Anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall: From Cold War to new hybrid war?

A distinguished panel debates the legacy of the fall of the Berlin Wall. MEPs from the countries at the centre of the 1989 political earthquake get into lively exchanges on Russia, gas, and especially on the split between Western and Central Europe over the rule of law and judicial independence.

Former Kohl advisor Joachim Bitterlich: ‘German reunification will take two generations’

This week, Joachim Bitterlich, who worked as an advisor for chancellor Helmut Kohl between 1987 and 1998, shares his memories of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, and of the sometimes tense reunification process that followed.

Plastic and pollution in the Mediterranean: Whose fault, what solutions?

It’s Europe’s favourite holiday hotspot and a place that usually conjures up images of sun, sea and sand. But increasingly, the Mediterranean Sea is becoming known for plastic and pollution. Charities have been sounding alarm bells of late. One of them, WWF, estimated that in 2018, the equivalent of almost 34,000 plastic bottles contaminated the Mediterranean's blue waters every minute. So how bad is the damage, and can European nations come together to clean it up?

UK snap election ‘will just increase confusion’ on Brexit, historian says

Our guest is Oxford University historian and sociologist Theodore Zeldin. As Britain prepares for a December 12 snap election, he explains why he sees no easy way out of the Brexit chaos. "This is an election which will just increase the confusion, and we will be back where we started", he tells FRANCE 24.
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