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Nicola Sturgeon vows to back new EU referendum – video

The SNP leader and first minister of Scotland said: ‘A vote for the SNP is a vote to escape Brexit’, as she launched the Scottish National party’s election manifesto.

Nicola Sturgeon said Boris Johnson was ‘dangerous and unfit for office’ and rejected the prime minister’s claims that voting Conservative would ‘get Brexit done’ by 31 January. ‘The truth is that Brexit will dominate Westminster politics for years and years to come, and Scotland will pay a heavy price,’ she warned 

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General election: Corbyn responds to chief rabbi by saying he won’t tolerate antisemitism ‘in any form’ – live news

Labour leader speaks at launch of race and faith manifesto after chief rabbi says Jewish anxiety of Corbyn win is justified

Jeremy Corbyn says he is just the warm-up act for Dawn Butler, the shadow minister for women and equalities.

Butler takes to the stage. She says there are people trying to divide the country.

Corbyn says running through the Labour manifesto is the “golden thread” of a society that works for all and respects all.

He is very proud to lead a party of diversity. And he would be proud to speak on the world stage on behalf of a country proud of its diversity, he says.

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Factcheck: will a Labour government hold two referendums in 2020?

Tory claim about plan for Brexit and Scottish independence ignores Corbyn’s pledge

The Conservative party says Jeremy Corbyn’s “plan to hold two referendums will take up the whole of 2020” and, according to Boris Johnson, “the financial cost of this to taxpayers up and down the country will be in excess of £150m” while “grinding the country to a halt” in the process.

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Scotland’s election results could dramatically change Northern Ireland’s future | Matthew O’Toole

If the SNP gets a mandate for an independence referendum, Northern Ireland’s union with Britain may struggle to survive

Surprisingly, amid the many big spending promises made so far in this election campaign, no one has yet pledged to build a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland. This boondoggle, popularised by a prime minister who was until recently very keen on the support of the Democratic Unionist party, is conservatively estimated to cost £15bn – though it may be much higher due to the challenge of avoiding second world war munitions dumped in the sea.

The proposal is impractical to the point of impossibility, but the fact that the idea has been talked about at all is revealing. The constitutional fates of Scotland and Northern Ireland are now linked in a way they have never been before. In Northern Ireland, this election campaign has seen the emergence of pro-remain voting alliances – albeit still coloured by traditional green and orange allegiances – and the DUP looks likely to lose at least one of its 10 seats as a result.

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Scottish Labour is free to campaign against Brexit, says Corbyn

Richard Leonard says his party is now committed to backing remain in its manifesto

Jeremy Corbyn has agreed Scottish Labour can campaign against Brexit even if a future Labour government brokers a fresh deal with the EU, Labour’s Scottish leader has said.

Richard Leonard said the Scottish party was now committed in its general election manifesto to campaigning for remain even if Corbyn won a better Brexit deal next year and put it to a referendum.

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