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Theresa May to defend Brexit deal amid accusations of caving to EU – Politics live

Prime minister to appear on Sophy Ridge On Sunday after former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab called on her not to be ‘bullied’ by the EU

Corbyn says he voted to remain and campaigned for remain and reform.

He says he believes that in future Britain could have a good and effective relationship with the EU, and we could cooperate on environmental and labour issues.

Corbyn says that there is a majority in parliament that would support a permanent customs arrangement and a support of workers rights, but the current deal places a financial border across the UK.

Ridge asks can Brexit be stopped?

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Mrs May has put her cards on the table. Now it’s everyone else’s turn | Andrew Rawnsley

The prime minister has made her choices. Others will have to take responsibility for fateful decisions of their own

The eye is supposed to be the calmest place in a storm. Weird as this may seem, the most tranquil person in British politics this weekend is probably Theresa May.

This is not the same as saying that she is in a good place. Bits of her government keep falling off, like a decaying gothic folly shedding masonry. Even discounting for the tendency of the Brexit ultras to brag up their strength, a full-frontal attempt to oust her is more likely than at any time in her beleaguered premiership. A confidence ballot of Tory MPs could happen as early as this week.

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Isolated and fatigued, but sympathy creeps in for besieged Theresa May

The PM is soldiering on, earning support from unlikely quarters, and showing that she is at her best when weakest

Theresa May survived her “darkest hour” , with a guarantee of more trouble ahead in the coming weeks. As the cabinet shredded itself over the proposed withdrawal deal, her DUP allies deserted her and the wheels of a no-confidence vote ground into motion, the May paradox was on display – she is at her best when at her weakest.

“Keep buggering on,” is the Churchillism one of her cabinet allies applies to her plight – and a capacity to do that is the reason that she is still there at all.

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She will split the party, say May’s Tory opponents

Ferocious opposition to the Brexit deal could lead to a lasting split among Conservatives and even a constitutional crisis

After two years of negotiating, infighting and intrigue, it is now only a week until Theresa May intends to head to Brussels to finalise her much-maligned Brexit deal. Unfortunately for the prime minister, however, her own team will be fighting her every inch of the way. “I’m going to the wire to get Brexit,” said one senior minister. “Proper Brexit.”

Whatever she signs off with EU officials next weekend, May’s turbulent week has led a growing number of her frontbench to conclude her Brexit plan faces almost certain defeat in the Commons. The ferocity of feeling it has unleashed also has many concerned that the party will be forced into a historic split over the issue. One major donor even suggests a new party may be required to represent disenchanted Brexiters.

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Dominic Raab accuses May of caving in to EU bullying

Former Brexit secretary adds voice to protests but is warned no-deal Brexit will split party

Theresa May has come under more fire from MPs within her own party, with the former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab suggesting the prime minister has failed to stand up to a bullying European Union over the withdrawal deal. Meanwhile the Conservative MP for Richmond, Zac Goldsmith, has revealed he has written a letter of no confidence in May to the party’s 1922 Committee.

Raab, who stepped down as Brexit secretary on Thursday saying he could not accept the terms of the deal done by the prime minister, told the Sunday Times the UK should demand an agreement that allows it to unilaterally leave any customs union.

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DUP and Northern Irish businesses at odds over May’s Brexit deal

Ulster Farmers’ Union tells Arlene Foster no-deal Brexit would be disastrous for region

A row has erupted between the Democratic Unionist party and Northern Ireland business and farming interests after the Ulster Farmers’ Union gave its backing to Theresa May’s Brexit deal, in the first sign of cracks in support for the unionist party’s policy at home.

The union, which represents more than 11,000 farmers, many of whom traditionally vote for the DUP, has called on Arlene Foster to vote for the Brexit deal, telling her a no-deal Brexit would be absolutely disastrous for the region.

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Brexit deal: five ministers lobby May to renegotiate draft text

Andrea Leadsom, Michael Gove and Liam Fox among Eurosceptics seeking changes

Five Eurosceptic cabinet ministers are pressing Theresa May to make last-minute changes to her controversial Brexit deal.

Having opted to remain in the government, Michael Gove will work with other Brexit-backing cabinet ministers to urge the prime minister to seek to go back to Brussels and renegotiate – in particular about the Irish backstop, Whitehall sources say.

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