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The Guardian view on history: don’t take its name in vain | Editorial

Politicians claiming to know how the present will be judged should be treated with scepticism. The truth is, nobody does

It would hardly now be surprising if the ranks of those mustered round the clock at Westminster to air their views about Brexit were to be joined next week by one of those who has the most right to feel aggrieved about these proceedings: History. Throughout the process, poor History has been having words roughly crammed into its mouth by all and sundry. Angela Merkel is said to have done this on Thursday, warning Emmanuel Macron that history would judge the EU harshly if it failed to handle things sympathetically. Yet Mrs Merkel is at least a great world figure.

The same can hardly be said for the backbench Conservative member Peter Bone, of whom History’s team of advisers (Herodotus, Jules Michelet and AJP Taylor) have said they have no knowledge. Mr Bone, others may remember, assured the prime minister in the Commons this week that History would condemn her for a failure to deliver Brexit – thus putting History on the opposite side to the many remainers who declare with a matching certainty that History will denounce her if she fails to save us from it.

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