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Labour plans to ‘throw kitchen sink’ to force May’s hand on Brexit

Opposition considering all options to prevent government running down the clock

Jeremy Corbyn will seek to increase pressure on Theresa May in parliament next week in a bid to prevent the Tories running down the clock on Brexit.

As the prime minister urged EU leaders to offer fresh concessions in Brussels on Thursday, senior Labour sources stressed the party was determined to “turn up the heat” at home.

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Briefing battle begins over meaning of May’s victory

Allies hail a decisive win but rebels point to backbench majority against prime minister

Within a minute of Graham Brady announcing that Theresa May had seen off a no-confidence vote, the cramped corridor outside the room where the result was read filled with MPs from both sides of the debate, all briefing furiously – and all claiming vindication for their side.

“It’s a victory, and not a close victory,” the justice secretary, David Gauke, said. “It’s a comfortable victory. We’ve had an election and a majority backing the prime minister. This has been hanging over her for months and months. There has been an attempt, and it’s failed.”

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Theresa May survives. Things are so bad we have to be grateful for that | Polly Toynbee

This Tory era marks such a historic nadir that we needed the great Brexit bungler to stay on

Hallelujah! Theresa May survives as our prime minister! Pop the corks, punch the air, thank our lucky stars! Really? Pinch yourself, but yes indeed. Though she is the worst occupant of No 10 in living memory (bar David Cameron), though she lacks any quality to make her even tolerably competent as prime minister, her fall would have brought the rise of something far darker.

Never mind the small margin, she has seen off a pack of hungry usurpers snapping at her ankles, each swearing undying loyalty while privately cajoling and bribing colleagues with future red boxes in Westminster tearoom huddles. All that was to no avail. Though possibly the worst tactician of all time, she lives to last at least another year. She rules on, this great Brexit bungler who laid down red lines only to tear them up, who threw away her majority in an abominably fought election, who failed to compromise with the 48% or to placate her Brextreme implacables, who funked a meaningful vote and stumbled over every obstacle she put in her own path.

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This rotten government is too riven with division to unite parliament | Jon Trickett

Regardless of whether Theresa May is ousted by her party, the facts of the situation will not change

At this critical time for our country, with only a few months to go before the UK leaves the European Union, the government has been immobilised by Theresa May’s failure.

Any other government would have fallen with the votes they have lost. And if the reports are true and May is planning to stand down before the next election, we in effect have a lame-duck administration.

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Labour must seize this moment to bring down May’s government | Zoe Williams

Corbyn can no longer stand back and watch. This is the time to champion a vote of no confidence in the government

You know we’re in a crisis because the Today Programme, on BBC Radio 4, was extended by 15 minutes this morning – it’s not long enough to get any clarity, because there is no clarity to be had. It was merely enough to signal the extremity of the situation by mucking up the schedule.

Forty-eight letters have gone in to Graham Brady, which means a motion of no confidence in Theresa May has been brought from her own party. This can only be called once, but should not be confused with a no-confidence motion brought by the opposition, which can happen as many times as it likes. It’s unlikely that May will lose the vote this evening.

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Labour keeps open possibility of December no-confidence vote

Shadow minister said May’s statement to MPs on Monday will be critical moment

Labour has not ruled out tabling a motion of no confidence in the government before Christmas if the prime minister fails to bring her Brexit deal back to the House of Commons for a vote.

Tuesday’s weekly meeting of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet saw a lively discussion about the best parliamentary tactics in the wake of the prime minister’s shock decision to delay the meaningful vote, the Guardian understands.

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Corbyn: May demeaned her office by pulling Brexit vote

Labour leader says ‘runaway prime minister’ must admit her withdrawal deal is dead

Jeremy Corbyn has accused Theresa May of demeaning her office by delaying a vote on the Brexit deal to instead seek new concessions from the EU, saying the paralysis of government means other pressing problems are being ignored.

Opening an emergency Commons debate on the prime minister’s decision to postpone the vote, which she had been expected to lose heavily, Corbyn told MPs May should put the plan before parliament immediately.

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