

On past form, we can be sure the PM fondly believes that she can still ‘deliver’ her ‘Remain’ to the Tory grassroots, even after a disastrous result for the Tories in the EP elections. She has the full backing of the Whitehell mandarins, after all.

Meanwhile, across the Channel in EU-Land, that perfect democrat M Juncker believes he could’ve prevented Brexit if only he’d intervened on the side of Remain in the 2016 referendum (source). Well, it was a pity he didn’t! I think he’d have increased the Leave vote by another 5% at the very least.

Also in EU-Land, the economy is faltering, and it’s of course the fault of Brexit (link). It is of course not the fault of EU intransigence blocking Brexit at every turn. That this intransigence was fuelled and ably supported by our Whitehell civil serpents is another story.

I note with no astonishment whatsoever that the influence of Sir Mark Sedwill, top civil serpent, on Brexit and other government issues like the sacking of the Minister of Defence has vanished from the MSM. So has that trip to Beijing, as has Huawei. Oh – and Mr Gavin Williamson did not, after all, give a speech in the HoC yesterday. Well, perhaps he’ll do it today …

Let me close with a warning regarding the forthcoming EP Elections. It was reported in Breitbart London on Monday (here) but didn’t concern our MSM:

“A recent report from Politico provides an insight into Facebook’s new “election war room” established ahead of the upcoming European election. Facebook has previously deployed a similar “war room” in the United States ahead of the midterm elections in November 2018. Now, Politico has reported on the company’s efforts to establish a similar project in Dublin, Ireland ahead of the upcoming European elections.”

Do read the whole thing – it is chilling and shows that the Remain establishment is not giving up. And that, dear friends, means that we must  not give up either, come what may (or May), but to




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With a huge sigh of relief our MSM have given over their front pages and headlines to the news that the Duchess of Sussex has finally produced her long-awaited baby. Articles on Brexit and the PM were relegated to the inner pages, as were those on ‘ministers’ meeting with Labour yet again to ‘hammer out’ that deal which the Nation knows is a fudge and betrayal.

Our Remain MSM payed equal, scant attention to the rumblings inside the Tory Party where the 1922 Committee is apparently flexing their muscles again, meeting the PM this afternoon when they will be really really hard and demand a leaving date from her yet again. Not a leaving date for us to exit the EU, you understand, but for her to leave as PM. Non-paywalled reports are here and here, the paywalled ones are here and here.

It’s all so exciting, isn’t it, when we read about the verbal muscle-flexing going on, especially as this 1922 Committee meeting is tied to the result of those talks with Labour:

“Senior sources within the Conservative Party said on Monday that Mrs May will be “gone very quickly” if she moves towards Labour’s demands for a post-Brexit customs union with the EU.” (paywalled link)

In case you believe that this ‘deal’ with Labour is only about pushing the PM’s WA deal over the line, think again. The underlying reason is this – and it’s a reason which is of urgency for Labour as well, after the result in the local elections:

“Downing Street has said Mrs May wants the talks with Labour wrapped up by the end of this week because that would still allow time for a deal to be ratified by Parliament in time to avoid MEPs being sent to Brussels.” (paywalled link)

We’ve learned that Parliament – both Houses, that is – can move very fast indeed when it’s about legislating to keep us in. Remember the Letwin/Cooper amendment last month? Remember that both Houses are Remain to the core! Once you’re ‘in’ that club, it’s irrelevant what us peasants out here think or vote for. It’s even irrelevant what the footfolk in LabCon think, that both sides do not want such deal, for different reasons. Tim Stanley remarks in the (paywalled) DT:

“A few weeks ago Labour thought the answer was to oppose the Government’s Brexit plan in a bid to sink it, but this might prove to have been a mistake. History has called their bluff. They are now forced to take greater responsibility for Brexit at the very moment when options are narrowing and the public’s patience has run out. In politics it’s often stupid to try to be clever when you could just be honest. What we’re left with is a kind of unintelligent fraud […] Nigel Farage is right to warn that even if a customs union is a winner in Parliament, it could be a big loser in the country, precisely because it is the product of a grand bargain between political elites that most voters no longer trust.” (paywalled link)

A comment in RemainCentral, a.k.a. The Times, makes the same point:

“The last thing that is going to win back public trust is a Westminster stitch-up behind closed doors in what Nigel Farage has already characterised as a “coalition against the people”. (link, paywalled)

Still, the PM ploughs on. It looks as if she and her Remain colleagues, as if the Labour front bench, believe that a ‘deal’, now, must surely kill the Farage fox and send TBP scurrying back into their holes.

I repeat – this deal is not only about getting that abomination, the WA, across the finishing lines, it’s about preventing the EP Elections at all costs. They can read the polls as well as we do.

It is of course again the inimitable Sir John Redwood who not only warns about what the PM is likely to do but who has the simple solution for scuppering the EP Elections – not that the PM will take notice:

She has hinted she would leave after getting the Withdrawal Treaty through the Commons, without precisely naming a date. I do not believe she would leave as soon as she passed the Treaty, were that to happen with Labour votes. It would be seen by her and the pro May parts of the press as a great triumph to have got it through against all the odds and against the overwhelming opposition of the voters. Why wouldn’t she then say she was needed to handle talks with the EU based on the Treaty? That is why my best option is she takes us out this month, cancelling the European election. If she fails to do so the pressures should become overwhelming for her to go.” (link)

Indeed so, but our ‘leaders’ believe firmly that a possible 2nd referendum can and will be managed their way because TBP, ‘damaged’ because their impetus will have vanished without EP elections, will surely have lost traction.

They assume that we out here will have given up. The Mark Sedwills and the power of Whitehell, combined with all the Remain NGOs, will surely see to that. Or so they hope.

There’s also a session in the HoC this afternoon but we don’t know if Mr Williamson will give his alleged speech at that time. For entertainment, read this hilarious but serious article by Richard Littlejohn in the DM (here, not paywalled!) – strewth, doesn’t Sir Mark Sedwill look exactly like Sir Humphrey Appleby …!

The PM ought to be extremely wary though because Dominic Grieve MP  – remember him? – has intervened with a timely article in the DT. He happens to be the Chairman of the Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee and is not conciliatory, as we all remember:

“In the current debate on the possible involvement of Huawei in our 5G network, we must not lose sight of what is really at stake: one of the UK’s greatest intelligence assets. […] if there is any reason to suspect that our intelligence-sharing relationship with our Five Eyes partners will be damaged, then that should automatically determine our decision on the future of our 5G network […] (paywalled link)

It certainly ought to – but will Mr Grieve call Sir Mark Sedwill to explain himself in front of the Intelligence and Security Committee? We might also ask why Mr Grieve hasn’t done so yet … More:

In the past we have seen governments on all sides of the Five Eyes partnership act swiftly to protect the relationship: legislation has been introduced to address concerns around vulnerabilities and leak Inquiries have been launched to regain trust. For us to consider taking action now which might in any way jeopardise such a critical partnership would be unconscionable – and unforgivable.” (paywalled link).

Well, that surely carries some weight!

I don’t know which threat to her tenure as PM will turn out to be the more dangerous, but given the toothless tigers of the 1922 Committee I suspect that it might turn out to be the sacking of Mr Williamson over the Huawei affaire which will break her.

Now let’s have some bets on how long the arrival of the latest Royal Baby will dominate the headlines … ‘bread and circus’ has ever been the preferred way of the elites to keep us plebs controlled.




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