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Macron: political divisions in Europe are like a civil war

French president calls for defence of European liberal democracy in face of illiberalism

Emmanuel Macron has likened the political divisions in Europe to a civil war and warned against growing illiberalism on the continent.

In his first speech to the European parliament, the French president called for the defence of a European liberal democracy that offered protection of the rights of its minorities, and attacked those who took their countries out of the EU to pursue fairytale “adventures”.

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Enoch Powell is gone, but his hateful tricks are still with us | Matthew d’Ancona

Fifty years after the ‘rivers of blood’ speech, rhetoric on Brexit shows hard-right populism is still a force in British politics

I was the last person to interview Enoch Powell. In October 1996, only 16 months before his death, he was frail and softly spoken, though still formidably articulate. Our conversation ranged from John Major’s politics, to St John’s Gospel, to the poet AE Housman. But what most exercised him was Europe.

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Cheap wine! Multicoloured passports! Forget the Brexit museum, come to my remain show | Stuart Heritage

From Nigel Farage’s sweat to David Cameron’s shepherd’s caravan, these treasures truly evoke the glory of June 2016

The proposed Brexit museum is a great idea. Brexit will be the most seismic peacetime event to happen to this country in living memory, so it makes sense to permanently commemorate it somehow. Plus, when your grandchildren inevitably ask you why everything’s got so bad, it’ll be easier to just take them out and show them a lying bus.

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Brexiters seek campaign memorabilia for ‘museum of sovereignty’

Organisers request exhibits such as speech drafts and photos – and even want the infamous NHS bus

It sounds like a remainer’s worst nightmare: a museum of Brexit with a grand atrium dominated by the “£350m for the NHS” bus, leading to galleries displaying a selection of Nigel Farage’s louder tweed jackets.

The reality is quite different, not least as the proposed Brexit museum, officially pitched as a “museum of sovereignty”, is thus far nothing more than an idea coupled with an appeal for exhibits.

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Nigel Farage is no fisherman’s friend: he’s been ignoring them for years | Fay Schopen

His hijacking of a Brexit protest in Whitstable was typically opportunistic. British fishing deserves a better ally than this charlatan

The Brexit negotiations are something that I, some time ago, actively decided not to care about. There’s only so much news one person can handle. So as we shuffle down the long, inevitable path to our gloomy EU-less future, I have given the topic a wide berth. What’s going to happen is going to happen, right?

But I was roused from my political apathy this weekend, by a loud ruckus on the beach across the street from my house. Here in Whitstable the local fishermen were out in force, demonstrating their displeasure with the way Brexit negotiations are going. They were part of a nationwide protest organised by a group called Fishing for Leave. Promises of control over UK waters when Britain leaves the EU next year have been dropped, they say, meaning the transitional deal will be a “death sentence for Britain’s fishing industry”.

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