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The Guardian view on preventing no deal: do whatever it takes | Editorial

Cabinet Office documents have laid bare the destructive impact of leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement

Boris Johnson has been prime minister less than four weeks. In the absence of parliament, he has made a spirited attempt to pretend that British exit from the European Union would be straightforward. Brexit will definitely take place on 31 October, he has insisted. It will either involve the EU abandoning the Irish backstop or there will be no deal. The difference scarcely matters to Mr Johnson, who insists Brexit will be a trouble-free exercise in whatever form it comes, whose dangers have been exaggerated and whose rewards underestimated.

Every bit of this was false when Mr Johnson first concocted it. It is even more threadbare now – and getting more dangerous by the day. However, we may now be witnessing the first faint wisps of recognition from within the government that things are not going to work out as they pretend.

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Brexit: Boris Johnson says he is confident EU will shift backstop position – as it happened

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on Labour’s vision for Britain

I think there’s complacency on the part of parents about the need to get that second [MMR] vaccine but also, I’m afraid, people have been listening to that superstitious mumbo jumbo on the internet, all that anti-vax stuff and thinking that the MMR vaccine is a bad idea. That’s wrong.

Please get your kids vaccinated because it’s not just the right thing for them, but also of course it is the right thing for the whole population because it might not be your kid that gets it, it could be somebody else’s.

Here is a question from below the line worth answering.

Andrew, (or anyone else)...can you help explain why Corbynn wants to be a temporary time limited PM of a fragile unity govt?

If Labour want to transform the economy etc, why fight so hard to lead a govt that time limited, and policy limited to one policy (delay brexit, referendum - what's on referendum paper is another Q). If there's any deviation from this policy, Govts majority will instantly go, it's leader very publically tarred with the 'untrustworthy' brush...why would you aspire to lead this unity Govt?

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Labour may stay neutral if referendum is between its Brexit deal or remain

Corbyn says Labour will back remain against no deal as McDonnell hints he may do so whatever the second option

Jeremy Corbyn has left the door open to staying neutral in a second referendum if the choice were between a Labour Brexit deal and staying in the EU, after his shadow chancellor, John McDonnell suggested he would campaign to remain in any circumstances.

The Labour leader was clear that the party would campaign to remain against a no-deal Brexit, as he pledged to do everything possible to prevent crashing out on 31 October.

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Corbyn speech sets out Labour’s vision for Britain – video highlights

The Labour leader has outlined his pitch to stop a no-deal Brexit and rebuild the country in a speech in Corby, Northamptonshire. Jeremy Corbyn pledged to work with MPs across parliament to prevent no deal, which he said the government had no mandate for, and said his party was prepared to form a temporary caretaker administration 

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Corbyn could have been the nation’s saviour. But he’s just too tribal | Simon Jenkins

Today’s speech was the Labour leader’s chance to muster a coalition against no deal. But all he wants is a general election

History is offering Jeremy Corbyn the gift of his dreams, and he is rejecting it. He has said he will do everything necessary to save Britain from the bizarre self-harm of no-deal Brexit, personally crafted by Boris Johnson. He will not.

Corbyn will not lay aside partisan rhetoric and muster the parliamentary coalition that alone might bar no deal in the coming weeks, nor will he give way to other potential and less abrasive leaders of such a coalition. Every word Corbyn utters makes it ever more impossible for Liberal Democrats, nationalists or dissident Tories to lend him support, however temporary. Corbyn does not want to stop Brexit. He just wants a general election.

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John McDonnell backs MPs’ demands to recall parliament over Brexit

Shadow chancellor also says only Jeremy Corbyn could lead caretaker government

The shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, has backed MPs’ demands for Boris Johnson to cut short parliament’s summer recess, and said it was “non-negotiable” that Jeremy Corbyn should lead any caretaker government.

McDonnell said the Labour party wanted parliament to be reconvened in the next few days to drive efforts to avoid a no-deal Brexit, and described a letter signed by more than 100 MPs demanding that the prime minister do so as a good initiative.

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‘A phoney outsider’: Corbyn attacks Johnson as he sets out election pitch

Labour leader likens ‘hard right’ PM to Trump and says he wants a no-deal Brexit ‘to create a tax haven for the super rich’

Jeremy Corbyn will accuse Boris Johnson of being a “fake populist and phoney outsider” in the mould of Donald Trump as he sets out his election pitch to transform the country as radically as Labour did in 1945 with the creation of the welfare state.

The Labour leader will give a flagship speech in the key marginal seat of Corby in the east Midlands as speculation grows about an election in the coming weeks.

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