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Nigel Farage urged to stand aside in Tory target seats after climbdown

Brexit party will not contest Conservative seats but source says it will pursue Labour-held ones

Nigel Farage is facing calls from Brexit supporters to stand down further candidates to help Boris Johnson after he made a dramatic public U-turn by agreeing to withdraw his party from all Conservative-held seats.

The Brexit party leader claimed he had changed his mind about fielding candidates in 317 seats held by the Tories after Johnson released a video pledging to take Britain out of the EU by 2020 and to pursue a Canada-style trade deal.

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Sam Gyimah continues down Lib Dem path of fairytales and unicorns | John Crace

There is no plan B because Jo Swinson will become PM and stop Brexit, all on her own

It wasn’t the worst day to campaign on adult education. Almost at the very moment that Sam Gyimah, the Lib Dems’ business spokesperson, was sitting down to chat to a handful of apprentices in Marylebone after a near pointless two-mile journey in the party’s electric battle bus, Nigel Farage was busy handing out P45s to 317 of the Brexit party’s own candidates in Hartlepool. Still, as they had all stumped up a non-refundable £100 for the privilege, the party was over £30K to the good. And Nige had kept Boris Johnson and Arron Banks happy. You win some, you win some.

It wasn’t the most challenging outing for Gyimah. All the apprentices were either too friendly, too young to remember or just not that bothered about university tuition fees – which was was probably just as well. He too has the wide-eyed innocence of the ingenue. But then he has been on something of a reskilling programme himself, having defected from the Conservatives only a few months ago.

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Farage – Brexit party will not stand against Johnson’s Tories in ‘Leave Alliance’

Nigel Farage agreed to a ‘Leave’ alliance on Monday (11 November) announcing that his Brexit party will not stand candidates in seats won by the Conservatives.

Farage’s Brexit move means a pact among progressives is now urgent | Polly Toynbee

By standing aside for the Tories, he’s made a hard Brexit much more likely. Remainers have to work together

Nigel Farage has set his stamp on this election: his astute action, standing down 317 Brexit party candidates (one in every seat that voted Conservative in the last election), confirms the brutal binary choice between the newly merged Tory-Brexit friends-of-Trump party and a flaky progressive remain alliance. The old Conservative party is no more, morphing into the Brexit party, its moderates having fled.

Here’s the vital question: will the fragmented progressives resolve their differences in an equally ruthless pursuit of power? They only have until Thursday to set aside petty tribal differences and block Britain leaving the European Union in January, with no referendum, on the hardest of Brexit terms. Sadly, the answer is almost certainly no. Not enough progressive candidates will stand down – unless they are seized this week with sudden paroxysms of self-sacrifice in the cause of the greater good.

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The Guardian view on the Brexit party offer: one the Tories cannot refuse | Editorial

In backing Boris Johnson’s deal Nigel Farage shows what it really is: a nationalist project that sacrifices economic, constitutional and social stability on the altar of cut-throat competition and deregulation

Nigel Farage has never won a seat in the UK parliament, nor has he sat at a cabinet table. Yet he has been one of the most effective British politicians of recent history. On Monday he made an announcement that showed why he cannot be discounted from exerting influence just because he cannot get elected. Mr Farage’s decision to pull his Brexit party candidates out of the 317 seats won by the Conservatives at the 2017 general election will help the hardliners in Boris Johnson’s party.

Whether this is a formal pact or just a loose arrangement, it signals to liberal Conservatives, who blanch at Mr Farage’s demagoguery, that they are a vanishing species in the Tory party. Any form of Brexit that is acceptable to Mr Farage will be deeply damaging for the UK. In backing Mr Johnson’s deal, Mr Farage reveals it for what it really is: a nationalist project that sacrifices economic, constitutional and social stability on the altar of cut-throat competition and deregulation.

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Nigel Farage move may not help Tories as much as it first appears

Fact that Brexit party still plans to field candidates in Tory target seats means it’s not all good news for Boris Johnson

Nigel Farage’s unilateral announcement that he will engage in a one-way electoral pact with the Conservatives will be an undoubted relief to Boris Johnson, but the benefit may be more limited than it first appears.

Headline polling data already indicated that the Brexit party was being successfully squeezed by the Tories’ pro-Brexit strategy. Its polling average had slumped from 12% in the third week of October to its current 9%.

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General election: Farage’s plan to stand aside in Tory seats amounts to ‘Trump alliance’, says Corbyn – live news

Farage says he was worried Brexit party could let the Lib Dems take seats from Tories. Follow all the developments now

A Green party candidate has withdrawn in a second marginal seat targeted by Labour, prompting speculation that more Greens could step aside as part of an informal anti-Conservative alliance not sanctioned by the central party, my colleague Peter Walker reports.

Related: Green candidate steps aside as Labour targets Tory-held Chingford

My colleague Marina Hyde has written up the Nigel Farage press conference earlier. Here is an extract.

“So in a sense,” he concluded, gearing up for a vintage Farage reverse ferret, “we now HAVE a leave alliance. It’s just that we’ve done it unilaterally.” Funny sort of alliance. Maybe spend some of the two pounds fifties on a dictionary.

As for what had prompted this change of heart, was it a high-level personal meeting with Boris Johnson? Written undertakings? Formal assurances? None of these, actually. “Last night I saw Boris Johnson on a video,” conceded Farage, “saying we won’t extend the transition period beyond the end of 2020.” Aha. The ultimate guarantee – a Boris Johnson tweet.

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