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“Let’s Go WTO” – Report on the Leave Means Leave Rally

“Let’s Go WTO” – Report on the Leave Means Leave Rally



The Leave Means Leave Event was packed – people were queueing outside when we arrived even though we were half an hour early. It was very upbeat – everyone was given Union Jack flags and banners were waiting for us on the seats.

All the speakers were excellent including the organiser Richard Tice.  Even Tim Martin (Wetherspoons) surprised me with an eloquent and uplifting speech. Ian Duncan Smith was extremely entertaining and came across as very genuine and a true believer – it’s a shame we haven’t heard so much from him lately!

Of course Nigel Farage brought the house down – he received a standing ovation on the way in and when he finished. Nigel needs no notes and didn’t use the plinth either – and he remembered to thank all the young banner wavers on the stage too – shaking hands with them. It makes you realise how much he is needed in the House  of Commons.



The whole event certainly made me feel much more upbeat. The week has been difficult and it feels that we Brexiteers are being battered from every side. But it was good to be in a hall packed with ‘our own’ and I came out feeling happier, positive, and looking forward to the future, back straight and full of fighting spirit to do my bit. I started to feel the drive and nervousness we all had before the Referendum – totally fired up. The idea of fighting for Brexit again seems unfair, but after the Rally I felt ready to do it if I have to. It was fun too –  lots of booing and laughter at the mention of any arch Remainers.



I spotted lots of old faces too – ex-Kippers and some who were still in the party but not as active, milling around and even giving out helpful leaflets etc. It was good to see them.  The event drew us all together.

The message of the event was ‘’Let’s Go – WTO” and we were asked to shout it a few times at the end. As Nigel said, it would be great to have a good free trade deal with the EU, but we have to be clear that if our government cannot get their act together, we are leaving on WTO rules.

I’m glad I went along – I know we may end up fighting for Brexit all over again – and I feel a whole lot more confident about it now – we also have powerful, intelligent and committed people on our side.   


We are in this together.  Country before party – a lesson both the Tories and Labour could do with learning!

Parliament may be full of traitors, but on Thursday night Central Methodist Hall Westminster was full of Patriots. Bring it on!  


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