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No 10 mocks Boris Johnson for condemning EU backstop plan he originally endorsed – Politics live

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YouGov’s latest figures tell us how those who were not yet 18 last time would vote now. Those who say they are certain to vote divide seven-to-one for remain. This matters statistically: for it helps to explain why demographic factors alone will cause the UK this winter to switch from a leave country to a remain country.

Because this cross-over point occurs before March 29, 2019 – when the UK is due to leave the EU – it means the British public’s view of Brexit will have changed even without anyone who voted two years changing their mind. Young people who were not eligible to vote in 2016 and can do so now make it much harder for anyone to claim that Brexit is still the ‘will of the people’.

In response to Theresa May’s suggestion that MPs will face a binary choice between her Chequers plan and a no deal Brexit, Ukip says they should opt for no deal. This is from the Ukip leader Gerard Batten.

After a summer of dripping Project Fear 2.0 into the public’s ears, Mrs May has put down an in or out option.

Ukip has always said that no deal, which is really reverting to WTO terms, is better than a bad deal with the EU. Mrs May’s deal, whatever the particulars, will not be what the British people voted for on June 23rd, 2016, it will be Brexit in name only.

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Jaguar Land Rover boss ‘scaremongering’ on no-deal Brexit, says Tory

Hard Brexiter Bernard Jenkin says worries about border delays are unfounded

A leading Conservative Brexiter has accused the head of Jaguar Land Rover of inventing dire consequences for his company of a no-deal Brexit, saying people no longer believed the “scaremongers” in the debate.

Bernard Jenkin, the MP for Harwich and North Essex and a member of the European Research Group (ERG) collection of hard-Brexit-backing Tories, said Ralf Speth, the chief executive of Britain biggest car manufacturer, should not be worried about border delays after Brexit.

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Chequers deal could be undone after Britain leaves EU, claims Gove

Environment secretary says Theresa May’s plan is ‘right one for now’ to ensure Brexit

MPs could undo the Chequers deal once the UK has left the EU, Michael Gove has claimed, saying the prime minister’s proposal was the “right one for now”.

The environment secretary, a prominent Brexiter, has regularly made a similar case in private to MPs, urging them to back May to see through Britain’s exit rather than risk an impasse in parliament or a general election.

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Theresa May reveals she gets ‘irritated’ by leadership speculation

PM hits out at Boris Johnson in BBC interview marking six months until Brexit

Theresa May has said she gets “irritated” by the debate over her leadership and criticised Boris Johnson.

In a BBC interview marking six months until Brexit, the prime minister insisted she was focused on the UK’s future rather than her own.

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Boris Johnson tells MPs to plot against Chequers deal, not Theresa May

Former foreign secretary steps up ‘chucking Chequers’ campaign

Boris Johnson has urged MPs to focus on “chucking Chequers” rather than Theresa May, days after Brexiters discussed how to get rid of the prime minister.

Speculation continues to mount over the former foreign secretary’s leadership ambitions and Tory peer Lord Heseltine predicted Johnson will take the top job.

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Tory infighting over Brexit: who won this week?

Theresa May’s Chequers deal hangs by a thread after another week of Conservative party clashes

Was this the week when Tory Brexiters overplayed their hand?

It is been a difficult week for the hard-Brexit-backing European Research Group. A promised policy paper on the “Brexit dividend” had to be ditched after an embarrassing leak that contained unlikely ideas such as developing a Star Wars-style defence system against incoming nuclear missiles and establishing an expeditionary force to deal with Falklands-style attacks.

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Best for Britain leaders barred from Tory conference

Campaigners for second Brexit referendum, and Russian diplomats, refused passes

Three leading campaigners for a second Brexit referendum have been refused passes for the Conservative party conference, prompting them to complain that the governing party is suppressing voices it disagreed with.

Eloise Todd, Best for Britain’s director, was among those who were refused passes on Thursday night in a terse email that gave no explanation as to why her accreditation and that of two colleagues was not granted. Russian diplomats have also been refused passes.

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