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The Empire Strikes Back.

The Empire Strikes Back.

It will not be surprising if the Leave victory in the EU Referendum of 23rd June 2016 is overruled, because the British government itself is opposed to leaving the European Union. Most if not all Leave ministers have now resigned or been sacked. Their Department for Exiting the European Union (DEXU) has been bypassed by the Remain team of Theresa May & Olly Robbins in Downing Street, as has the Cabinet also when necessary.

There are 650 MPs in the House of Commons. It is the House in Parliament that matters because the Lords cannot stop Bills from the Commons for more than two years. 480 of the MPs in the Commons campaigned for Remain in the run-up to the EU Referendum. Only 158 Commons MPs campaigned for Leave. Three-fourths of the Commons were for Remain, including all but ten Labour MPs, and yet Leave won the 2016 Referendum with the biggest ever vote in British history. That shows how alien Parliament in Westminster was then to the British people, and it is certainly no less alien now.

Mrs May campaigned for Remain, so did Philip Hammond the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and so did John Bercow the Speaker, although the Speaker is supposed to be impartial. Contrary to Donald Tusk’s recent claim, they do have a plan; their plan is to stop Brexit. Mrs May knew that Article 50 was introduced into the Lisbon Treaty as a snare to catch countries trying to escape from the European Union.

That is why she started the Article 50 negotiations because she knew their purpose was to stop Brexit. And the Withdrawal Agreement she has negotiated with the EU will keep Britain captive in a stagnating EU until the end of 2099 (see Article 132 in her Agreement). The EU Commission knows that British firms in an independent free-trading Britain outside the EU Customs Union would soon become too competitive for EU exporters. So, the Commission must keep the UK a prisoner inside the Customs Union to stop it making its own trade agreements with the free world outside the EU. After all, since the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 the EU’s share of world trade has halved in volume, from a third to a sixth, as the cesspit of corruption that is the EU stagnates.

If Mrs May had wanted Britain to leave the EU, she would have unilaterally and unconditionally declared Britain’s independence from it when she became Prime Minister. It was her right to do that; national self-determination is a fundamental right in international law. Britain could have left the EU before 2017 and begun to trade with the EU under the terms of trade of the World Trade Organisation, like the rest of the world does now.

But after 23rd June 2016, Mrs May and other EU enforcers in the British government realised that the British people could no longer be trusted to submit to EU rule. The agents of the EU in Her Majesty’s Government are determined that nothing like the 2016 Referendum will be allowed to happen again. The dictatorial Joint Committee in their misnamed Withdrawal Agreement will end the pretense that there has been of parliamentary sovereignty since 1972. Then it was that the House of Commons voted to serve Brussels rather than the British people when it passed Edward Heath’s European Communities Bill.

The 23rd June 2016 came as a profound shock to the EU retainers who comprise our government; they were sure that Remain would win. They had sent a booklet from Her Majesty’s Government to every household in Britain. Its title was “Why the Government believes that voting to remain in the European Union is the best decision for the UK”. In it, they wrote: “This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide.” That’s how confident they were. That booklet cost £9 million pounds of taxpayers’ money. Whitehall signed off the tax to pay for it, even though civil servants are supposed to be impartial about politics.

The Remain campaign, funded by bankers like Goldman Sachs, outspent the Leave campaign by £19 million to £11 million, according to the Electoral Commission. Opinion polls and betting odds foretold a Remain victory. But in the privacy of the polling booth, people felt free to express their true feelings, and the immense chasm between the British people and their alien Parliament in Westminster was revealed.

Mrs May, who might as well be a member of Common Purpose, was one of the 480 MPs who declared themselves for Remain before 23rd June 2016. So most MPs were in favour of the elected leaders of Britain’s Parliament passing off the policies of unelected EU Commissioners as their own. And that is what Mrs May is doing now; her misnamed Agreement is the policy of EU bureaucrats and their counterparts in Whitehall. It is not the will of the British people.

Her response to the British rebellion against EU rule on 23rd June 2016 is a “coup d’état” at the start of the transition period. That is when the Joint Committee in her falsely named Withdrawal Agreement will take back control for the EU, not from it (see Articles 164 to 169). From then on, that secretive junta will be the custodian keeping Britain captive as a colonial possession of the EU empire until the end of this century.

After their shock defeat in the UK Referendum on 23rd June 2016, the EU and its myriad henchmen (& hench-women) in Westminster & Whitehall have decided to suppress democracy and install the dictatorship of their Joint Committee junta over Britain. Their Department for Exiting the European Union (DEXU) has been bypassed by Theresa May’s Remain team of civil servants in Downing Street led by Ollie Robbins, as has the Cabinet also when necessary”.

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News review – Thursday 13 February 2019

News review – Thursday 13 February 2019


THERESA May faces a revolt by Tory Brexiteers tonight following growing concerns the UK’s withdrawal from the EU could be delayed. Up to 80 Tory backbenchers are threatening to refuse to back the Prime Minister in tonight’s Commons vote on a Government motion endorsing her push for a revamped Brexit deal. The MPs allied to the European Research Group, chaired by senior Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg, claim the motion effectively rules out a no-deal Brexit. Several Cabinet ministers were also understood to be considering quitting if a lengthy delay in the withdrawal process is agreed.

Sky News
The government could be facing another embarrassing parliamentary defeat, after a group of Tory Eurosceptics suggested they were ready to rebel in a Brexit vote later today.  The motion asks the House of Commons to “reiterate its support” for what was agreed in a previous set of votes two weeks ago. In that vote MPs passed an amendment requiring the Prime Minister to seek changes to the Irish backstop in fresh negotiations with Brussels, but also saw a majority for an amendment that ruled out leaving the EU without a deal.

Theresa May is braced for another damaging defeat in the Commons on Thursday after Tory Eurosceptics accused her of ruling out a no deal Brexit. The European Research Group of Conservative Brexiteers says it cannot support a Government motion being put to a vote on Thursday after describing Mrs May’s position as “madness”. Senior sources within the ERG said the group would abstain, and with Labour expected to vote against the motion, it will mean yet another Brexit defeat for Mrs May just 43 days before Britain is due to leave the EU.

A pro-Brexit faction of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party will not back her motion in parliament on Thursday that seeks renewed backing for her Brexit plan, the BBC’s political editor reported without citing sources. The government refused to alter the motion to meet the demands of the European Research Group (ERG) of pro-Brexit hardliners, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg said. “Brexiteer group haven’t decided yet if they will abstain or vote against but they won’t back govt – either way, another reminder May just can’t rely on her backbenches,” Kuenssberg tweeted.

Brexit Central
A big row is brewing this morning over the motion that the Government has tabled for tomorrow’s full day of debate on Brexit in the Commons, which the eurosceptic MPs in the European Research Group have told government whips they cannot support. With MPs having expected a neutral, anodyne (albeit amendable) motion to be tabled, instead the Government yesterday tabled a motion that endorses the approach to Brexit as agreed by amendments passed by the Commons on 29th January.

BBC News
MPs are to debate and vote on the next steps in the Brexit process later, as Theresa May continues to try to get a deal through Parliament. A series of amendments – designed to change the direction of Brexit – will be considered in the debate, which is expected to be a routine procedure. But BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said the PM could be facing another defeat. Some Tory Brexiteers are refusing to back the government, she said. No 10 insists

Hardline Brexit supporters are threatening to inflict yet another Commons defeat on Theresa May because they fear the government is effectively ruling out leaving the EU with no deal. Members of the Tory European Research Group are unhappy with the wording of a No 10 motion because it endorses parliament’s vote against any Brexit without a withdrawal agreement. The motion for debate on Thursday simply affirms “the approach to leaving the EU” backed by the Commons on 29 January, when an amendment was passed in favour of an attempt to replace the Northern Ireland backstop with “alternative arrangements”.

The Tory truce over Brexit stands on the brink of falling apart tonight as Theresa May faced another bruising Commons defeat by hardline Brexiteers. Eurosceptic MPs were furious they are being forced to vote on a Government motion that they claimed would commit her to avoiding a no-deal Brexit. The vote, while not legally binding, gives MPs another chance to have their say on the Prime Minister’s Brexit plans. They will be asked to confirm they still back the approach to leaving the EU that was passed by a stormy Commons on January 29.

Yahoo News
Theresa May is facing a fresh attempt by a cross-party groups of MPs to prevent a no-deal Brexit if she fails to reach an agreement with Brussels by mid-March. Labour MP Yvette Cooper and Tory former minister Sir Oliver Letwin are among the group, which have said they are ready to table an amendment enabling Parliament to force ministers to seek a delay if there is no deal in place.

Theresa May has dismissed the row over her chief negotiator saying she plans to threaten MPs with a “long” delay to Brexit as something “overheard in a bar”. However, the prime minister again failed to rule out extending Article 50 – which Olly Robbins is alleged to have floated, if MPs still refuse to back her deal by the end of March. The SNP said it showed Ms May’s claim she is ready to crash out of the EU if necessary had reached the “end of the road” because she had been “rumbled by your own loose-lipped Brexit adviser”. Brexiteer Tories are furious after Mr Robbins was quoted as saying: “Extension [of Article 50] is possible but if they don’t vote for the deal then the extension is a long one.”

THERESA May has today been forced to deny that she’s secretly planning to delay Brexit after a bombshell ‘leak’ revealing the PM wants to run the clock down. Last night Theresa May’s chief Brexit negotiator was overheard in a bar saying she will threaten MPs with a huge delay if they don’t back her deal next month.  Olly Robbins said he expected the PM to take Brexit talks right down to the wire next month, ITV revealed. And then she would present MPs with a simple choice between backing a revised deal or extending the Article 50 process for a significant period of time beyond March 29.


THE EU is colluding with Theresa May’s Government to carry out “delay tactics” to put pressure on the UK Parliament and force MPs to accept the Withdrawal Agreement out of fear of a no-deal Brexit, it has been claimed. Chances of seeing the changes to the backstop wanted by the MPs and the UK leaving the EU on time are getting slimmer by the hour, as Whitehall and Brussels are collaborating on running down the clock, according to EU officials. The EU looks is poised to add small concessions on the Irish border backstop only on the summit taking place on March 21, days before March 29, Brexit day.

The British government is “pretending to negotiate” with the European Union and has not presented any new proposals to break the Brexit deadlock, according to EU officials. Theresa May’s de-facto deputy, David Lidington, and the Brexit secretary, Stephen Barclay, met senior EU officials and MEPs in Brussels and Strasbourg this week, but the talks yielded no obvious results. The British side thinks a crucial process has begun and hopes progress will have been made by 27 February when MPs are expected to have another crunch Brexit vote. However, on Wednesday night European council president Donald Tusk said the EU27 was still waiting for proposals.

Guy Verhofstadt has called Italy’s President Giuseppe Conte a “puppet” of the populist deputy prime ministers and said the country was suffering from “political degeneration.” The remarks came during a heated exchange in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, on Tuesday after President Conte, an independent, gave a speech where he said that the EU had “lost contact” with Europe’s people and demanded Brussels come to a permanent solution to the migrant crisis, according to Politico. Leftist and progressive MEPs launched attacks on Conte, with socialist grouping leader Udo Bullmann saying that Italy was heading “into political and economic isolation.”

Huffington Post
European governments are being warned that Britain may in future hold back military help for EU countries if there is a no-deal Brexit, HuffPost UK understands. Officials have told foreign diplomats that while Theresa May is fully committed to maintaining strong defence and security ties, future governments could be less willing to support new missions in the EU like the current deployment of troops to Estonia, on Russia’s border.


Sinn Féin has urged Theresa May and Ireland’s taoiseach Leo Varadkar to plan for a referendum on a united Ireland in event the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal. Mary Lou McDonald, the Sinn Féin leader, which has seven seats in Westminster, made the same call in an hour-long meeting on Wednesday with the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, as part of a campaign to lay the grounds for a border poll to decide the future of the island. “In the event there is a no-deal Brexit then the Irish question looms very large, because if that happens there will be an absolute imperative, a democratic imperative, to put the issue of Irish unity to the people by way of referendum,” McDonald said.

Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn is facing up to 10 resignations from Labour’s top team if he fails to push the case for a new Brexit referendum, it has been reported.   Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has insisted that the option of a new Brexit poll remains on the table as he admitted that Labour’s preferred scenario of a snap general election is looking unlikely. Labour has tabled an amendment to the Government motion requiring Mrs May to either put her deal to a Commons vote by February 27 or allow Parliament to take control of the process. And now anti-Brexit Labour MPs, junior shadow ministers and grassroots members have told The Guardian they are prepared to resign if Mr Corbyn does not also lend his support to a pro-referendum amendment later this month.

Labour discord over Brexit has re-emerged after Jeremy Corbyn’s office and senior shadow minister Sir Keir Starmer took different positions on the best next steps for the party. The leader’s spokesman was forced to reiterate that pushing for a new election is the party’s preference after Sir Keir indicated that a compromise deal or a new referendum were the “only credible options now left”. It follows claims that Sir Keir was left angry when the leader’s office removed a line from a Labour letter to Theresa May giving support to a people’s vote.

A SHOCK poll has revealed trust in Jeremy Corbyn has dramatically dropped from 40 percent to 11 percent. Following the poll results, Prime Minister Theresa May launched a scathing attack against Mr Corbyn today – saying he has destroyed his reputation with Brexit failures. In Wednesday’s PMQs Mrs May accused Mr Corbyn of “playing politics” and being unable to decide if he wants Brexit or a second referendum. Mrs May said: “People used to say he was a conviction politician – not anymore.” The Tory poll revealed 40 percent of the UK used to think the leader of the Opposition was a man of his word.

Jeremy Corbyn faces up to 10 resignations from the Labour frontbench if he fails to throw his party’s weight behind a fresh attempt to force Theresa May to submit her Brexit deal to a referendum in a fortnight’s time, frustrated MPs are warning. With tension mounting among anti-Brexit Labour MPs and grassroots members, several junior shadow ministers have told the Guardian they are prepared to resign their posts if Corbyn doesn’t whip his MPs to vote for a pro-referendum amendment at the end of the month. Corbyn has been struggling to balance the conflicting forces in his party over Brexit, as the clock ticks down towards exit day on 29 March.

The shadow Brexit secretary, Keir Starmer, has called for tough rules to swiftly kick out antisemitic Labour members, following rows at a shadow cabinet meeting over the party’s backlog of complaints. The deputy leader, Tom Watson, clashed with the party’s chair, Ian Lavery, at a shadow cabinet meeting on Tuesday which was entirely dedicated to the subject. Watson accused the Liverpool Wavertree branch of “bullying” its MP, Luciana Berger, who has also been subjected to antisemitic abuse. Lavery criticised Watson for calling for the branch to be suspended, sources said. Labour’s general secretary, Jennie Formby, revealed on Monday that 673 complaints alleging antisemitism against party members had been made in the past 10 months, resulting in 12 expulsions.

Ferry contract

Theresa May’s bid to defend a £14m Brexit ferries contract fell apart spectacularly today after she was accused of misleading PMQs. The Prime Minister claimed “proper due diligence” was carried out on Seaborne Freight  – the firm dropped at the weekend after signing a deal to provide ferries, despite having no ferries. But her evidence involved naming three firms behind the checks – without mentioning what those firms actually did. People instantly started quoting the respected and independent National Audit Office, which confirmed Deloitte “did not make a formal assessment of Seaborne financial stability.”

Theresa May has come under renewed pressure over a botched no-deal ferry contract handed to a firm which had no ships. The decision to award the £13.8m deal to Seaborne Freight was widely mocked at the time, and transport secretary Chris Grayling faced calls to resign over the matter amid claims that he misled MPs about whether taxpayers’ money had been spent on the contract.  The prime minister also faced anger from MPs after her top Brexit aide was overheard describing plans to offer MPs with a last-minute choice between her deal and a “long” delay.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Jeremy Corbyn actually asked a vaguely coherent set of questions on a big issue of the day at PMQs today, going on the attack over Seaborne Freight. However, in his excitement it appears that Corbyn may have actually got his facts seriously wrong, with Craig Mackinlay writing to Corbyn to challenge him over whether he misled the House with his claim that the Government’s decision had increased Thanet Council’s budget deficit by “nearly two million pounds”. Bizarrely, the Mirror decided to make an underwhelming ‘Thug Life’ meme purely on the basis of Corbyn’s facial reaction when Mackinlay challenged him at PMQs.

Council tax

Almost all councils in England plan to increase council tax from April and three-quarters intend to raise it above 2.75%, research reveals. The maximum rise allowed without a local referendum is 2.99%. Similar proportions plan to raise charges and fees. Despite council tax bills soaring, many residents face further cuts in services. Most councils warned that they would be reducing a range of services, from adult social care to libraries and recycling. The annual survey by the Local Government Information Unit thinktank found that cuts were increasingly visible and that after eight years of austerity – which has cost English councils 40% of their central funding – half of councils felt cuts were now “negatively affecting relationships with citizens”.

ITV News
Almost all local councils in England will increase council tax over the next year as a new survey seen by ITV News shows local government finances reaching breaking point. In a sign that some councils can no longer protect core services for the vulnerable from cuts, nearly a third of councils intend to reduce adult social care and a quarter to reduce children’s services. Last year Northamptonshire council declared bankruptcy and a number of other councils threatened collapse as local councils of all political colours struggled with a reduction in funds from central government and rising demands for social care.


THERESA May personally pledged to bring back a draft law to crackdown on female genital mutilation as she slammed the veteran Tory MP who blocked it last week. Sir Christopher Chope last week used parliamentary procedure to halt the draft law sponsored by fellow Tory MP Zac Goldsmith passing through Parliament.  The bill proposed a change to child welfare laws that would have allowed courts to protect children at risk of FGM. It was intended to stop young kids being taken abroad by their parents to undergo the horrific and permanently damaging procedure.


John McDonnell provoked a furious backlash last night when he described Winston Churchill as a ‘villain’. The Shadow Chancellor was accused of ‘blackening the name’ of the country’s ‘greatest hero’ in comments made during an interview in Westminster. Asked at the event hosted by the Politico website whether Sir Winston was a ‘hero or villain’, he replied: ‘Villain. Tonypandy.’ This was a reference to the Welsh mining village where Churchill ordered in troops to help police quell riots in 1910.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has branded Winston Churchill a “villain”. The Labour heavyweight made the comment in reference to the the way Britain’s wartime leader dealt with striking Welsh miners while home secretary in 1910. Mr Churchill’s decision to send troops to support police quelling riots in Tonypandy has long been a subject of historical debate. In a question and answer session with the Politico website, Mr McDonnell was asked: “Winston Churchill, hero or villain?”


Doctors have accused the Government of neglecting heart failure patients after a study found survival rates have barely improved in nearly 20 years. The terminal condition – which is often mistaken for asthma or mere old age – currently affects more than 920,000 people in the UK. But despite medical advances in treating many serious conditions, including cancer, experts at the universities of Oxford and Birmingham warned that the chances of dying from heart failure have hardly changed since 2000 as it ‘has not been a priority area in Government policy or funding’.


Italian mozzarella producers are challenging their British counterparts to a grand taste-off after being stung by claims that British-made cheese is better than their own. There is a small but growing band of buffalo mozzarella farmers in the UK, who stand to benefit if a no-deal Brexit strangles the import of food from the continent. The gauntlet was thrown down by the Italians after one proud producer of buffalo mozzarella in Hampshire claimed that his cheese was not just equal to the iconic Italian original, but superior.

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YOUR DAILY BREXIT – Thursday 7th February 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT – Thursday 7th February 2019

50 days to Brexit and counting!  It’s one more day closer to Brexit Day – but don’t yet put the non-EU-champagne on ice! It’s another day full of uncertainties and sleights-of-hands. Mr Tusk’s “Hell” comment has been all over the MSM, but the real ‘hammer’ (sorry, the language used in the MSM is getting to me)  came late last night and early this morning. It’s that Ms May is “planning to delay” the debate in the HoC planned for St Valentine’s Day next week  – until the end of the month. This piece of news yet again provides the keen observer with an object lesson on the matter of spin and on what the papers deem to be really important.

The main point on which everybody is agreed is that Ms May is going to Brussels today, to do battle about the Backstop with M Juncker and “Hell” Tusk. So far, so simple. But wait – The Times (paywalled) warns:

Downing Street believes that the prime minister will receive little sympathy from Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the commission, as they meet for the first time since her Brexit plan was defeated in the Commons. […] While Brussels may allow a change to the withdrawal agreement, in the form of a legally binding letter making clear that the backstop insurance policy is temporary, this will not emerge until much closer to the March 29 Brexit deadline […]. (my bold)

Several papers report, more or less veiled, that Ms May hopes that Brussels will ‘help’ her to defeat the Brexiteers who set up the Malthouse Compromise. The DM writes that this delay is proposed so that the EU will give way on the Backstop. The Express reports that this delay is planned because Ms May will not be able to finalise her WA/Backstop negotiations with the EU. The Sun has this to say:

“But ministers close to No10 told The Sun that she secretly wants the EU’s help to abandon the new plan, dubbed the Malthouse Compromise. […] One Leave-backing minister said: “The PM needs Brussels to kill off Malthouse quickly. She can’t do it herself, she knows the EU has to do it for her or the ERG will never forgive her. But until that happens, she won’t be able to do the new deal that the members states want to do too now.” (my bold).

What a clever piece of skulduggery, accompanied by smoke-and-mirrors!

The papers all refer to this article in the DT (paywalled), so I’ll also quote from the original because it mentions the crux of the matter. The question of the Malthouse compromise is secondary:

“Theresa May is preparing to delay a second vote on her deal until the end of February, a month before Britain is scheduled to leave the EU, in a move which ministers believe means an extension of Article 50 is now inevitable. Julian Smith, the chief whip, is understood to have signalled in Cabinet on Tuesday that the vote will not be held next week, as previously expected, because the Prime Minister will not have renegotiated her deal in time. The vote is now being planned for the week starting February 25, prompting a Cabinet split amid concerns from Remainers who fear it will increase the risk of no deal.” (my bold)

If you were hoping that Ms May and her government are cunningly running down the clock so we can leave in 50 days with no deal, and up yours, EU – think again. Here’s another pointer to what that ‘cunning plan’ really is about (same source):

“One minister told The Telegraph they have stopped personally endorsing the Prime Minister’s claim that the UK will leave the EU on March 29 because it “makes us look ridiculous”. They have instead taken to saying it is “Government policy” that  the UK will leave the EU on March 29 because they believe Article 50 will have to be extended.” (my bold)

The HoC will still vote on amendments next week, one being a ‘new and improved’ Cooper Bill, aimed to extend Article 50, which Ministers, according to the DT, think will again be defeated. However, the chief whip, Mr Julian Smith, warned: “that John Bercow, the Speaker,could attempt to undermine the Government’s plans and force it to hold the vote sooner.” (same source) – so there might be hope yet for a debate.

The first conclusion is that everybody – EU, Government, some Big Business, Parliament – is still howling about the end of the world should there be “No Deal” while on the other they are all preparing for it, even the EU (see yesterday’s column).

The second conclusion is that the much-vaunted Malthouse Compromise has now been revealed as a sop to Tory MPs, utilised by Ms May to demonstrate that ‘she has listened’ to MPs but the bad EU won’t let her implement it.

This leads to the final, inevitable conclusion:  it’s yet another show of smoke-and-mirrors, prepared by Remain May and her willing helpers here and in the EU to make one thing inevitable: an extension to Article 50 with all that implies.

That is the goal for which she is willing to make herself look weak and stupid in the face of “Hell” Tusk, Juncker, and the EU, on the international stage. And that’s why our MPs are taking Brexit so seriously that, according to The Sun, “they ‘sloped off at 3.27pm – more than four hours earlier than usual for a Wednesday.” despite the huge backlog of Brexit-related legislation.

And our weak and feeble MPs – Tories, Labour, regardless – still think that tinkering at the margins will get us the Brexit we voted for!

‘One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them’ seems appropriate here …


There’s an excellent article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the DT today. As it’s behind a paywall I have written a summary in a separate article here.


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The Brexit referendum (and the subsequent manoeuvres of the UK’s political parties to avoid its consequences) shows that we have come to the end of democracy. Politicians brush aside the petitions that tens of thousands vote for, or pay only perfunctory attention, patting us on the head and telling us to run along. They present us with party manifestos that promise binding commitments to various policies and then when they are elected to carry out those promises they simply ignore them. Vote Left, vote Right. Result? No change.

In 2010 Cameron promised to limit immigration He even signed a pledge telling us that if he failed we could sack him. For six years the UK had a Home Secretary who promised to reduce immigration to tens of thousands, rather than the hundreds of thousands that were arriving. Now we have a Prime Minister who made the same promise but her current Home Secretary has just announced that he is abandoning that policy. The result? Hundreds of thousands still arriving. No change.

The biggest vote in the history of our country was to leave the EU, no ifs, no buts, out of the customs union, out of the single market, no more unfettered freedom of movement, Leave meant Leave. The effort from both sides of the debate was prodigious, from the highest level TV debates to the humble efforts of letterbox stuffers and doorstep visitors. Result? Lies, cheating, betrayal. No change there then.

The journalists who should be monitoring and exposing the failure of our appointed masters to live up to their promises, to tell the truth, are bought and paid for themselves or ideologically possessed by outdated political battles. Worse, many are sold, soul and conscience, to rich men who care nothing for our country or our people.

What the hell is going on?

If we can’t trust the promises on which we choose to vote, what control do we have?  If no-one exposes the lies, how are we to decide? Our rulers promise the world and deliver what they have already decided they want to deliver. The ballot box has failed not just because our political class has failed but because there are millions who vote for a label, not caring to look behind the label to see the rotting reality, to see that the label is itself a lie. So what power do we have, those of us who care not for labels but for integrity, for delivered promises, who care for the truth? What influence can we exert to steer our destiny?

We have money.

As individuals we have little economic power, just a few thousand pounds a year we can redirect here or there. We’re not like George Soros who can put billions into causes that catch his plutocratic fancy, but we are not individuals, we are legion. In the case of the referendum we are 17,400,000. Judging by the responses we are getting at our Brexit market stalls a second referendum to leave the EU would attract a larger majority. Let’s call it 18 million people who would vote to leave. If everyone of that 18 million spent a thousand pounds less on EU goods then the result is stunning – £18,000,000,000.

Let’s start small. Let’s first decide that we will appeal over the heads of the German government – those intransigent and power-seeking puppet-masters who seem to delight in humiliating our naive and incompetent negotiators – and speak directly to those who design, manufacture and sell German products. Why should we support a major industry in a country which is going out of its way to damage the UK and reduce our capabilities as an industrial rival? Let’s stop buying new German cars. In the UK we’ll be ignored by our own government, but in Germany BMW will be pulling the strings as soon as their UK sales figures dip.

After BMW we can boycott other EU targets, buy Australian wine instead of French, Scotch or Norfolk malt whisky instead of Cognac, Kenyan vegetables, English cheeses. A small change here, a small change there and we could make a difference of millions working in industries that have the ear of the EU. It may be a small weapon, a weak response to the overbearing power of the money men and the bureaucrats who are in their pockets, but what choice do we have? It’s fight, you bastards, or it’s surrender. I know which I prefer.

Let’s have a slogan to kick it off.

“Buying a new BMW car is an unpatriotic act.”


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