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It’s the new-look prime minister’s questions: no questions, no answers | John Crace

With their lacklustre exchanges, Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May are like a couple too bored to row

There’s been a very good reason why Jeremy Corbyn has chosen to avoid Brexit for the past few months at prime minister’s questions. One person with no clear views on Brexit asking another person with no clear views on Brexit to offer some clarity on Brexit is not the most enlightening way to pass 15 minutes of anyone’s time.

It’s still not entirely obvious if the Labour leader has any real clue where he stands on Brexit, but having given a vague hint the previous day that he might be in favour of staying in a customs union, he reckoned he had enough of the moral high ground to finally take on Theresa May over the fault line in her own party. Corbyn began on what should have been safe ground: David Davis’s promise that post-Brexit Britain would be marginally better than a Mad Max dystopia. Couldn’t she raise the bar just a little higher?

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PMQs verdict: Corbyn finally, but feebly, tackles May on Brexit

The Labour habitually avoids the issue of leaving the EU, and his performance revealed why

A more than usually noisy PMQs saw Jeremy Corbyn focus his questions on Brexit and the detail – or lack of it – of the government’s plan for it.

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