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Dominic Cummings is the true cowardly face of the Brexiters | Nick Cohen

Vote Leave’s director refuses to go before the Commons. He fears the truth will out

Dominic Cummings is just a troll. He may have trolled the whole country and changed the course of British history, but he’s still the man with an egg for a face, who screams everyone must be accountable for their actions – everyone except him.

MPs who want to question Cummings about the finances of his Vote Leave campaign are “grandstanding” fools spreading “fake news”. (A rich charge from an operator who told the populace that Brexit would deliver £350m-a-week to the NHS and the EU was about to admit Turkey and flood Britain with millions of jihad-inclined Muslims.) He seems as confident now as he was then. “It’s too late,” he says in effect. “We won and there’s nothing you little people can do about it.” Perhaps he’s right. In an age of Russian infowars and data harvesting, our defences against the manipulation of elections are as obsolete as black-and-white television.

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Brexit turns into a constitutional crisis in Britain

Divisions across the UK's political institutions are turning Brexit into a major domestic constitutional crisis, writes Denis MacShane.

PMQs verdict: Corbyn is starting to make it look easy

For the second week in a row, on a subject that for months he avoided, the Labour leader knocked the PM all over the place

Both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn began by offering congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their impending marriage, and thanks to the police officers – in the public gallery – who apprehended the murderer of MP Jo Cox.

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Brexit: UK won’t benefit from free trade deal with US, say Harvard academics – Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs

Nicky Morgan, the Conservative pro-European and chair of the Commons Treasury committee, has joined those saying that some form of post-transition transition may be necessary. In a wide-ranging interview with Prospect, she said:

Undoubtedly we are not going to be ready by the end of the transition period, I would say for quite a number of things. I mean particularly policing our customs.

I asked the PM that question at the end of a committee in March and she said, I think, to paraphrase, ‘as we know more on these things we discover that we need more time’.

Britain is at risk of missing the deadlines it should meet to ensure nuclear industry safeguards are in place after Brexit, Sky’s Faisal Islam reports. When the UK leaves the EU, it will also leave Euratom, the civil nuclear energy regulator. A replacement system is being put in place. But Islam has seen the government’s internal risk register showing that there are five high level risks - marked red on a green/amber/red scale.

Exclusive: Sky News obtains Government internal “Risk Register” on post-Brexit nuclear safeguards project, required in place by March 2019. All 5 High Level risks, IT, funding, training, staff, ownership nuclear material on red warning on red-amber-green scale: #brexitforensics

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Morgan, Miliband and Clegg launch cross-party campaign on Brexit bill

Tory Nicky Morgan says she will not give in to ‘siren voices’ after alleged death threat

The Conservative MP Nicky Morgan has revealed she will give evidence in a court case in June after she received an alleged death threat over her position on Brexit.

She said her “absolute determination” not to “give in to the siren voices” was one of the reasons she had joined forces with David Miliband and Sir Nick Clegg in a cross-party campaign to persuade parliament to support some of the House of Lords amendments to the Brexit bill on the single market and customs union.

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The Guardian view on Brexit and parliament: another way is possible | Editorial

A majority of MPs would help Theresa May sideline the wreckers in her party if she dared to make alliances across the floor

Under normal circumstances, a government with vital laws to pass in a short space of time would get a move on. But not much about Brexit is normal. The clock is ticking, yet the bill to enable an orderly withdrawal next March is marooned.

Peers voted for amendments to soften the character of Brexit. Uncertain of how this will play out in the lower chamber, the government last week declined to send the bill straight there as would be usual practice. And it isn’t only the withdrawal bill in limbo. Bills on customs and trade are frozen in early stages of the process. Last year’s Queen’s speech promised bills on fisheries, farming and immigration, of which there is as yet no sign.

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Tories accused of ‘subverting democracy’ by not tabling Brexit debates

Commons schedule has no timings for return of EU withdrawal bill or news of other key Brexit bills

Labour has accused the government of “effectively subverting democracy” after an announcement of coming government business made no mention of any major Brexit-related legislation to be debated in the House of Commons.

Announcing the Commons schedule for the next fortnight, Andrea Leadsom, the leader of the house, gave no timings for the return of the EU withdrawal bill from the Lords, or any news on three other key Brexit-connected bills.

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