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Labour must back second Brexit vote or lose next election, Tom Watson warns

Deputy leader says far more Remain supporters than Leavers have abandoned the party

Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson today warns that his party will lose the next general election and any chance to form a radical, reforming government unless it quickly rewrites its Brexit policy and commits wholeheartedly to a second referendum.

Watson’s intervention comes after the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, appeared to suggest a shift in Labour’s position towards stronger support for a second public vote.

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Never again can Labour find itself on the wrong side of a historic choice | Tom Watson

Appealing to Leavers and Remainers has failed : we must prevent a hard Brexit

Voting in the European elections is over, with the results about to come in. The Tory leadership race, which will be won by a hardline Brexiter, has just begun. Everyone who cares about the Labour party and the country is braced with a sense of despair.

I want reports of high turnout in Remain areas to reflect a huge gain in votes for Labour. I fear that won’t be the case. Pessimistic predictions put Labour in third place in the EU election, behind Nigel Farage’s far-right party and the born-again Liberal Democrats. Even optimists have us in second place, nowhere near the percentage of votes we’d need to win a general election.

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U.K. race to succeed Theresa May heats up with focus on Brexit

Source: --- Saturday, May 25, 2019
The race to succeed British Prime Minister Theresa May is heating up, the field of Conservative contenders is quickly growing and the focus is squarely on how to handle Brexit. ...

Sterling Bouncing Namun Masih Berisiko Bearish – OctaFX

Source: --- Saturday, May 25, 2019
Poundsterling berupaya bangkit versus Greenback setelah terpuruk ke level terendah sejak Januari 2019, terbebani oleh ketidakpastian Brexit serta rilis data inflasi (CPI) Inggris yang mengecewakan. Saat artikel ini di-upload, GBP/USD terpantau berkonsolidasi di kisaran 1.2675 atau turun 0.24 persen… ...

Contest to replace Theresa May leaves Brexit in limbo

Source: --- Saturday, May 25, 2019

Tory bosses DEMAND contenders face public grilling if they want Theresa May’s job

CONSERVATIVE PARTY leadership contenders after Theresa May’s job will face a public grilling so they do not end up wooden like the embattled Prime Minister.

The Tory party is simply debating which sort of electoral cyanide to take | Justine Greening

This Brexit-focused leadership race is the wrong contest at the wrong time – change is now coming from outside parliament

The Conservative party in parliament and 120,000 members will shortly be picking a new leader and, in doing so, a new prime minister. There will be more runners and riders than Doncaster races. The party wants a hard Brexit leader and that cannot be me. I believe the only way out of Britain’s crisis is a second referendum – and I’d campaign for Remain.

Like the rest of the country, I see the Conservative party engaging in a debate with itself about what type of electoral cyanide to take. The country is in crisis and yet this latest distraction strategy of a leadership election sees us continuing to avoid confronting two ultimate challenges the Conservative party – first, a viable route out of the mess Britain has got into on Brexit; and second, the fact that our traditional voter base is dwindling and we’re seen as out of touch with new generations of voters.

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