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Brexit: Supreme court resumes hearing to decide if Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament lawful – live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including day two of the supreme court hearing to decide if Boris Johnson’s five-week suspension of parliament was lawful

Lord Kerr asks Eadie if he accepts that it is up to the court to decide the limits of prerogative powers.

Eadie says he does.

Eadie cites approvingly paragraph 47 in the judgment (pdf) from the high court in London, which ruled that the prorogation decision was non-justiciable. He says he particularly recommends the second sentence (which I’ve marked in bold).

Almost all important decisions made by the executive have a political hue to them. In the present context of non-justiciability, the essential characteristic of a “political” issue is the absence of judicial or legal standards by which to assess the legality of the executive’s decision or action. That is reflected in the last sentence of the passage from Lord Bingham’s speech in A v Secretary of State just quoted. It was stated more directly in the joint judgment of Lord Neuberger, Lord Sumption and Lord Hodge in Shergill v Khaira [2015] AC 359 at [40]: “The issue was non-justiciable because it was political. It was political for two reasons. One was that it trespassed on the proper province of the executive, as the organ of the state charged with the conduct of foreign relations. The lack of judicial or manageable standards was the other reason why it was political.”

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Hopes of clean break with EU are nonsense, says ex-Brexit official

A no-deal exit would trigger complex negotiations, argues former top DexEU civil servant

Claiming a no-deal Brexit represents a clean break with the European Union is “nonsensical”, according to Philip Rycroft, the former permanent secretary at the Department for Exiting the EU.

Boris Johnson has promised to extricate the UK from the EU on 31 October “come what may” – and has hinted that he could try to get around legislation mandating him to request a Brexit delay.

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Nigel Farage won’t be allowed anywhere near government, say Tories

Senior Tories rebuff Brexit party leader’s offer of no-deal election pact

The Brexit party’s leader, Nigel Farage, has been heavily criticised by Boris Johnson’s team as “not fit and proper” in an outright rejection of his offer of a pre-election, no-deal Brexit pact.

Farage offered to help the embattled prime minister secure a majority at a snap general election, on the proviso he dropped plans to renegotiate the Brexit withdrawal agreement and the backstop arrangement on the Northern Irish border.

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Boris Johnson still ahead in the polls – but by how much?

Surveys at end of last week suggest election outcomes could range from Tory landslide to hung parliament

It may have been one of the most turbulent weeks endured by a prime minister in modern Westminster history, but polling suggests Boris Johnson remains on top – with one important caveat: nobody can agree by how much.

A crop of polls taken at the end of last week – during which the prime minister was defeated in the Commons and lost the support of his own brother, Jo, left the Conservatives anywhere between three and 14 points ahead of Labour.

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Sajid Javid refuses to rule out Tory deal with Nigel Farage

Chancellor evades question over possible election agreement with Brexit party

The chancellor, Sajid Javid, has failed to rule out a Conservative alliance with Nigel Farage’s Brexit party at a general election.

He told the BBC that the Tories did not need an electoral alliance but did not categorically deny that they might need to work with Farage, whose party took close to half of the UK’s seats at the European elections in May.

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Brexit party: Farage seeks election pact with Conservatives

Nigel Farage says if Brexit party is given free run in Labour heartlands, it will not contest seats where it might split leave voters away from Tories

The Brexit party should be given a free run at targeting traditional Labour heartlands in the North, Midlands and Wales by the Conservatives as part of an electoral pact, its leader, Nigel Farage said.

Farage, writing in the Sunday Telegraph, said the offer of a non-aggression pact was “100% sincere” and would help return the prime minister, Boris Johnson, to Downing Street.

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