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Cocktail of anger lacks punch at Paris anti-reform protest

Under a hot sun on the boulevard Montparnasse, with union-run mojito stands and a brass band playing "Hasta Siempre, Comandante", Paris’s latest anti-reform demo had an air of Havana. But something else, too, evoked Cuba: a decidedly insular feel.

Tariq Ramadan’s multiple sclerosis ‘compatible with detention’

The prominent Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, who is in French custody over several rape allegations, can remain in jail despite suffering from multiple sclerosis, a French medical evaluation has ruled.

Macron faces spreading anger of students, railworkers as protests continue

President Emmanuel Macron faced booing from hostile railway workers Wednesday while touring a town in eastern France, as spreading student protests and the fourth round of crippling train strikes in a month piled on the pressure.

Macron: political divisions in Europe are like a civil war

French president calls for defence of European liberal democracy in face of illiberalism

Emmanuel Macron has likened the political divisions in Europe to a civil war and warned against growing illiberalism on the continent.

In his first speech to the European parliament, the French president called for the defence of a European liberal democracy that offered protection of the rights of its minorities, and attacked those who took their countries out of the EU to pursue fairytale “adventures”.

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Learn from Iraq, Libya Lavrov warns US

Russian FM Serge Lavrov does not want Syria to go the way of Iraq and Libya [PPIO]

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has once again pointed to the US debacle in Iraq and Libya as likely fallout if Washington repeats its former foreign policies in Syria.

“God forbid anything adventurous will be done in Syria following the Libyan and Iraqi experience,” Lavrov told a press conference on Friday.

Russia has previously pointed to these two Middle Eastern and North African states as the aftermath of US interventionism in the region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as his Turkish counterpart, has blamed the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East on the wars there supported by France, the UK and the US.

The three Western allies are currently consulting on what military measures they should take against the Syrian government in Damascus for its alleged involvement in a chemical weapons attack in the besieged city of Douma.

In February, Lavrov said that US actions in Syria could lead to the country’s disintegration.

Four years ago, Lavrov accused the US and its invasion of Iraq of plunging the entire Middle East into chaos.

“We warned long ago that the adventurism the Americans and the British started there would not end well,” he said at the time.

Now, the Russian foreign minister is accusing the Americans of using the Kurds to partition Syria, which would be tantamount to playing with fire.

He said that he feared that Washington was not looking at the long-term effects of their meddling in Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In 2017, the US maintained its influence on the Al-Tanf region which borders Jordan and Iraq currently houses a large refugee camp, but Russian officials have charged that some hostile factions, such as the terrorist Al Nusra Front, slip in and out of the area.

Lavrov has called on the US to “shut down” this area.

He also warned Israel and Iran not to use Syria for their proxy conflict saying that a de-escalation zone in the southwest was being violated.

He called on both Israel and Iran to back down from their increased war footing in the area.

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French court freezes late rocker Johnny Hallyday’s assets in estate dispute

A French court on Friday froze the real estate assets and royalties of singer Johnny Hallyday, as his widow and two children from a previous marriage squabble over an inheritance estimated at up to 100 million euros ($120 million).

Ire of dogs: Satirical pooch brings Paris university blockade to life on Twitter

April in Paris. Chestnuts in blossom. And placards in protest all over town. A half-century after May 1968 uprisings, French student unrest is a seasonal classic so ancestral in its rituals as to border on farce. Enter Guevara, the sit-in dog.
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