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Belarus’s 2019 parliamentary election: consequential or not?

On 17 November 2019 Belarus chooses a new parliament. The last parliamentary elections, held in September 2016, brought two non-loyalist candidates into the lower chamber for the first time in more than a decade. Although the role of the parliament is relatively insignificant in the Belarusian political system, the outcome of the poll later this month will send an important signal about Belarus’s domestic trajectory. Moreover, the international response could determine the direction of travel for Belarus’s relations with Russia and Western states as it moves towards presidential elections in August 2020. 2016: A confidence trick? Elections in Belarus usually ...

Labour accuses PM of ‘politically motivated’ suppression of Russia report

Shadow foreign secretary says dossier raises awkward questions for the government

Labour has accused Boris Johnson of an “unjustifiable, unprecedented and clearly politically motivated” suppression of a parliamentary report into Russian attempts to infiltrate British politics and distort the results of the EU referendum.

Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, asked the government what it had “to hide” as she demanded that No 10 approved the intelligence and security committee’s dossier before parliament dissolves on Tuesday.

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No 10 blocks Russia EU referendum report until after election

Decision to prevent publication described as ‘jaw-dropping’ by Dominic Grieve

Downing Street has effectively blocked the publication of a potentially explosive parliamentary report on the security threat that Russia poses to the UK until after the general election.

The 50-page document from the intelligence and security committee examines allegations that Kremlin-sponsored activity distorted the result of the 2016 EU referendum, but has to be cleared by No 10 before it can be released.

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Dominic Grieve calls for release of report on Russian meddling

Intelligence and security committee chair says dossier has facts ‘germane’ to voters

Dominic Grieve has called for the publication of a report on Russian meddling in the democratic process to be published before the general election, saying it contains knowledge “germane” to voters.

Boris Johnson had been expected to approve publication of the 50-page dossier, compiled by the cross-party intelligence and security committee, by Thursday. His failure to do so sparked calls for its release amid speculation that it could potentially be damaging to the government.

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