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There are times when even a snarky sketch writer hits one of those proverbial nails on the head and deserves the accolade of figuring in our “FROM BEHIND THE PAYWALL” rubric. 

Moreover, as it’s the weekend of the Wimbledon Finals – and didn’t the marvelous Roger Federer do well to reach the final yet again, and that at age 37! – and as we’ve had enough of the relentless Remain machinations, we deserve a little humourous respite. 

So without further ado, here’s what Michael Deacon, the Parliamentary sketchwriter of the Daily Telegraph had to say. The title hints at letting cats out of bags: “Sorry Boris, but Britain won’t reunite after Brexit. If you want to know why, ask a cat” (paywalled link) – but if you thought it was advice about Boris having a chat with Larry of 10 Downing Street, never mind roping in Palmerston, the cat of the Foreign Office or even Gladstone, the cat of the Treasury, then you’d be wrong. So – see this:

“Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have both promised to “unite the country” after Brexit. This will of course be impossible, for a simple reason. The referendum didn’t just divide us politically. It divided us by personality type. You can no more unite Remainers and Leavers than you can unite cats and dogs.

I say cats and dogs, because that, more or less, is what Remainers and Leavers are. Take dogs. Dogs love family and home, and feel a strong sense of loyalty and duty: their instinct is to protect and to serve. As a rule they’re happier in the countryside than in crowded, bustling cities. They’re sociable, but wary of outsiders. Essentially, their values are conservative. Dogs are Leavers. Leavers are dogs.

Cats, by contrast, are solitary, aloof, and fancy themselves as elegant and urbane. By their own estimation, they are far more intelligent than dogs, whom they regard as dimwitted and easily led. They love cities, and insist on freedom of movement. Essentially, their values are metropolitan liberal. Cats are Remainers. Remainers are cats.

Come to think of it: I would bet any sum you care to name that conservatives are more likely to own dogs than cats, and that liberals are more likely to own cats than dogs. Some enterprising young sociologist should research it.

If you’re wondering which domestic animal represents the Corbynista Left, incidentally, the answer is the goat. Vegetarian, bearded, terrible temper.”

Nice one about goats representing the Corbynista Left, especially as goats tend to leave nothing behind when let loose in a garden or veggie patch: it’s tabula rasa. They devour the fruit of the gardeners’ and growers’ labour, just like all socialists.

Before we descend into the inevitable cat-and-dog fight about which one is best, let’s spin this game of animal representation a bit further.

Sheep would represent the metro-elite, the dwellers inside the M25 who know best but are in fact just like the bleating flocks who follow wherever the current leading ewe goes. And of course they keep on bleating loudly to make us all aware of their existence. 

But what animal represents the dwellers inside the Houses of Parliament? I’ve compared them to peacocks. Perhaps that’s too pretty, but let’s stick with it. Anyone who has been exposed to peacocks’ mating cries will know that the comparison is apt.

Our ‘leaders’, the Whitehall Mandarins, are of course donkeys. What else could they be!

We must also give honourable mention here to the squirrells. They proliferate in the headlines of the MSM and in social media but their antics have become predictable and boring by now. 

That brings us to the question: are Remainers really cats and are Leavers really dogs? It is tempting, at first glance, to concur with Mr Deacon’s findings, but after a second glance I do not agree. 

Cats simply cannot be Remainers because they are indeed individualistic. Yes, they fancy themselves as urbane, elegant and intelligent – but it’s precisely these attributes which preclude them from being like the herd-like Remainers.

And are Leavers really like dogs, ‘easily led’? Any dog owner knows full well that dogs are anything but ‘easily led’. They know that, generally, it’s the dog who has trained their human. Still, dogs are indeed thoroughly conservative and won’t take lightly to any changes.

Like cats, you cannot herd dogs. Just you try! Collies who might consent to produce a show, giving the impression that dogs can be ‘herded’, do so only because it pleases their humans, demonstrating what excellent show-offs collies can be.

So – what animal then represents us Leavers?

Well, there’s only one, isn’t there! We’re the lions, going quietly and sometimes lazily about our business, but when called by necessity: hear us roar, and never ever mess with us.

Enjoy the weekend!



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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Wednesday 10th July 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Wednesday 10th July 2019



Two Brexit Betrayal ‘themes’ caught my eyes today. One is about the Civil Service, the other is about Labour. Yesterday we also had the much vaunted ‘mano-a-mano’ TV debate between Hunt and Johnson. I didn’t watch it – after all, I have no vote so why waste time – but this headline for a review said it all: “It felt like seeing the Head Boy debate the class clown …” It’s not paywalled so you can read it if you like.

The whole BoJo-Hunt campaign has been like a red rag to the MSM bulls, the reporters and writers of opinion pieces. No, the whole country is not feverishly betting on the outcome, and yes, most of us know what to expect from Boris, Hunt not being such a well-known personality.

Even though the NHS is never out of our headlines, with the increasing waiting lists now being blamed on the greedy consultants who simply do not want to pay 95% taxes on extra income, it’s strange that none of the Hunt supporters in the MSM mention that their preferred Remain candidate was appointed to the Foreign Office only a year ago but was responsible for the NHS in all the preceding years. In case you forgot: Johnson resigned as Foreign Secretary in 2018 because of Chequers and Ms May’s ‘leave in name only’ WA. How time flies …

Now then – let’s look at Labour and Jeremy Corbyn. He has now committed Labour to a 2nd Referendum, but the rest is confusion. Here’s a report that is not paywalled. More important are two comments, one by Austin Mitchell MP, a Leaver, who writes in the DM:

“My party is so busy trying to shed its working-class supporters and become a metropolitan team of amateur Liberal Democrats that it’s no longer recognisable. […] Today, it has become a mob of cosmopolitan meritocrats who love the European Union more than those at the bottom of society’s top-heavy heap. Jean-Claude Juncker’s federalism now means more to Labour than socialism. Nothing demonstrates this better than its clamour for a second referendum. As made clear in Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement yesterday that he will support a referendum on a Conservative deal and back Remain, Labour seems intent on prioritising the champagne-drinking population of chi-chi Islington above those it should be helping. That our once-great trade unions cheered him on makes Labour’s betrayal of working-class Leave voters all the more depressing.” (source)

Just so! Nigel Farage, Leader of the Brexit Party, comes to the same conclusion as Mr Mitchell. He writes in the Express:

“Corbyn has not only demanded that the new Tory prime minister must hold a second referendum on any deal or no-deal Brexit. He has also signed Labour up in advance to campaign for Remain. […] Corbyn has shamelessly abandoned his principles and given in to the political pygmies of Labour’s Remainer front bench. They have broken every promise that they made to millions of Labour voters – most notably, the 2017 Labour manifesto commitment to ‘respect the referendum result’. While they celebrate at their north London supper parties tonight, the party that claims to represent Leave-voting working-class areas like the North of England and South Wales will be met with more anger than they can possibly understand. Labour has effectively announced that it cares more about the opinion of the new metropolitan middle classes than about its traditional base of support.” (link)

This ought to dispel any doubt about the state of our establishment party system where rosette colour used to trump all. In a coming GE we’ll see ‘Remain’, represented by the Yellow of the Libdems, with splashes of Red, Blue and Green, and there will be ‘Leave’, with the turquoise of TBP to the fore, with splashes of Red, Blue, some Yellow and even some Green added. 

The metropolitan establishment, the bubble dwellers inside the M25, Westminster and the MSM, have missed the train. It’s not about BoJo-Hunt, it’s not about the HoC peacocks and their desperate games trying to finagle something to stop Brexit. It’s about Leave or Remain, and thanks to the betrayal of their voters, LabCon are now in dire straits indeed. 

And now: my favourite Brexit Betrayal subject – the Whitehall Mandarins! RemainCentral, a.k.a. The Times has this wonderful headline: “Wave of Brexit mandarins leave” (link, paywalled). Ah, I thought to myself – they are giving up! Before I started a little happy dance though I kept reading and two things became obvious.

The first one was that in good old MSM manner to exaggerate, The Times has now elevated all civil servants to ‘Mandarins’. No Sir, it’s only the top lot to which that label applies, the rest are ordinary working bods like ourselves.

Next, it turns out that this ‘Leave en masse’ is not precisely due to Brexit. That report is a nice study in MSM manipulation by putting relevant information right at the end of the article while starting of with the scary numbers – see for yourselves:

“The number of senior officials leaving the Brexit department has risen by more than 70 per cent in a year. More than 100 of the most senior civil servants in the Department for Exiting the European Union (Dexeu) left in the 2018-19 financial year, government figures released to the Commons show. The departures of 115 officials of grade seven and above, including 15 staff of the most senior grades, represent a rise of 72 per cent on the 2017-18 financial year, during which 67 left.” (link, paywalled)

Having been suitably shocked by those numbers – a rise of 72%, goodness me! – it turns out that’s only 115 civil servants altogether. We’re not told if they left Whitehall forever or went to other departments. That wouldn’t make a good story. The explanation from a current Government minister is relegated right to the bottom:

“Answering the parliamentary question from Mr Blomfield that yielded the figures, Kwasi Kwarteng, a junior Brexit minister, said that Dexeu was set up by Mrs May in July 2016 as a “time-limited department . . . The increase in numbers of leavers . . . is mainly due to planned leavers moving to other government departments following the end of their pre-set loan agreement or job rotation, or have left the civil service following the end of their two-year fixed-term appointment”. Dexeu undertook “succession planning” to maintain “high standards of delivery”, Mr Kwarteng added. A departmental source said that headcount in Dexeu had more than doubled between 2016 and 2018, affecting the number of staff leaving.” (link, paywalled)

That, you might agree, puts a somewhat different light on the story about the leaving Mandarins. While I am extremely relaxed about the fate of Olly Robbins and Sir Mark Sedwill whose name is now bandied about as replacement for the unspeakable current Ambassador to the USA, there is one other paragraph in this report which deserves our attention:

“Paul Blomfield, the shadow Brexit minister, told The Times: “It’s not so much ‘yes, minister’ as ‘I quit, minister.’ Essential legislation has not passed, customs and security arrangements are not in place and the negotiations are in paralysis. Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt should drop the ridiculous rhetoric and put forward a credible plan.”(link, paywalled)

There’s the obligatory wail of “we’re not prepared for a No Deal, we’re all going to die crashing over that cliff”, but this is actually dissing the various reports by anonymous civil servants that they have been preparing for that No Deal Brexit.

It is however true that ‘essential legislation has not passed’. The MP for North Wiltshire, Mr James Gray, gives the reason for that in an article in ConHome where he puts the blame firmly on the now two-year-long session of this Parliament. It’s worth reading, and his conclusion is especially important given the attempts of the Grieves to stop the next PM from proroguing Parliament:

“Prorogation is not some kind of devilish plot to allow Brexit through (or scupper it.) It is an essential part of the Parliamentary drum-beat, without which we who are sent to Westminster to carry out our important job of scrutinising legislation simply cannot do it, not least because there isn’t any.”

The Remainers in their pigheadedness have not only kicked off the now inevitable change in our political landscape, they have and still are busy undermining and destroying our Parliamentary customs and conventions.

That is why we need a GE – not just to save Brexit but to save our democracy and indeed our Parliament.




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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Tuesday 9th July 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Tuesday 9th July 2019



And here it is: the clearest proof for the Brexit Betrayal out in the open. Finally. We knew that Mr Phil Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Lord of the Treasury, was an ardent Arch-Remainer. We knew that the various ‘Project Fear’ scenarios coming out from his ministry did so with his blessings. Now, five minutes to midnight, he’s put his cards on the table, telling Ms May: stop No Deal Brexit or no money for her ‘legacy projects’.

Reports (here and paywalled here) describe Hammond’s coercion plan. It would of course be just speculation to assume that this was the very first time the Chancellor had tried to exert such influence! Here are the gory details:

“Philip Hammond has told Theresa May that he will fund her legacy plans as a trade-off for her allowing Tory MPs free votes on efforts to stop a no-deal Brexit. The chancellor has been locked in a row with the prime minister over her attempt to push through £27 billion of funding for education before she steps down. After weeks of talks Mr Hammond is close to signing off an agreement to boost education funding by about £5 billion. However, he has suggested that his support is conditional on suspending the whip on a cross-party attempt to stop Britain leaving the European Union without a deal on October 31.” (link, paywalled)

While it’s good to see that the Treasury is trying to scotch some of Ms May’s scorched-earth policy initiatives (not the climate crap one, you’ll have noticed!), the way Hammond links this to that shibboleth of “No Deal Brexit” is, well, let’s say: not exactly gentleman-like. Here’s the reason for the Hammond arm-twisting:

“Boris Johnson, the frontrunner for the Tory leadership, has repeatedly refused to rule out the “nuclear option” of suspending parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit. Mr Hammond has publicly warned that sidelining MPs by proroguing parliament would be “shocking” and said he is sure that the Commons would “find a way” to stop it.The architects of the move to prevent Mr Johnson from proroguing parliament if he becomes prime minister believe that it will have more than enough support to pass if the government does not whip MPs to vote against it.” (link, paywalled)

There it is: withdrawing the whip will support the Arch-Remainers’ Parliamentary machinations, kicked off by that other Arch-Remainer Dominic Grieve as we reported yesterday (here).

To me, it looks as if a ‘nuclear option’ is now being deployed by the Chancellor himself. I’m sure you remember the attempt of that LabCon ‘coalition’ of Sir Oliver Letwin MP and Dame Margaret Beckett MP to introduce an amendment stopping government money to pay for schools, pensions and the NHS should a No Deal materialise. Now that bunch of cross-party Remainers will have the expertise of a former Chancellor of the Exchequer to utilise:

“Mr Hammond, who is expecting to return to the back benches after the leadership election, is increasingly seen as a leading figure among Tory MPs determined to stop no-deal. One ally of Mr Johnson said that they expected him to be a “nightmare” on the back benches. Mr Hammond said last week: “Because this is a parliamentary democracy and it would be frankly rather shocking if the House of Commons — the elected representatives of the people — could be simply sidelined by a government that was doing something that was the exact opposite of what the House of Commons clearly wanted done.” (link, paywalled)

Yet again we see the disdain and indeed contempt in which these powerful Arch-Remainers hold us, the electorate. Obviously, their games inside the House of Clowns is all that matters. ‘Parliament is supreme’, they shout – forgetting that it’s us who put them there, and that they have to answer to us, not their fellow plotters.  

That they believe they have the ‘freedom’ to behave as they do is IMHO due to the fact that most of them simply have never learned that we are the ultimate arbiter. Of course, our apathy in elections, not least due to the knowledge that ‘they’ can’t do anything anyway because “the EU won’t like it” has played a major part. While they are a puppet parliament subject to Brussels, we voters have learned from the Referendum and what followed in these last three years and understand the pitiful role they play in reality.

That’s why more and more of us agree: the time for tribal Party Politics is over. It’s about Leave or Remain. The contortions of the Trade Unions (see this article) about making Labour support a 2nd referendum make that obvious. A No Deal Brexit is of the devil for them as well, so they want a “Labour Brexit” as choice as opposed to Remain or a “Tory Brexit” … really! 

Meanwhile, in the wake of the leaked emails by the UK Ambassador to the USA, Richard Littlejohn has written a fine article about the influence of Whitehall in those leaks and the Brexit debate. The title speaks for itself: “The arrogant men in Whitehall do not know what’s best… and the leaked memos from Britain’s man in Washington just prove it”.  I also heartily concur with his conclusion: “Call me old-fashioned, but civil servants — like children — should be seen and not heard.” Do read the whole thing!

It is certainly extraordinary to hear those Mandarins describe how the sky will fall in should there be a No Deal Brexit, being given a platform in our Remain MSM, while MPs who worked in the DexEU Department are sidelined. See for example this:

Chris Heaton-Harris, who was in charge of preparations for leaving in March without an EU divorce deal in place, insisted government, business and the public are ready and Britain will “thrive”. The former Brexit minister said no-deal was wrongly “demonised” and some opponents were becoming “quite hysterical”. Mr Heaton-Harris, who quit in April in protest over Theresa May’s decision to delay the UK’s departure from the bloc, hit out at “negative” coverage of the option as the BBC aired a Panorama documentary on Britain’s readiness for no-deal.” (link

What would he know, he’s only an elected MP … ! Do read the whole article, it’s not paywalled. For more on the nitty-gritty described by Mr Heaton-Harris, have a look at what the unsurpassed Sir John Redwood writes in his Diary entry today.

The BoJo-Hunt chase comes into this febrile debate as well, now that the two will face each other at hustings. Suddenly, Ms Amber Rudd, who was exceedingly quiet these last few weeks, has come out into the open, in support of Hunt. She is quite blatant:

“I’m backing Jeremy Hunt, and one of the reasons why is because I think he is the candidate most likely get a deal from the European Union so we can leave in a way that protects jobs, security and the Union. His background as a dealmaker is unrivalled. While Boris spoke about £350 million a week for the NHS, Jeremy delivered it.” (link, paywalled)

It’s always nice to nail the porkies of an MP, a remainer at that.  Look at that last sentence. Mr Hunt did not ‘deliver’ that money to the NHs, it was finagled in a budget while he was already Foreign Secretary. Nice try, Amber!

With the main political parties in disarray, with Whitehall’s desperate attempts to stop Brexit at all costs now out in the open, it may come to a GE in the near future. The Taoiseach who has also been rather quiet told the DM (here) that only a GE would be acceptable to Brussels should the next PM have to ask for a delay to avert that No Deal Brexit – something of which they are all so afraid that they all are preparing for it: Brussels, London and even Dublin.

Nigel Farage has already said repeatedly that only a GE can remove the current crop of Remain peacocks in the HoC who seem to think that blocking Brexit is what they must do – even though we, the electorate, haven’t given them the mandate for that, to the contrary.

While the members of the establishment parties war against each other, while Remainers war in the HoC against Leavers with ‘coalitions’ and coercions, the changing political landscape becomes clearer every day. In the end a GE will be about Leave or Remain. Just that.

Peacocks beware – your time is running out.




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Arch Remainers plotting again (apologies to giraffes everywhere)


In just over two weeks we’ll know the winner of the BoJo-Hunt race – not that most of us haven’t an inkling already that it’ll be MrJohnson PM. Moreover, in two-and-a-half weeks, on July 24th to be precise, Parliament will go into their summer recess. What’ll we do without that parade of peacocks …!

But – the Tory Remainers were at it again. I can’t decide if they’re like dogs who cannot stop chewing the same, dilapidated toy or if they’re like deluded diggers in a cave who insist on trying to dig their way out through a massive wall of granite using their fingernails while the light of the exit is shining brightly at their backs. 

If you ask ‘are they for real’, I have to say, yes, sadly they are. Their latest attempt is going to take place this week. Today a government amendment relating to Northern Ireland will be presented and the Remain ‘rebels; will untilise it  (here and here, and paywalled here and here). In a nutshell, this is what they plan:

“Today, some Remain-supporting MPs are expected to launch a new attempt to prevent a potential no-deal during a debate on Northern Irish power-sharing talks. The move, led by Dominic Grieve, the former attorney-general, could involve an amendment to legislation that would require a statement to be made to the Commons in October. This use of parliamentary procedure would in effect stop any government attempt to prorogue, or suspend, parliament as it would be legally required to be sitting. Mr Grieve told Pienaar’s Politics on BBC Radio 5 Live that a no-deal Brexit would be the “end of Northern Ireland’s union with the United Kingdom” and that the bill was a “perfectly legitimate place to start looking at how one might make sure no-deal Brexits are fully debated before they take place”. (link, paywalled)

Just as in the amendment to take No Deal off the table, their aim is to bind the PM so that Brexit cannot be achieved. Mr Grieve told the BBC:

“We’re going to have, in the course of the next 24 hours, an important bill on Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland and Brexit go rather closely together. The chances are, if Brexit goes through – a no-deal Brexit – it is going to be the end of Northern Ireland’s union with the United Kingdom, with serious political consequences flowing from it. That’s a bill that is a perfectly legitimate place to start looking at how one might make sure no-deal Brexits are fully debated before they take place.” (link)

Mr Gauke, the Justice minister, said:

“Given where the parliamentary majority is and the strength of feeling on a no deal Brexit, I think there probably will be a parliamentary way in which this can be stopped.”There is an element of uncertainty about it but I think the likelihood is that parliament will find a mechanism somehow.” (link)

Isn’t it cute how Grieve and his allies are finding ever more new items to worry about, driving them to stop Brexit while a real, Remain economic disaster is on the horizon (see below) – a disaster they don’t talk about.

These hard-core Tory Remain “rebels” don’t know if this’ll work but they will do their very best to make it so. After all, 30 “rebels” plus the Remainer on the opposite benches have the right to tell us peasants that we were wrong. Mr Gyimah (he was Universities minister) is very coy:

“[He] said “I wouldn’t want to announce them [the ‘measures’] before they have been tested as being viable, […] Mr Gyimah said the group of MPs “will be looking to stop a [new] prime minister from proroguing Parliament in order to deliver no deal. But also create options for the new prime minister so that no deal is not the only option we face on October 31.” (paywalled link)

How sweetly helpful they are! While Mr Gyimah said he’d not vote against the government in a No Confidence Vote, there are some Tories who would. Mr Grieve has made no bones about it. Of course, Labour MPs – or some of them – are happy to give a helping hand, the internecine warfare inside their Party notwithstanding:

“Barry Gardiner, Labour’s shadow international trade secretary, told Sky News that his party was having conversations with Tory MPs over a vote. He said that Labour would try to bring down the government when it thought it had maximum chance of success but would not commit to when this might be as he could not “read the minds of those Conservative MPs who have said they are prepared to do this”. (link, paywalled)

I assume Mr Gardiner is cognisant of the YouGov poll which saw Labour slump to 18% of the vote – not a good starting point for a GE, but is blaming the ‘undecided’ Tories anyway.

All these pronouncements were made in the various Sunday Morning TV talkshows, One ‘Project Fear’ item is the fate of the Union, where the Tory “rebels” are suddenly very much concerned about Northern Ireland. The other is, of course, “The economy, stupid”.

It is therefore interesting that they did not address one item which the MSM economic editors must have known about and would have asked MPs about. It’s the Deutsche Bank’s ‘restructuring’ which is going to lead to huge job losses in the City: the announcement by the Deutsche Bank to cut 18,000 jobs in this restructuring which is necessary to keep the Bank from going under, see (paywalled) here and here:

“Deutsche will also shut down its equities division, the majority of which is housed in the City of London and New York and will constitute the bulk of the announced job cuts.” (paywalled link)

Nothing to do with Brexit, then, so the Tory “rebels” cannot use it to clobber Leavers with. But here’s an economic warning which somehow doesn’t figure in the Remain ‘Project Fear’ scenarios: “Britain could be slapped with a £190bn bill from Brussels in the event of a eurozone cash crisis unless it leaves the European Union in a managed clean Brexit, leading City and business figures have warned.” (linkAccording to that report, the former Liffe boss Daniel Hodson said that:

“Britain is obligated to a contribution of around £186bn to any bail-out should the eurozone tip into economic crisis. And he warned this was is an “increasingly likely scenario” given the current state [of] the eurozone. He said: “These liabilities have not been discussed deeply enough in the Brexit debate. To avoid the scenario in which the UK would have to rescue EU banks despite not being a member of the eurozone, the UK needs to leave the EU and cut its contractual ties as soon as possible.” (link)

That is the economic disaster we’ll be faced with should we Remain. That is what the Remain “rebels” are not aware of, being mostly lawyers, but what Mr Hammond and the Treasury surely must be! That is the dirty secret the top Remainers wish we wouldn’t mention.

Finally, here’s another economic item which we have mentioned already. It’s the reaction of Switzerland to EU bullying. This report isn’t paywalled, so you can read it in full. Here’s a relevant quote:

He [Luca Cirigliano] said: “The Commission is being very ideological. They don’t seem to understand the peculiarities of the Swiss direct democracy.Threats and illegal sanctions will only have one result: voters will become more and more EU-sceptical and the worst scenario could be a “Swissexit” next year, when we will vote on abolishing the bilateral agreements with the EU.” (link)

Do read the whole thing – and ask your Remain MPs and colleagues why, if Switzerland can recognise EU bullying, if they can stand up to the EU, we cannot! Ask them why they screech about the imaginary economic disaster of Brexit while being blind to the far worse one threatening us should we Remain.

Don’t ask me why the ‘Project Fear’ ideologues keep trying – I’d have to offer some very uncomplimentary descriptions of their characters which might be defamatory and deemed to be libellous.

At the start of a new week, with the finishing line in sight, it’s obvious that the Remainers in Parliament will leave no stone unturned to thwart Brexit, even if our country will surely face an economic abyss should we Remain. So – keep vigilant, as always, and




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