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The Dominance of Socialism

The Dominance of Socialism

There are many ways to approach complex problems.  Problems where there may be a number of individual causes and confusing symptoms.

One can focus on one symptoms at a time, pulling that out of the knot.

Another to list observations, apply templates, and create part conclusions, thus loosening the knot.

We have focused on one symptom, the relevance of Power.  We have found a suitable template with the Viral Analogy.

Now we will apply a third technique, examining context and scope.

The architecture of a complex object, however big, is always more complex viewed from within. Stand back a bit and colour and detail start to form patterns, and some understanding is introduced. Come away more and outline gives shape, balance and size. Further still and a form, a purpose and interaction become evident. A few more steps back and the object’s context within its environment adds to the overall picture.

In applying this technique to Socialism we find that it will be necessary to stand a very, very long way back.

Before the Second World War a battle for power existed between Corporatism and Socialism, two malignant Ideologies.  But Corporatism was old and simple, no match for the insidious and evermore ubiquitous Socialism. By infecting the functions of human society, Socialism has taken control of our institutions, our education, the Christian and political establishments and now appears to have control of Corporatism.

The breakdown of our society in terms of social and political responsibility is a good indicator to the distance travelled.  There has been a polarisation of attitudes. The groups I would identify are,

  • The infected and active Socialist,

  • The apathetic (the walking dead),

  • The, as yet, uninfected, and,

  • The immune.

These are grades.  Perhaps most of us are mildly infected one way or another, but at least our eyes are part open.  The apathetic are those who are detached from politics, refuse to listen, and profess to be unaffected and uninfluenced.   They are in denial and most already show the subtle symptoms of infection. They can be saved and must have their eyes opened. The uninfected must be warned and thus immunised.

If we look at the development of Socialism then we can see it advances well in difficult times.  It rode on the back of men and women’s emancipation in the 19th and 20th centuries.  By offering people what they yearned for, fair play, ownership and respect.  Like grappling hooks its receptors ensured attachment. The days of sugar treats are over.  The Ideology has enough virtue signalling, victims without the need to pander. Coupled with infected activists, mass immigration will supply an unlimited amount of needy voters to maintain their base.

The smokescreen and betrayal of social paternalism.


A good example of this is seen with the NHS.  Such a virtuous concept, and let there be no mistake, it was good and virtuous.  But for Socialism it was a means to an end. Only now do we see that there is little interest given by our leading Socialist party to NHS core values and integrity.  It was merely a stepping stone to be used and is now severely abused. One now wonders whether the initial concept was sound.

The ‘Working Classes’

How the ‘working classes’ have suffered.  One must be aware of the dynamic nature of the workplace, with changing technology and shifting markets.  Small businesses and workers alike are no longer valued by the politicians. Like children, dirty and confused on the battlefield of the Socialist-Corporate struggle they have become inconsequential.  This can be seen in mass immigration and lack of robust training schemes.

The EU

This monster is the prodigy and the golden child of Socialism. It does so many things to promote the Ideology.  The sub-group Communism had lost favour long before Gorbachev. The main advantages are

  • The undermining of National Democracies in Europe with all the peripheral benefits.

  • A composite of supra-national Socialism and a subdued Corporatism.

  • A channel for International Socialism setting towards Global domination.

  • Mass subjugation through debt, humiliation, fear and lack of ownership.

There is another subject that may bring salvation or ultimate defeat.

The Rise in Technology.

If the immune and uninfected can maintain freedom of use of AI and Robotics technology, then political systems can be devised and presented as alternatives.  I have my own ideas about what can be done but there is no space here. If we don’t maintain our own control over AI, then systems will be programmed and developed with the Socialist virus embedded.

I would favour forgiveness of all victims of Socialism.  We are but sheep. Perhaps kindness is one of the last pure virtues.  I am not a Christian, but, in the end, Christianity may save us in this confusing symbiotic world.

These three essays were never meant to give answers.  They were my way of trying to understand. I have no answers.

There is little meat on the bones and a lot is missed e.g. the UN.

Can we analyse power paths and internal patterns?  Can we consider different analogies, such as identifying mental logic switches that cause corrupted behaviour?  Can we map the course of post war Socialism and compile a dossier of events. Can we develop tactical and strategic responses?  Or can we afford to just sit and observe?


These essays have helped me, I hope you find them useful too.  And maybe entertaining, so on that note:

Out of the carnage of WW2

Reared a monstrous parasite

An all pervading chimera new

Telling all that wrong is right

Should we call it Cerberus?

Is that making too much fuss?

Don’t encourage, don’t give fame

Call it Socialism, just the same.

When all are infected and any resistance is futile, this new supra-Ideology will glory in its dominance and transcend to a chrysalis. Then one day from the amorphous mess will emerge a new monster called……Totalitarianism.

Will that be a bright day in April?  Will we even notice the clocks

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A Virus Called Socialism

A Virus Called Socialism

Life is so exciting. Why? Because we have developed a brain to learn and remember, to process and analyse.  

I am sure a neurologist and a psychologist could describe this better. But then, would they know more about the workings of the human mind than Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Dunne or Blake?

I could liken the structure of our thoughts to the layers of software to run a computer, from firmware to applications. The reason that can be done is because at the very top of the hierarchy sits our imagination.

The virus, from the Latin meaning ‘poison’, has been described as an ‘organism on the edge of life’. A virus has genetic material.  It evolves through reproduction and thus natural selection. But on the other hand they cannot make their own energy, one of the definitions of life.

When in contact with host cells the nucleic acid of the virus, it’s DNA or RNA, infects that cell and causes the host to replicate the virus until it bursts expelling new replications that go on to infect other cells.

The analogy of a pathogen works well in other areas of our lives.  

We see a malicious code modifying computer programs and replicating.  As with the organic viruses it is the code that is the infection.

It does not require a big leap of the imagination to see the same characteristics if we consider the theory of ‘cultural viruses’.  We would easily accept that minds can be poisoned, especially young or vulnerable minds.

Let us go back now and consider the original and see if the list of characteristics continue to show similarities with machine and intellectual processes.

Are all viruses malignant?  No, and as with a lot of things in life, the space between the poles is full of grey. The Seneca Valley Virus-001 can kill cancer cells 10,000 better than chemotherapy.  Bacteriophages can stop acne and others. Cowpox served in the development of a vaccine for Smallpox. The discovery of the Human Placental viral gene leads to other questions about the beginnings of life, the creation, synergy and evolution of life.

The study of viruses have increased our understanding about ourselves.

Organic viruses can be passed on genetically.  If machines make machines one should keep an open mind on that comparison.

Consider cultural viruses in this context (1):

There is another important and benign consequence.  The improvement of the human immune system. Advantages can be made from adversity.  That is life, evolution, progress from experience. We always have to deal with the real world and there is so much to learn.

Viruses have made our systems more robust.

The characteristics of viruses provide an effective tool for studying events in life processes.

Thus they have allowed us to develop solutions that we may not have been able to and certainly fresh perspectives in ecology.

Viruses mutate, challenging epidemiology. Polymorphus code for machines has similar effects.  

Now consider cultural viruses in this context (2):

Viruses are energy parasites.  They rely on the host. The machine virus has no power of its own it is not free standing as a useful entity.  Likewise the power of a cultural virus is derived from its host.

When the Black Death struck, was it selective? Did it just pick the weak and simple, the unsuccessful or the ‘troublesome’? Was the Black Death discretionary about status, wealth, worth or intellect?  No, there was no discretion in human terms all were vulnerable. Is the machine or the cultural virus selective?

To avoid the Black Death one would have to understand how infection occurs.  To avoid a computer virus one would have to understand how it attacks and how it is detected.  How would one avoid a religious or political virus?

The common factor in combating all forms of virus is knowledge.

We must discover how the information is transmitted and the genomes of the threat.

This analogy cannot be new.  Others must have noticed. But the analogy is complex.  Knowledge of the type of virus will allow the manufacture effective antidotes and ‘anti-viral drugs’.  That is: answers, slogans and de-radicalisation solutions.

To understand cultural viruses one must also have some idea of the human condition.

To answer (1) and (2): We know memes are hereditary.  A complex web of intellectual argument is embedded into the explanation.  Language is corrupted and perspectives are shifted by propaganda.

Great care must now be taken.

Humans do not yet understand the part played by viruses in our evolution.  It is my own personal belief that the ‘viral analogy’ is a reasonable tool for analysis.  I cannot express the complexities, synergies and benefits of analogous ‘cultural viruses’.  

The purpose of this essay is to challenge the malignance of Socialism, not to challenge people’s belief systems in general, some of which are benign.

When political beliefs become obsessive or irrational, can the exponents be classed as infected or diseased?  

Here is a set of symptoms devised by Dawkins to identify sufferers.  I mark those matching the symptoms of Socialism.

  1. The believer is impelled by a deep conviction that the belief is true, right and virtuous, without evidence or against evidence. Yes
  2. That the belief is itself a virtue and is strong and unshakable. Yes
  3. There is a conviction that “mystery” element in is a good thing, that it is not a virtue to challenge the belief. Maybe?
  4. There may be intolerance towards perceived rival beliefs.  This can manifest itself in violence. Yes
  5. The particular convictions involved although not evidence based can be similar to parents belief. Yes
  6. If the believer is not ‘following’ their parents the explanation of transmission may be contact with an influential individual. Yes
  7. The ‘internal sensations’ of the believer may be passionate. Yes

We must fully understand Socialism and the threat it poses.  Only then will we assemble an array of effective answers and slogans to de-radicalise.

Phylum: Ideologueviricota

     Class: Politcoviricetes

          Order: Socialismoviales

               Family: Fascismviridae

               Family: Communismviridae

               Family: Falangismviridae


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