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US-China Trade Friction May Last 20 Years: Jack Ma

Alibaba's Ma warns that the U.S.-China trade war could last 20 years, and many Chinese businesses may be forced to relocate

Mastercard Patents See Blockchain For Data Records

A new series of patent filings by Mastercard indicates the company is actively working on using blockchain for immutable data records

Why Alibaba May Be a Better Bet Than Amazon

Alibaba, trading at 1/3 the multiple of its U.S. rival, is "an unbelievable long-term buying opportunity".

Amazon To Sell Insurance In India

Amazon plans to become an insurance agent in India

BBig Data, IoT To Drive Semiconductor Growth

New age technologies like Big Data, IoT, AI and 5G will replace smartphones and computers as future drivers of the semiconductor industry, Tokyo Electron's CEO said in an interview

Alibaba Paves Digital Silk Road With Russian Partners

Alibaba’s Russian joint venture offers great potential and marks another important step in China’s bid to roll out a digital silk road.

Alibaba and IBM Ranked First When it Comes to Blockchain Patents

In the rush to lock down the blockchain market, two tech giants are neck-and-neck.
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