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How did Voting on the Brexit Referendum Affect Voting on May’s Brexit Deal?

On January 15, 2019, Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal suffered a defeat of historic proportion in the House of Commons: 432 MPs voted against and 202 for the ‘EU Withdrawal Act’, with a staggering margin of 230 votes. But how do the MP positions on May’s deal compare with the constituency-level votes on the 2016 referendum? [i] Notably, almost all the intra-party variation in voting takes place on the Tories’ side of the aisle. Only 3 Labour MPs bucked the party line and voted for the deal, whereas 118 Tories voted against May’s proposal. The plot below shows the ...

Tory MP pledges second referendum amendment to May’s Brexit plan

Sarah Wollaston wants MPs to have vote on holding fresh poll when PM’s proposal is debated

MPs are expected to have the opportunity to vote on whether to hold a second referendum on 29 January, after a Conservative backbencher pledged to put down an amendment to Theresa May’s Brexit plan.

Sarah Wollaston had previously withheld her amendment because Jeremy Corbyn would not support it, but she said it was time to put it to a vote of MPs when Brexit is next debated in the Commons, and called on the Labour leader to back her.

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‘More animal than ever’: Europeans find joy in John Bercow

Continental press warms to Speaker’s style, hailing him as a solitary source of order

As Europeans on the continent have watched the UK’s Brexit car crash, one figure offered some light relief to those new to the peculiarities of British politics.

The often thunderous pronouncements of John Bercow, the verbose Speaker of the House of Commons, have become the subject of numerous profiles in newspapers, and a fair few highlights videos, shared heavily on social media.

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No 10 rules out customs union after Brexiters warn of Tory split

Pro-leave MPs tell May she risks a breakaway if she makes concessions on exit terms

Downing Street has ruled out any movement on customs union membership after Brexit-supporting Conservatives told Theresa May that a change of course to gain support for her deal would risk a serious party split, and possible breakaway.

The government set out its position on Wednesday night before the prime minister began Brexit talks with party leaders.

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‘Either he backs Brexit, or the people’: the Commons no-confidence debate in quotes

Politicians from all sides had plenty to say during the debate on Theresa May’s premiership

Tom Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, on Theresa May:

I have no doubt that she has tried her best and given it her all. But she has failed. And I’m afraid the failure is hers.

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PMQs verdict: Corbyn exposes May’s empty offer of cross-party Brexit talks

Labour leader ridicules PM after historic Commons defeat, but was unmemorable away from Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn started by saying he needed to correct the record. On Tuesday, he said this was the largest government defeat since the 1920s. In fact, it was the largest in our democratic history. Is Theresa May ruling out the UK staying in the customs union in her cross-party talks?

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With ‘No deal’ ruled out, Brexit can be averted

After Tuesday's huge defeat of Theresa May's draft EU Withdrawal Agreement, 'no deal' is out and 'no Brexit' back on, writes Sir Graham Watson.
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