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MPs seize control of Brexit process by backing indicative votes amendment

Amendment giving MPs a series of votes on alternatives to May’s Brexit deal passes 329 votes to 302

MPs have seized control of the parliamentary timetable for a series of “indicative votes” on the next steps for Brexit – but Theresa May declined to say whether she would abide by the outcome.

An amendment tabled by former Tory minister Oliver Letwin passed, by 329 votes to 302 on Monday night, defeating the government, as MPs expressed their exasperation at its failure to set out a fresh approach.

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Theresa May maintains carry-on-regardless Brexit strategy

‘Jellyfish in grey suits’ fail to pull off cabinet revolt so prime minister ploughs on

It was the day that Theresa May was meant to face a full-blown cabinet revolt and a move by parliament to take control of Brexit.

But it soon became clear the anti-May plotters in the cabinet had bottled a direct confrontation. “No one actually dealt with the leadership issue,” one cabinet source said. “They didn’t even skirt around it.”

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PM considered separate vote on Brexit withdrawal agreement, Labour claims

Labour spokesman says there is no basis for holding third meaningful vote as Downing Street rejects view of meeting

Labour has claimed an increasingly desperate Theresa May suggested severing the Brexit withdrawal agreement from the forward-looking political declaration on Monday, as she made a fresh bid to win Jeremy Corbyn’s backing for her deal.

The Labour leader held an hour-long meeting with the prime minister at Westminster on Monday, alongside the Brexit secretary, Steve Barclay, and his shadow, Keir Starmer, with the two parties’ chief whips.

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With millions on the streets or signed up, remainers cannot be ignored | Zoe Williams

Saturday’s march and the revoke petition have exploded the myth that only the ‘metropolitan elite’ oppose Brexit

The anti-Brexit rally on Saturday was probably the first central London demonstration in living memory that Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t attended – except for the last People’s Vote march, of course. Instead he was on a campaign visit to Morecambe. There was deliberation to all this; in a childishly provocative tweet, the Labour party chirpily asked last Friday: “Big weekend plans? Find an event near you.” In bitter spirits, I put in my postcode (Vauxhall, central London), and was invited to #rebuildbritain by attending a meeting in Swanley (15 miles away in Kent), on the day of the largest demonstration since Iraq.

Corbyn’s motivation, in this steadfast abstinence from a swell of protest at which he should naturally be at the crest, is always put down to his Euroscepticism, which has morphed among commentators from “he’s not too keen on Europe” to “he hates Europe”. This is overstatement and a diversion; what’s really happened is that a strategy devised for 2017 has failed to update.

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Labour could fight snap election with pledge to hold second referendum

Keir Starmer says party is clear any deal should be subject to a confirmatory public vote

Labour could fight a snap general election pledging to hold a public vote on any Brexit deal, Keir Starmer has said, saying the party was now clear that any deal should be subject to a confirmatory referendum.

Speaking after a mass demonstration in London in support of a second vote, which was addressed by the party’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, the shadow Brexit secretary was asked if he could guarantee there would be a second referendum if Labour came to power.

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Does Britain really want an isolated future, buffeted by forces beyond our control? | Will Hutton

In a world dominated by power blocs, the country would struggle to make its voice heard

Leave our shores and Brexit appears even more hopelessly strange – and the people perpetrating it even more peculiar – than they do when you are at home. In Asia, where I have spent the past week, figures such as Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg are seen as curiosities with views that are openly risible. Of course it’s stupid to leave the world’s biggest trading bloc and make your now lonely future dependent upon the kindness of unforgiving strangers. Can’t they see that?

No country has ever done what Britain is attempting because it is so obviously crazed. Trade agreements are a carefully balanced mutual opening of partners’ markets with a hard-to-work-through calculus of gains and losses that takes years – even decades – to negotiate. Brexiters promised that Britain would be different and that unravelling a 45-year-old web of deep relationships would be quick and effortless, with Britain “holding all the cards”. All palpably false.

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One million join march against Brexit as Tories plan to oust May

Organisers hail UK’s ‘biggest-ever demo’, while Tom Watson leads calls for fresh referendum

In one of the biggest demonstrations in British history, a crowd estimated at over one million people yesterday marched peacefully through central London to demand that MPs grant them a fresh referendum on Brexit.

The Put it to the People march, which included protesters from all corners of the United Kingdom and many EU nationals living here, took place amid extraordinary political turmoil and growing calls on prime minister Theresa May to resign. Some cabinet ministers are considering her de facto deputy David Lidington as an interim replacement for her, although as pro-Remain he would be strongly opposed by Brexiters.

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