The Europe Report: UK PM’s resignation brings Brexit wariness

It was an emotional goodbye for Theresa May – and one that's brought new Brexit apprehension to European capitals. The British prime minister announced just two days before the European Parliament results night that she'll step down on June 7. We have reaction from the French, German, Irish and Spanish leaders, plus chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.

The Europe Report: Day one of voting, the UK and the Netherlands

And they're off - the first of the European Union's more than 400 million eligible voters have started casting their ballots. The UK and the Netherlands were the first to do so. With Britain's EU membership dominating all political discourse in the UK, our reporters meet old friends who've now found themselves on opposite sides of the Brexit divide. And in the Netherlands, the prime minister's party is looking likely to finish in a tie for seats with a recently-created far-right party.

The Europe Report: Sink or swim? Danes eye rising sea levels

Rising seas, flood-prone land – these are clear and present fears for Denmark's coastal communities. In today's FRANCE 24 Europe Tour, our team visits the low-lying country, almost entirely surrounded by water, to find out how residents are preparing for their role on the frontline of global warming.

The Europe Report: Theresa May’s second Brexit referendum offer

It's the one dominant issue of the European election for the UK: Brexit. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Theresa May outlined her "new plan", to be put to British lawmakers in June. The 10-point proposal includes offering the public a second referendum on leaving the European Union... but there's a proviso.

The Europe Report: Far-right parties under scrutiny in Austria, UK

A political earthquake has shaken Austria, just one week before the EU elections. We update you on the resignation of Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, the now ex-leader of the far-right Freedom Party. Strache quit after a secretly-filmed videotape emerged showing him proposing various illicit deals in return for shady investments by a woman posing as a Russian oligarch's niece.

The Europe Report: UK PM May slams Nigel Farage after Brexit talks collapse

British Prime Minister Theresa May has defended her Conservative Party's efforts to deliver Brexit after cross-party talks with the opposition Labour Party fell apart. On The Europe Report we tell you why the talks failed and why both the Conservatives and Labour should be worried about the public's support for them when Britain goes to the EU polls on May 23.

The Europe Report: Grandmas hit the streets in Austria over new benefits laws

In this European election update, our reporters hit the streets of Vienna where new rules over family benefits have sparked debate – and even inspired protests by groups like "Grandmas Against The Right."
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