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Jeremy Corbyn accuses Tories of failing a generation of children

Labour leader vows to unlock children’s potential as he gears up for possible snap election

Jeremy Corbyn has met children at a lunch club in Swansea to highlight Labour’s policies for young people, in the latest of a series of campaign-style stops as his party gears up for a possible snap general election.

The Labour leader claimed the government was “failing a whole generation of children” and vowed his party would “unlock the potential of every child, not just a lucky few” as he helped to serve lunches, alongside the MP for Swansea East, Carolyn Harris.

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An election is coming – and only all-party cooperation can stop no deal

The Women’s Equality party believes in collaborative politics. Will other parties put aside self-interest to tackle this crisis?

With a snap general election on the horizon, the campaign machinery is moving full speed ahead. As leader of the Women’s Equality party, for the past few weeks I have been speaking to leaders and strategists from across the political spectrum in an effort to stop us from crashing out of the EU. That means I’ve been privy to the jostling that is currently taking place as the mainstream parties iron out their game plans for winning votes and seats. What I have seen doesn’t fill me with confidence.

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Corbyn arranges all-party ‘tactics’ meeting to fight no-deal Brexit

Labour leader urges MPs to join him and work together to head off ‘constitutional storm’

Jeremy Corbyn will gather opposition leaders and Tory rebels at a meeting in parliament next week to discuss the fight against a no-deal Brexit, amid continuing splits over tactics to prevent Boris Johnson leading a crash-out from the EU on 31 October.

The Labour leader invited SNP, Liberal Democrat, Plaid Cymru, Conservative and independent MPs to visit his office on Tuesday, as he urged them to talk about “all tactics available to prevent no deal”.

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If you can’t abide Jeremy Corbyn, learn from the moral of Ed Miliband | Aditya Chakrabortty

A coalition making cuts, a Labour leader jeered as a zealot, a rabid rightwing press. But this time, the stakes are even higher

In that moment you could feel British politics lurching out of its rut. Labour was about to pick its next leader – and instead of choosing the favourite, the old Tony Blair tribute act, voters were throwing a giant spanner in the works. They wanted the slightly gawky leftwing underdog. They wanted a transformed party, a bigger politics. They wanted Ed Miliband.

So much has changed this decade that it seems absurd to consider how at its start, in 2010, a 40-year-old father of two and whiz on a Rubik’s Cube was considered the biggest threat to the British establishment. Did that really happen? Yes, confirm the archives. He was Red Ed, a “Marxoid creep” (the Daily Mail, of course), the man with the sneaky plan to turn the country into some socialist banana republic.

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‘Windrush on steroids’: Corbyn decries plan to end free movement

Labour says no-deal proposal would create chaos for EU citizens in UK

Stopping freedom of movement immediately on 31 October could lead to a situation like “Windrush on steroids” and the idea is “utterly ludicrous”, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

On a visit to Stevenage to see businesses engaged in no-deal preparation, Corbyn said: “Does that mean that a European Union national living in this country – possibly as a doctor, a nurse, a trauma surgeon, all kinds of things – goes home to see their family in Germany or Czech Republic or wherever else, they are not allowed back into this country? Is this another Windrush, on steroids?”

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Martin Rowson on Labour’s opposition to a no-deal Brexit – cartoon

Buy a copy of this cartoon in our print shop

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A no-deal Brexit is disastrous. But are MPs brave enough to stop it? | Polly Toynbee

We now know the costs of crashing out of the EU. All factions must compromise – whether that sees Corbyn in No 10 or not

In the cloudy realms of unreality befogging this cabinet of fanatics, the approaching Brexit cataclysm is only “some bumps in the road”. So says Michael Gove, the minister in charge of national preparedness. True, austerity has inured the country to bumps: there are officially 7.8 million unfilled potholes, a £10bn backlog of repairs. But the earthshaking Operation Yellowhammer report is likely to cause something more like a seismic shock to public opinion on Brexit.

Corbyn's finest hour as the moderate compromiser would send his chances of winning the election soaring

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