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Barnier says there will be checks on GB/NI trade after Brexit, despite Johnson denying this – as it happened

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As we prepare to forge a new place on the international stage, we want our young people to have the opportunity to study abroad through exchange programmes.

The United Kingdom is open to participation in the next Erasmus+ programme and this will be a question for future negotiations with the European Union.

The Labour leadership candidate Jess Phillips has also written an article for the Guardian setting out a six-point plan for restoring trust in politics. Her proposals included: a fairer voting system; using citizen assemblies to shape climate crisis policy; voting at 16, with people being automatically enrolled on the electoral register when they get a national insurance number; and a body to regulate online political advertising. It is all quite constructive and high-minded.

In the article she also describes Boris Johnson as a “blond baboon”, which is less constructive and high-minded.

First, we need to be honest, even if that’s uncomfortable. On social care we need to be clear that looking after the elderly will require people to contribute more in tax. When we’re asked whether immigration is too high, instead of fudging a response, let’s say what we think: no, it isn’t. The public isn’t stupid – people know when we’re trying to avoid saying something.

Second, we need a new approach in order to reach decisions on long-term challenges. On climate breakdown, we need a plan that involves the public much more. Citizens’ assemblies are increasingly used around the world to build consensus. In Ireland, they helped pave the way for the historic changes on abortion, while in Poland they improved government response to major flooding. It’s time we used them here.

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Boris winged it on air, never knowingly dodging tricky issues | John Crace

Resembling one diagnosed with a reality bypass, PM had waffle on the menu for BBC Breakfast

The cameras had been broadcasting clips of absolutely nothing going on in Downing Street throughout the first two hours of BBC Breakfast. Almost as if the producers didn’t quite trust the prime minister not to back out of his first televised interview since the election and wanted to shame him into going through with it. Or at the very least to have footage of him sneaking out a rear window.

But for once Boris Johnson was as good as his word and shortly after 8am the BBC’s Dan Walker found himself face to face with a figure who looked as if he had just tumbled out of bed.

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Anyone who thinks they understand Boris Johnson could be in for a surprise | Martin Kettle

To the Brexiter right he’s a conquering hero. To the left he’s a Trumpian villain. The truth is rather more complex

How much does the British political world really know about Boris Johnson? It certainly thinks that it knows a lot. After all, Johnson has been around for a long time. He has always courted publicity. He possesses a mega-wattage personality. Many will feel that they know too much about him rather than too little.

But there is a danger that politics may not be keeping up with the way he is evolving as prime minister. On the right, Johnson is still the conquering hero. He won the Brexit battle, trounced the liberal establishment and has led the Conservatives back to a level of power they have not known for 30 years. On the left, Johnson is the villain of the era. He has hitched his ambition to a rightwing nationalist deregulatory project, and he is a Trump admirer who does not care what gets in his way, or who suffers, as long as he wins.

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