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The Guardian view on the Brexit vote: bin this bad deal | Editorial

Boris Johnson’s plan is far removed from the promises of the leave campaign and would be bad for the country. MPs must reject it

“Brexit means Brexit”, Theresa May’s catchphrase, helped the former prime minister navigate a profound political problem: there was no model of a future relationship with the EU that could satisfy all leave voters, and none was specified on the 2016 ballot paper.

The meaning of Brexit then evolved over three years, eventually becoming the deal that Boris Johnson has placed before parliament. This definition is a shrivelled facsimile of the product that was offered by the leave campaign. Pro-Brexit politicians never confronted the trade-offs involved in severing European ties that have developed over four decades. Instead, they dissembled and deceived, wielding the referendum result as a bludgeon to stifle debate.

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For three years we remainers have held our breath. This is the moment our dreams may die | Jonathan Freedland

If Johnson’s Brexit deal is voted through, an idea we cherish, of cooperation across borders, will suffer a devastating blow

It would be tempting to call this the moment of truth, had truth not been an early casualty of a Brexit saga that was mired in lies and deception from the very start. Even so the Brexit story, which has twisted and tormented this country for the last three and a half years, is at a moment of decision. Outside parliament, hundreds of thousands will gather to make one, possibly last, plea to stay in the European Union. Inside, MPs are due to vote on an agreement that, if it passes, will see us make the break in less than a fortnight – thereby ending British participation in a dream that has animated Europe ever since the final bombs fell in 1945.

Almost everything about this moment deserves either regret or condemnation. Forty months have passed since the referendum, but MPs will have little more than four hours to assess the new withdrawal agreement governing Britain’s departure from the EU. That’s barely time to read it, let alone debate and scrutinise it. To rush through a decision of such gravity is not the action of a country that is serious about its own future.

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Brexit deal: Boris Johnson launches frantic sales pitch ahead of knife-edge vote on Saturday – live news

Prime minister has said he is ‘very confident’ deal will be approved in historic Commons vote on Saturday

Angela Merkel has told EU leaders a Brexit extension would be unavoidable if MPs vote down the deal agreed with Boris Johnson, my colleague Jennifer Rankin reports. Her story goes on:

During private EU summit talks on Brexit, the German chancellor told her fellow leaders they could not pretend an extension would not be offered to the UK if it was requested, according to a source familiar with the discussions.

Merkel framed Brexit as a historic issue weighing on the EU and said leaders had a responsibility not to push the UK out if there was a request for further delay.

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Huda Elmi, another member of Labour’s national executive committee, has backed Jon Lansman (see 10.57am) in saying that any Labour MP who votes for Boris Johnson’s deal should not be allowed to stand as a parliamentary candidate for the party again.

It’s pretty basic. Being a Labour MP means opposing the Tories when they try to destroy our country. This reckless sell out deal is even worse than Theresa May's, and any Labour MP that sides with Boris Johnson has no right to stand at the next election.

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‘Greased piglet’ Boris Johnson could pass deal, says David Cameron

Former prime minister says he would vote for the deal on Saturday if he was still an MP

“The thing about the greased piglet is that he manages to slip through other people’s hands where mere mortals fail.” That was the optimistic assessment of Boris Johnson’s chances of getting his Brexit deal through parliament by former prime minister David Cameron on Thursday.

Cameron said he would back the deal, were he still an MP, though he would have preferred one that guaranteed a closer relationship with the EU and that would keep the UK within the customs union.

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Mark Field, MP who manhandled protester, to stand down over ‘divisive’ politics

Tory MP for Cities of London and Westminster blames ‘fractious and febrile’ atmosphere over Brexit

Mark Field, Tory MP for the Cities of London and Westminster, has announced he will not stand in the next general election due to the “fractious and febrile” political atmosphere over Brexit.

Field caused controversy this summer after he was filmed manhandling an environmental protester at the chancellor’s Mansion House speech.

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Boris Johnson plays numbers game after securing Brexit deal

PM insists he is ‘very confident’ his deal will be approved by parliament on Saturday

Boris Johnson has insisted he is “very confident” that his Brexit deal will be approved by the House of Commons in a historic knife-edge vote on Saturday, even without the backing of the DUP.

“I want to stress that this is a great deal for our country, for the UK; I also believe that it is a very good deal for our friends in the EU,” Johnson said at the European council in Brussels, where EU leaders signed off on the last-minute deal.

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‘It’s painful to choose’: ERG locked in internal talks over Brexit deal

‘Spartans’ had originally indicated they would follow DUP, but now several hardliners suggest they will back Johnson

All the day’s developments

The 28 Eurosceptic Tory hardliners have not said “no” to Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, giving No 10 hope that they will swing behind the prime minister.

The group, known as “the Spartans”, had indicated they would take a lead from the Democratic Unionist party, which categorically said it would vote against Johnson’s deal. But several of the Tory hardliners – from Peter Bone to Andrew Bridgen – suggested they were likely to vote for the agreement.

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