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Women’s March: 30 countries set to take part in third global protest

Women to march against violence and austerity with UK rally likely to have anti-Brexit tone

Women in more than 30 countries around the world are expected to gather on Saturday as part of the global Women’s March, to protest against violence against women and the impact of policies of austerity.

In London thousands are expected to gather outside Portland Place in central London at 12.30pm and march to Trafalgar Square by 1.30pm, ending in a two-hour rally.

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Has the Brexit vote saved London tenants £1,800 pa in rent?

Rent rises 3% lower than forecast partly due to fewer EU migrants and price-out Londoners moving out, says rental index

Tenants in London have saved as much as £1,800 in rent as a result of the Brexit referendum in 2016, according to an analysis of more than 100,000 rental properties listed on the Zoopla property website.

Rent price growth in London is almost 3% lower than the projected rate of growth since the EU referendum announcement, leaving tenants with more money at the end of the month.

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Sadiq Khan demands changes to post-Brexit immigration plan

In letter to home secretary, London’s mayor says Windrush lessons haven’t been learned

Sadiq Khan has written to the government to demand changes to its planned post-Brexit immigration policy, saying that forcing long-established EU nationals to pay fees to stay showed ministers had not learned the lessons of Windrush.

In a letter to the home secretary, Sajid Javid, the Labour mayor said the wider immigration policy, including plans to restrict immigration to people earning above £30,000 a year, would badly damage London’s economy.

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Join Tuesday’s London demo

Join Tuesday’s London demo

We live in interesting and unprecedented times.

A ‘WTO RULES’ Brexit (we don’t use the language of the enemy, which is a ‘No deal Brexit’) is now the only acceptable option.

But we should not underestimate the deviousness of the likes of Treason May and her accomplice Robbins (an anagram of ‘Brino BS’) – Project Fear is now in Phase III – nor that of Labour, which is in overdrive, smelling the chance for mischief and a betrayal of the 2016 people’s vote, for political gain.

We must therefore not blithely assume that the preposterous chequered surrender bill (does it effectively cede not only Gibraltar to Spain, but Kent to France?) to be debated in Parliament on Tuesday will fail.

It just might pass, due to the bovine qualities of many Tory MPs, their fear of both the unknown and of losing their seats, and Labour chicanery, abstaining from the vote at the last moment.

I estimate the Commons debate will commence around 1:30pm on Tuesday 15th January, two days from now.

So, we aim to have a presence there from Noon on Tuesday 15th January, and so let MPs entering the House, and others present, realise the strength of feeling about this impending vote, and – if opportunities arise – we can educate them too.

The group will either be in Parliament Square Garden (where Churchill’s and Gandhi’s statues are) or two minutes away in The College Garden, where the media circus has erected its canopies.

To get to The College Garden, walk south down Abingdon St, with Parliament and Richard the Lionheart’s statue on your left, and the garden will be on the right (i.e., further from the river) side of the street, at the House of Lords end.   If the road name changes to Millbank, you’ve overshot.

Your contact (if you need it) is another Richard, and his number is 07704 502020.

Wear UKIP regalia with pride, and wrap up well as cold weather is forecast.  Westminster tube station (Circle, District and Jubilee Lines) is just across the road from Parliament Square Garden.

There’ll be Remainiacs aplenty.  Do not get into altercations or unpleasant disputes, or rise to bait proffered.  Instead, be generous to snowflakes, those flapping around in EU colours, and others without the experience or mental wherewithal to understand the issues involved. Do not harass anyone, even the hypocritical opportunist Soubry (see  an example of her delicacy).

We are there to peacefully protest, persuade and debate, and not to carry on as if our homes are in trees.

We have the answers already.  People’s Vote?  It already happened, on June 23, 2016, in the UK’s biggest ever democratic exercise.  7.9% (1.3 million) more people voted to leave the EU than to stay, despite massive cheating by the government and others…  Cheating that included fear-mongering and defeatism on a mind-boggling scale, the misuse of £9.3 million of taxpayers’ money to print a booklet of advice that purported to be neutral but instead was outrageously biased, and much more.

We still won.  This was UKIP’s Referendum and UKIP’s Victory.  Many of the rest are carpetbaggers and those who let UKIP do the dirty work for all those years leading up to the Referendum, where we took the flak but made it possible for those who came later to openly speak about key issues like immigration and sovereignty.

Our Russell Van will be driving around Westminster, the City and the rest of Central London, ensuring that Parliament and the BBC get a double dose.

There should also be a few UKIP members in Parliament Square on Monday 14th, but Tuesday 15th‘s the main effort.


England expects that every man* will do his duty.

(most certainly construed to also include women!)

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Japanese bank blames Brexit for move to Amsterdam

Norinchukin announces plan day after Shinzō Abe offered public backing for May’s deal

One of Japan’s largest banks has blamed Brexit for its decision to move part of its business to Amsterdam, 24 hours after Theresa May sought to enlist the Japanese prime minister in the fight to save her deal with the EU.

Norinchukin bank announced plans to set up a wholly owned subsidiary in the Dutch capital, a move that critics of the prime minister’s deal cited as evidence that both a no-deal Brexit and her deal were likely to damage the UK economy.

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CPS to test three alleged harassment cases after Soubry abused outside parliament

Police confirm more officers deployed at Westminster following demonstrations

Three cases of alleged harassment outside parliament have been referred to the Crown Prosecution Service after the MP Anna Soubry was repeatedly abused and blocked from entering parliament by pro-Brexit supporters earlier this week.

The cases were sent to prosecutors to “test” whether the behaviour witnessed and filmed went beyond legitimate protest, the Metropolitan police said on Thursday.

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‘The police are after all of us’: pro-Brexit protesters ditch yellow vests

Police outnumber Westminster protesters a day after MP Anna Soubry was harassed and verbally abused

Such was the official fuss after “yellow vest” protesters harassed and verbally abused Anna Soubry outside parliament, that a day later the few activists who had turned up again were being so low key they had not even donned their trademark garments.

“They’re in that bag,” said one man, who like all those present declined to be identified. “We’ll put them on when there’s more of us. The police are after all of us, so we’ve got to be careful.”

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