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Why more needs to be done to defend internet access

On November 17th, 2019, Iran cut out access to the internet. This meant that the Iranian government could repress protests over increased gas prices without making much news. Reportedly, 180 people were killed in the process, yet people were mostly unable to share information about the repressive acts of the government. This is only one recent case of hundreds of governmental internet blackouts that have been performed in 2019. At present, countries are facing very little consequences for shutting down their citizens’ access to the internet. In a world where the internet is playing an increasingly important role both in daily life and political ...

Arlene Foster appointed Northern Ireland first minister

The Northern Ireland Assembly appointed Arlene Foster as first minister on Saturday after a compromise deal ended years of deadlock.

Foster, the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, was first minister in the last government. Michelle O’Neill, vice president of Sinn Féin, was named deputy first minister.

The Stormont assembly sat for the first time in three years following the two parties’ decision Friday to agree to a deal — brokered by the U.K. and Irish governments — to restore power-sharing in Northern Ireland.

“Today we will re-establish an Executive after three years of stalemate … We won’t solve every problem immediately but local Ministers will get on with key reforms in schools and hospitals,” Foster tweeted.

O’Neill said: “It is time for an assembly of equality, integrity and that delivers first class public services for all citizens.”

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