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Delay Brexit deadline amid coronavirus, say MEPs

The UK is due to stop following EU rules by the end of 2020 but a group of MEPs say the date should be pushed back.

Coronavirus POLL: Should Brexit be delayed due to coronavirus outbreak? VOTE HERE

BRITAIN is under mounting pressure to delay Brexit as it fights the coronavirus outbreak. Do you think Boris Johnson should request an extension to the post-exit transition period to focus on tackling ...

Pandemic could cost Swiss tourism sector CHF6 billion

The coronavirus pandemic means Swiss ski resorts, hotels and restaurants are closed or at a standstill and jobs are at risk. This may cause a CHF6 billion ($6.2 billion) loss to the tourism industry this year, a study has revealed.  The survey by the Valais University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HES-SO) found that tourism industry revenue could shrink by 18% in 2020.  The hotel sector alone could lose CHF2 billion between March and May. During a typical year it generates CHF10.2 billion in revenue. This loss is almost double an initial prediction by the head of the country’s tourism body, Switzerland Tourism, earlier this month.  On March 17, the Swiss government announced that all non-essential activities and businesses should close owing to the spread of the virus. Hotels are allowed to remain open, alongside grocery stores, bakeries, pharmacies, banks and post offices. But with the virus spreading worldwide and international travel impossible, tourism has come to a standstill.

EUR/USD Price Breaking Through Technical Support

EUR/USD is trading back below 1.1000 as this week’s sell-off continues. Recently released eurozone inflation data missed expecttions and leaves the ECB with a longer-term headache.

British Pound (GBP) Latest: GBP/USD Easing, FTSE 100 Gaining Ground

The FTSE 100 index of leading London-listed stocks has steadied but downward pressure remains on GBP/USD after Fitch’s downgrade of the UK’s debt rating Friday.

US Dollar May Rise if PMI Data Kindles Demand for Liquidity

The US Dollar may rise from a wave of capital rushing into it if PMI data out of the world’s largest economy unnerves investors and boosts demand for highly liquid assets.

Swiss railways boss sees faint light at end of coronavirus tunnel

The outgoing head of the Swiss Federal Railways says the coronavirus crisis could lead to a change in the travel habits of the Swiss. Andreas Meyer, who leaves the job on Tuesday, hopes people will realise that alternatives exist to help alleviate packed rush-hour trains.  “During the crisis, citizens, companies and education centres have tested teleworking, and it’s not out of the question – I hope – that there will be lasting traces of it,” Andreas Meyer said in an interview with Le Temps. “This could, for example, be beneficial for a better distribution of travel between peak and off-peak times.”  Meyer, 58, explained that in response to the crisis, which he described in another interview with Blick as a “nightmare”, the Federal Railways had reduced its services by around 25% in three stages and the number of passengers has fallen by up to 90%, but the financial losses could not yet be quantified.   He warned in Le Temps that the hardest thing would be to restart once the ...
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