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General election: Swinson says she could work with Labour if Corbyn went – live news

Follow events on the last Sunday of the campaign as Boris Johnson refuses to say whether he will stand down should Tories lose

Vote smart and box clever to defeat the Conservative party, the actor Steve Coogan has urged.

Campaigning with Lib Dem candidate Oliver Henman on Sunday in his local constituency of Lewes in East Sussex, the comedian said he would be voting Liberal Democrat on Thursday because it was the “smartest thing to do”.

It’s such a crucial issue facing the nation. The most important thing across the country is to defeat the Tories by any means necessary. It’s about being smart and boxing clever.

Look who has joined me canvassing this afternoon in #Lewes - it’s Steve Coogan!#VoteHenman #BrighterFuture

The deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats has poured scorn on Boris Johnson’s claim that riding his bike on a pavement is the naughtiest thing he has ever done (see 9.38am), saying the prime minister has done many other “far naughtier” things.

From lying to the Queen to insulting single mothers, Boris Johnson has done far naughtier things than cycling on the pavement. He has tried to laugh off his dismal track record of lying to the public and attacking women and minority groups. But this is no joke.

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Leaked documents controversy is nonsense, says Corbyn

Labour leader declines to reveal source of documents but says PM has questions to answer on Russian donations

Jeremy Corbyn declined to disclose the source of documents used as evidence that the NHS would be “on the table” in a post-Brexit UK-US trade deal, after Reddit warned of a link to a Russian interference campaign.

The Labour leader brandished the unredacted documents at a press conference last week, saying they revealed the US was seeking “total market access” after the UK left the European Union and therefore undermined Boris Johnson’s claims that the NHS would not be part of any trade talks.

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Austerity, racism, the NHS and Brexit: Corbyn and Johnson clash in BBC debate – video highlights

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clashed over whether the future of Britain should be capitalist or socialist as they presented two wildly different visions for the country in the final leaders' debate. From austerity and the NHS to Brexit and racism, these are the highlights of the night

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Dear Labour leavers, if you’re tempted to vote Tory, here are 10 reasons to think again | Joseph Harker

Get Brexit done? Boris Johnson’s party has a history of broken promises. And don’t forget why you voted Labour in the past

Next week, when Britain goes to the polls, the crucial battlegrounds will be in the Midlands and the north of England, where traditional working-class Labour voters who support Brexit are being lured by Boris Johnson’s pledge to “Get Brexit done”. Many are considering voting Tory for the first time.

As someone raised in a northern working-class town and whose dad was white and working-class, I understand the frustrations that led to Brexit (if my dad was still alive he may well have voted leave), and why so many people want the referendum result to be swiftly enforced. Over the past few weeks I’ve read a lot of articles where remainers talk to remainers and leavers to leavers. So let me reach out, respectfully, from a remainer to a leaver, and ask that you think twice about casting your vote for the Conservatives.

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General election: Former Tory PM John Major urges people to vote tactically to deny Johnson majority – live news

Labour leader says government report states Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal will be ‘highly disruptive’

Downing Street has been forced to change its telephone switchboard message after a cabinet minister invited members of the public to ring up to find out the Prime Minister’s diary details. As the Press Association reports, Michael Gove told BBC Radio 5 Live listeners to call Number 10 - and read out the number - after he was asked about the chances of Boris Johnson taking part in an interview with the corporation’s veteran journalist Andrew Neil.

Presenter Chris Warburton said:

On a scale of one to 10, what’s the chance of the Andrew Neil interview with Boris Johnson happening? Just give us a number?

I think the number would be 0207 930 4433 - that’s the Downing Street number, and if you ring the prime minister’s diary secretary, he will know or she will know what the prime minister is going to do, I am not the prime minister’s diary secretary.

You have reached the Downing Street switchboard.

Unfortunately we are unable to give out any information relating to the prime minister’s diary on this phone line.

From the Financial Times’ John Burn-Murdoch

NEW: @IpsosMORI political monitor is out, giving us final pre-election figures for leader approval:
• Corbyn remains the most unpopular major party leader going into an election since data was first recorded
• Taken together, these two are the most unpopular pairing we’ve seen

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The difficult truth for liberals: Labour must win back social conservatives | Paula Surridge

The party’s economic messaging isn’t reaching the voters who most need to hear it

A recurring theme of this election has been the battle for Labour’s leave-voting constituencies, the so-called “red wall” of seats running from north Wales to the Humber estuary – the seats that Boris Johnson’s “Get Brexit done” slogan is designed to win over. But despite being billed as the “Brexit” election, many of the key moments of the campaign have come back to economics: taxation, nationalisation, pensions and of course the NHS. This has clearly been a strategy by the Labour party to try to hold together its coalition of 2017 voters, who are broadly united on the economic aims of the party.

Related: Labour’s ‘red wall’ is looking shaky. But the problems started decades ago | John Harris

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Johnson’s ‘get Brexit done’ strategy resonates with marginal focus groups

Many Brexiters undeterred by concerns over character of PM, Guardian research suggests

Amid ongoing concern from Labour strategists about whether the party can hold on to the support of leave voters in marginal seats, focus groups conducted for the Guardian this week suggested Boris Johnson’s “get Brexit done” strategy was cutting through.

In Rainham in Essex, a group of leave voters, some of whom had voted Labour in the past, spoke warmly about the prime minister. And if his endlessly repeated mantra was familiar, warnings about his character appeared to have made less of an impact.

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