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The Stock Market Is About to Turn Ugly for Investors: Shiller

The Nobel Laureate economist continues to warn that stock valuations are dangerously high by historic standards.

Repeat of Crisis More Likely than Not: Phil Angelides

Phil Angelides, the man in charge of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, says deregulation and recklessness could likely to lead to a repeat of the 2008 financial meltdown.

Why David Tepper Is Bullish on Beaten-Down Micron

Despite concerns over the strength of the microchip market, David Tepper is loading up on Micron shares.

Stocks Recover as Hurricane Impact and Tariffs Loom

After regaining some ground, the broader markets will be monitoring the storm's impact, trade developments and housing data in the trading week ahead.

Equities to Fall as Much as 20% If China Trade War Intensifies: David Tepper

"We may have to get used to that these tariffs just may be on," said the hedge-fund titan.

‘Rolling Bear Market’ Will Paralyze Stocks for Years: Morgan Stanley

As earnings growth decelerates faster than current forecasts, market sectors will cycle through declines.

Lessons From the Financial Crisis: Neel Kashkari

A decade after the financial crisis, Neel Kashkari, the man who oversaw TARP, answers questions on lessons learned.
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