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‘The party has imploded’: can Ukip survive Brexit?

Party seems at a loss, but some warn this could be calm before the storm for populism in UK

The European parliament’s vast blue and grey chamber is half empty when Nigel Farage gets to his feet. It is a routine debate on the EU budget and MEPs are not scrimping on detail. They have spoken of frameworks, roadmaps and sustainable goals. But that is not the Farage way.

Making a glancing reference to the “Brexit hole” in the EU budget, the former Ukip leader launches into an attack on Theresa May, who he says is “desperately scrambling” to get the UK into EU programmes, before segueing into a riff on Italy’s political crisis. A lone MEP, from Ukip, claps vigorously.

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Ukip did not break donation rules, watchdog finds

Electoral Commission rules polling by Eurosceptic alliance in 2015 was not done to help party

Polling conducted in constituencies and on Eurosceptic issues of “potential strategic significance” to Ukip did not breach UK donation rules, an investigation has found.

The Electoral Commission said the research could have benefited the party but did not conclude it was done to help Ukip or that the party received any of the results.

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Brexit is lost in toxic masculinity. No wonder women are turning against it | Catherine Bennett

Bare-chested displays of wartime bravado are unlikely to win the day in the event of a second referendum

“Nate”, recently introduced at the Edinburgh festival, is the thick, swaggering, toxically masculine alter-ego of a brilliant US comedian, Natalie Palamides. Audiences gawped as the diminutive but lavishly male Nate, adorned with a bandana, moustache and scrawled-on chest hair, entered on a motorbike to the sound of Bad to the Bone from Terminator 2, then, to prove prodigious virility, smashed up various props, chopped wood, got his dick (prosthetic, she’s not a magician) out, and persuaded a male audience member to wrestle, bare-chested.

There’s another chance, happily, to see Nate, when Palamides’s show transfers to London, this autumn. Meanwhile, for those who can’t get to the real thing, there’s always – and now more than ever – Boris Johnson.

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