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Scottish judges delay ruling in Boris Johnson contempt of court case

Most senior judge says court needs to ensure PM does not try to block Brexit extension

Scottish judges have delayed a final ruling on whether Boris Johnson is in contempt of court to ensure he agrees to an extension to Brexit.

Lord Carloway, the country’s most senior judge, said they needed to be sure the prime minister did not try to block or sabotage the application he was forced to make on Saturday night for an extension to Brexit until 31 January.

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Boris Johnson could be held in contempt of court over Brexit letter

Prime minister broke promise not to frustrate Benn act, Scotland’s most senior judge will hear

Boris Johnson could be held in contempt by a Scottish court after he urged EU leaders to ignore a letter asking for an extension to the Brexit deadline.

Scotland’s most senior judge, Lord Carloway, and two other judges will hear allegations on Monday that the prime minister broke a promise he made to the court that he would not try to sabotage the request for an extension.

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SNP’s Ian Blackford says Johnson’s Brexit deal has sold Scotland out – video

The Scottish National party's leader in the Commons has accused Boris Johnson of negotiating a Brexit deal that ‘would see Scotland shafted’ by the government. He said: ‘He and his cronies at No 10 don't care about Scotland. This Tory government has sold Scotland out and once again they have let Scotland down.’ Blackford added that the deal was worse than the one negotiated by Theresa May

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‘Pivot point’ for Scotland as Brexit boosts independence bid

Polling suggests breakup of union increasingly likely and thoughts turning to aftermath

That the union is under greater stress than at any time in its 300-year history is something that everyone from Scotland’s first minister to former Conservative and Labour prime ministers and Whitehall thinktanks agree upon.

Nicola Sturgeon told delegates at the SNP conference in Aberdeen on Tuesday that successive Westminster governments had “shattered the case for the union” and that she would demand within weeks the legal powers to hold a second independence referendum in 2020.

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MPs say Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is far worse than Theresa May’s – video

MPs have reacted to the prime minister’s new Brexit deal, which will face a historic knife-edge vote in the House of Commons on Saturday.

Jo Swinson, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, and the Scottish first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, have said Johnson's deal is worse than Theresa May's, while Jeremy Corbyn and the DUP have said they cannot support the new agreement

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PM’s new Brexit deal with EU faces challenge in Scottish court

Campaigners led by Jolyon Maugham QC will argue that the agreement is unlawful

Scotland’s highest court is to hear a fresh challenge from anti-Brexit campaigners as they seek to have Boris Johnson’s agreed deal with the EU declared unlawful, arguing that it contravenes legislation – originally amended by the Brexiter Jacob Rees-Mogg – that prevents Northern Ireland forming part of a separate customs territory.

Jolyon Maugham QC, the director of the Good Law Project, who has spearheaded a series of court challenges to the UK government over Brexit, is seeking an interdict from the court of session in Edinburgh that would in effect suspend the deal, which parliament is due to debate in a historic sitting on Saturday, as well as a court order to ensure that the full, final text is put before MPs if they do vote on the deal as planned.

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A better version of ‘remain’ is possible – and Labour should negotiate it | Gordon Brown

Johnson’s deal threatens the breakup of the UK. Instead, leave voters’ anxieties should be addressed from within the EU

There is a real risk that the coming general election could be the United Kingdom’s last – with Boris Johnson remembered only for being its last Conservative prime minister. Johnson’s deal is, we now know, even more fatally flawed than May’s in vital respects: it threatens to make Ireland a smugglers’ and tax avoiders’ paradise and ushers in a race to the bottom in social and environmental standards. All Labour MPs must vote against it. The deal also threatens to Balkanise Britain. Northern Ireland is, for example, exempted from the evil consequences of a US-UK trade deal – from the entry of chlorinated chicken to the contracting out of NHS services – while Scotland, Wales and the rest of Britain would be bound in.

By the way he has chosen to resolve one source of division, the Northern Ireland border, Johnson appears hellbent on creating one that nationalists are already seeking to exploit. He is jeopardising, perhaps to the point of its destruction, Scotland’s 300-year-old union with England and thus the very existence of the UK.

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