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Steve Bell on Boris Johnson’s plan for a Big Ben Brexit bong – cartoon

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Barnier says there will be checks on GB/NI trade after Brexit, despite Johnson denying this – as it happened

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As we prepare to forge a new place on the international stage, we want our young people to have the opportunity to study abroad through exchange programmes.

The United Kingdom is open to participation in the next Erasmus+ programme and this will be a question for future negotiations with the European Union.

The Labour leadership candidate Jess Phillips has also written an article for the Guardian setting out a six-point plan for restoring trust in politics. Her proposals included: a fairer voting system; using citizen assemblies to shape climate crisis policy; voting at 16, with people being automatically enrolled on the electoral register when they get a national insurance number; and a body to regulate online political advertising. It is all quite constructive and high-minded.

In the article she also describes Boris Johnson as a “blond baboon”, which is less constructive and high-minded.

First, we need to be honest, even if that’s uncomfortable. On social care we need to be clear that looking after the elderly will require people to contribute more in tax. When we’re asked whether immigration is too high, instead of fudging a response, let’s say what we think: no, it isn’t. The public isn’t stupid – people know when we’re trying to avoid saying something.

Second, we need a new approach in order to reach decisions on long-term challenges. On climate breakdown, we need a plan that involves the public much more. Citizens’ assemblies are increasingly used around the world to build consensus. In Ireland, they helped pave the way for the historic changes on abortion, while in Poland they improved government response to major flooding. It’s time we used them here.

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Boris Johnson’s Big Ben Brexit bong plan falls flat

No plan for a public fund to sound bells on UK’s exit from EU, despite PM’s assertions

An energetic if perhaps niche campaign to ensure the chimes of Big Ben sound at the moment of Brexit on 31 January appears doomed after Commons authorities played down the idea, while a funding plan promised by Boris Johnson to pay for it turned out to not exist.

Staunchly pro-Brexit Tories such as Mark Francois and some newspapers have called for lengthy restoration work on the parliamentary clocktower to be paused so the bell can sound at 11pm, marking the moment the UK leaves the EU.

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Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill heads for Lords after MPs’ vote

PM wins majority of 99 in vote, as MPs reject pledge to reunite separated refugee families

Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill cleared the House of Commons on Thursday in a major milestone that means the UK is on track to leave the EU on 31 January.

The prime minister won a vote on the EU withdrawal bill at third reading by 330 votes to 231, a majority of 99.

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Brexit department ends – not with a bang but airbrushed out | John Crace

Stephen Barclay did not seem unduly bothered at final question session in Commons

From 31 January any mention of the word Brexit will officially be punishable by death. Anyone who is even suspected of thinking about Brexit will be condemned to a public show trial. As far as the government is concerned, the UK will have left the EU and that’s an end to it. Even to discuss the details of a future arrangement will be considered grossly unpatriotic, with offenders being sent to re-education camps.

This is the way the Brexit department ends. Not with a bang, but by being airbrushed out of history. And to mark the occasion of his department’s final question session in the Commons, Stephen Barclay was determined to end his ministerial career as he had started it – with complete and utter anonymity. For Barclay it is a matter of pride to never say anything memorable. His whole job as Brexit secretary was to do next to nothing and he has fulfilled the brief superbly. At times he has even uttered sentences that have put himself to sleep.

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Keir Starmer and Lord Dubs urge Tory MPs to rebel over child refugees

Letter seeks support to restore promise in Brexit bill to reunite separated refugee families

Labour has urged Conservative MPs to defy the government and vote to restore a commitment to family reunion for child refugees in Brexit legislation, saying there was a “moral argument” to protect desperately vulnerable young people.

The joint letter to Tory MPs was written by Alf Dubs, the Labour peer whose amendment to the EU withdrawal bill to help refugee children was accepted by Theresa May’s government, and Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary who is the current favourite to become the next Labour leader.

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