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PM faces Brexit extension even if his deal is passed

Labour and former Tory MPs join in bid to force through extension with amendment on ‘super Saturday’

Boris Johnson’s plan to push through a Brexit deal on Saturday looks likely to be frustrated after an alliance of Labour and former Tory MPs united behind a plan to force a new extension.

After clinching a last-minute deal in Brussels on Thursday by agreeing to a customs border in the Irish Sea, the prime minister had hoped to frame the rare Saturday sitting of parliament as a dramatic “new deal or no deal” moment.

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The Guardian view on the Brexit vote: bin this bad deal | Editorial

Boris Johnson’s plan is far removed from the promises of the leave campaign and would be bad for the country. MPs must reject it

“Brexit means Brexit”, Theresa May’s catchphrase, helped the former prime minister navigate a profound political problem: there was no model of a future relationship with the EU that could satisfy all leave voters, and none was specified on the 2016 ballot paper.

The meaning of Brexit then evolved over three years, eventually becoming the deal that Boris Johnson has placed before parliament. This definition is a shrivelled facsimile of the product that was offered by the leave campaign. Pro-Brexit politicians never confronted the trade-offs involved in severing European ties that have developed over four decades. Instead, they dissembled and deceived, wielding the referendum result as a bludgeon to stifle debate.

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The DUP has been humiliated in Westminster – and in Northern Ireland too | Susan McKay

Boris Johnson has abandoned the party and with the ‘cash for ash’ report imminent, its influence will be still further diminished

Three days ago, the Democratic Unionist party (DUP) seemed to hold the fate of Europe in its hands. Ever since, it has been forced to stand gloomily in the wings watching while Boris Johnson struts in the limelight, backslapping those “blackmailing burghers of Brussels”, as Sammy Wilson MP, the DUP’s Brexit spokesman called the EU leaders last year. Whatever happens in the vote for the Brexit deal in parliament this weekend, the special relationship with the Tories that enabled the DUP to act like old-style one party rule had returned to Northern Ireland is over.

Did the DUP really think it could have and hold Lord Snooty just for the price of a dinner in a Ballymena hotel?

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‘Betrayal? Ridiculous’: Northern Ireland ready to move on from Brexit

Many unionists are angry but widespread public disorder over deal seems unlikely

The last time Downing Street foisted a deal on Northern Ireland’s unionists, the backlash was swift and bitter. Hundreds of thousands poured on to the streets to protest. A mob punched and kicked the secretary of state outside Belfast city hall. They hit him with a union jack-draped flagpole, grappled him into a headlock and chanted, “Traitor, traitor, traitor.”

It was 1985 and Margaret Thatcher had signed the Anglo-Irish agreement giving Dublin a say in Northern Ireland’s affairs. It took burly bodyguards to save her secretary of state, Tom King, from the mob’s wrath. Demonstrations, strikes and civil disobedience raged for months. “We say, ‘Never, never, never, never!’” Ian Paisley, the Democratic Unionist party leader, bellowed to a crowd.

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A better version of ‘remain’ is possible – and Labour should negotiate it | Gordon Brown

Johnson’s deal threatens the breakup of the UK. Instead, leave voters’ anxieties should be addressed from within the EU

There is a real risk that the coming general election could be the United Kingdom’s last – with Boris Johnson remembered only for being its last Conservative prime minister. Johnson’s deal is, we now know, even more fatally flawed than May’s in vital respects: it threatens to make Ireland a smugglers’ and tax avoiders’ paradise and ushers in a race to the bottom in social and environmental standards. All Labour MPs must vote against it. The deal also threatens to Balkanise Britain. Northern Ireland is, for example, exempted from the evil consequences of a US-UK trade deal – from the entry of chlorinated chicken to the contracting out of NHS services – while Scotland, Wales and the rest of Britain would be bound in.

By the way he has chosen to resolve one source of division, the Northern Ireland border, Johnson appears hellbent on creating one that nationalists are already seeking to exploit. He is jeopardising, perhaps to the point of its destruction, Scotland’s 300-year-old union with England and thus the very existence of the UK.

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Boris Johnson and EU reach Brexit deal without DUP backing

UK PM announces ‘great deal that takes back control’ despite refusal of DUP to back agreement

Boris Johnson and Jean-Claude Juncker have jointly announced agreement on a new Brexit deal despite the refusal of the Democratic Unionist party to give its backing.

After weeks of negotiations that went deep into the early hours of Thursday morning and with mounting pressure to have legal text ready for EU leaders to read before a summit, the two leaders said an agreement was ready.

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DUP says it cannot support Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal

PM’s proposed deal suffers another blow as party objects to customs and VAT terms

The Democratic Unionist party is threatening to scupper the Brexit deal that Boris Johnson is on the brink of agreeing with the EU.

On the morning of a crucial EU summit in Brussels, a joint statement from the DUP’s leader, Arlene Foster, and her deputy, Nigel Dodds, explicitly says the party cannot support the deal that is close to being finalised.

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