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Is Bitcoin’s Lightning Network a Game Changer?

The Lightning network promises faster transaction speed and micropayments on bitcoin's blockchain.

Will Rising Transaction Fees Bring Down Bitcoin’s Price?

Bitcoin's escalating transaction fees have raised eyebrows but experts say they won't hurt bitcoin's price.

Four Problems With Bitcoin Futures

The stage is set for bitcoin futures trading at CME and CBOE. Here are four problems they could face.

Bitcoin Price Falls After Yesterday’s Highs

Bitcoin's price fell into correction territory this morning as other cryptocurrencies gained strength.

What Was Behind Bitcoin’s Insane Price Moves On Dec. 7?

What caused bitcoin prices to fluctuate so wildly on December 7?

What Are the 6 Most Important Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is hardly the only game in town.

Bitcoin Mining Market Hacked: $70M Stolen from NiceHash

The mining platform NiceHash is investigating the theft of 4,736 bitcoins in a brazen hack.
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