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George Osborne’s Evening Standard backs Lib Dems for EU elections

Editorial in former chancellor’s paper is latest breakaway by Cameron-era Tories over Brexit

The Evening Standard, edited by the former Conservative chancellor George Osborne, has urged readers to consider voting Liberal Democrat in the European elections, in the latest sign of David Cameron-era Tories breaking with the party over Brexit.

The London newspaper said the Lib Dems had the “courage from the start to say the referendum result was a mistake” and as a result, “voters have started to think again about them”.

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‘Always the easiest excuse’: is racism rising in the UK’s most diverse area?

Dollis Hill, in north-west London, is home to people from a wide range of backgrounds. Are tensions increasing?

The swastikas and SS logos sprayed in Dollis Hill last year so shocked Lucy Cox that she left her flat to scrub off the racist graffiti immediately. Before long she was joined by neighbours who felt the same and they staged an anti-racism vigil.

This north-west London area is perhaps the most ethnically diverse place in Britain, and locals here are proud of how everyone gets along. In the last census, in 2011, 15% of residents described their ethnicity as just “British”, 11% were Indian or British Indian, 11% African, 8% Pakistani or British Pakistani, 7% Caribbean and 6% eastern European. Afghans, Filipinos, Iranians, Somalis and Sri Lankans are all part of the mix of 79 ethnic groups.

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Labour panics as remain voters switch to Liberal Democrats

Polls makes Vince Cable’s party the favourite for remainers and puts it in first place in London

Senior Labour figures were engaged in a desperate battle to shore up the party’s support on Saturday night, amid warnings that its stance on Brexit was helping to “detoxify the Lib Dems”.

With just days left before the European elections at which Nigel Farage’s Brexit party is expected to triumph, shadow cabinet ministers are among those concerned that Labour’s ambiguous position on Brexit has helped revive the Lib Dems. It comes as new polling seen by the Observer suggests Vince Cable’s party is running in first place in London and could even beat Labour overall.

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London and the rest: regional transport disparities in the UK

Crossrail, still trumpeted as the largest construction project in Europe, and once held up as a paragon of a well-run, on-time and on-budget development, is now late and seriously over budget. Praise has been replaced by political infighting as the blame game gets into full swing and warnings that this will further imperil Transport for London’s (TFL) already shaky looking finances. However, hidden beneath the debris of mismanagement is something much worse: the willingness of the British government to plough vast sums into transport in London, whilst simultaneously underfunding transport in the rest of the country. Across the UK public ...
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