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Labour activists to push for party to campaign for remain

Party prepares for Brexit policy reckoning at annual conference, despite Jeremy Corbyn’s personal stance

Labour is heading for a row at its annual conference on Saturday over its Brexit policy as activists vow to force a vote on making the party campaign in favour of remaining in the EU, regardless of Jeremy Corbyn’s personal stance.

Pro-remain activists said they intended to fight for a vote on Labour becoming a clear party of remain, insisting that in the event of a second referendum its staff, data, money and efforts must be deployed towards campaigning to stay in the EU.

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Labour heading for Brexit strategy showdown in Brighton

Activists and MPs set for battle over party’s official Brexit line at next week’s conference

Labour MPs and activists are gearing up for a battle over Brexit at the party’s conference in Brighton next week, after Jeremy Corbyn made clear he is ready to take Britain out of the EU if a Labour deal is backed by the public in a second referendum.

In an article in the Guardian, Corbyn signalled that a Labour government would seek to negotiate its own Brexit deal, and put it to a public vote – and that he would implement the result. He declined to say whether he himself would support remain or leave.

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Will Corbyn’s Brexit referendum strategy work? Our panel responds | Polly Toynbee and others

The Labour leader has set out his Brexit stall, vowing to remain neutral and give the people a final say Continue reading...

Jo Swinson urges Lib Dems to fight populists ‘for heart and soul of Britain’

Leader says Lib Dem government would reverse Brexit and prioritise wellbeing

Jo Swinson has closed the Liberal Democrat conference with a message that the next election would be a fight for the “heart and soul of Britain” as she pledged to stop Brexit and counter the rising tide of populism and nationalism.

Announcing to rapturous applause that she was appearing before delegates “as your candidate for prime minister” Swinson used her first conference speech as leader to renew attacks on Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. She said the country now needed the Lib Dems to give voters a better choice.

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Labour cannot out-remain the Lib Dems. Thankfully, it doesn’t need to | Tom Kibasi

It need not be a one-dimensional party defined by Brexit. Here’s how Jeremy Corbyn can resolve the crisis

The Liberal Democrats, at their Bournemouth conference this week, are in triumphant mood. This year has witnessed the strange rebirth of the party as the champions of remain. And its latest commitment, to revoke article 50 without a further referendum, is a naked attempt to outflank Labour among highly motivated remainers.

The Lib Dems have become the standard bearers for a form of elite politics where commitment to Britain’s membership of the EU eclipses all other matters. This affliction is also found in parts of the Labour party, where many self-identifying “moderates” have seized upon Brexit in the absence of locating anything else to believe in. No matter that ordinary voters have a much wider set of concerns about their lives, from wages to public services to climate change.

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Labour members to push for anti-Brexit stance at conference

Vast majority of motions submitted call for party to explicitly back remain

Labour will face increased pressure from local party activists to adopt a more wholehearted anti-Brexit stance at its upcoming conference, according to an analysis of submitted motions which shows 90% want the party to openly back remain in any future referendum.

The scrutiny of the 90 motions connected to Brexit tabled by local parties ahead of the conference in Brighton, which will begin on Saturday 21 September, showed 81 of them called for Labour to explicitly support remain, while there were none opposing a second referendum which included a remain option.

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We must stop Brexit in any form, councillors tell Jeremy Corbyn

Grassroots leaders call for a decisive stance to stay in EU and deliver a radical new manifesto

Jeremy Corbyn has come under growing internal pressure to commit Labour to a unequivocal policy of remaining in the European Union as more than 100 councillors issued a joint warning to the party’s ruling body that any form of Brexit would threaten jobs, public services, workers’ rights and the environment.

In a letter to the national executive committee (NEC), which meets this week, the Labour councillors, including several leaders of county and borough councils, called on the party “to campaign unambiguously and energetically for a public vote on Brexit and to endorse a ‘remain and transform’ position in all circumstances”.

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