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Donald Trump offers his backing to Boris Johnson to become PM

US president says Conservative party leadership frontrunner will ‘straighten out’ Brexit

Donald Trump has offered his backing to Boris Johnson, the frontrunner to become the UK’s prime minister next week, saying he will succeed in pushing through Brexit.

The US president, who has been heavily critical of Theresa May’s attempts to reach a withdrawal deal, has previously sought to align his own populist politics with the UK’s vote to leave the EU, for which Johnson was a leading campaigner.

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The Guardian view on Kim Darroch’s resignation: a grim portent | Editorial

Boris Johnson’s failure to support the UK’s ambassador in Washington is a sinister indication of his priorities and character

Donald Trump was not yet elected US president when the UK voted to leave the European Union but those two ballot-box shocks of 2016 have become historically intertwined. For Conservative Eurosceptics, quitting the EU was inseparable from the ambition to strike a trade deal with Washington, and the arrival in the White House of a maverick economic protectionist did not change that calculation. On the contrary, the pro-Brexit side of British politics was soon captured by a Trumpian ethos, marked by contempt for international institutions, democratic norms and diplomatic protocol.

The resignation of Sir Kim Darroch as UK ambassador to Washington marks a significant and sinister escalation of this trend. Sir Kim was the target of a hostile act – the leaking of confidential reports that had criticised President Trump’s administration. The observations were unremarkable to the extent that they faithfully described a dysfunctional presidency. The ambassador did nothing wrong in passing that information back to London and, while the breach of confidentiality was embarrassing, it was not his fault and no reason for him to resign. Downing Street correctly supported him, despite President Trump lashing out on Twitter in reaction. To dismiss an ambassador at the behest of a foreign leader would be a national dishonour.

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MPs liberalise abortion and same-sex marriage law in Northern Ireland – live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political news, including the row over the UK ambassador’s leaked memos and latest on Tory leadership contest

Here is Boris Johnson arriving for the ITV Tory leadership debate in Salford. It starts at 8pm, and of course we will be covering it live.

The Julian Lewis amendment has been passed by 308 votes to 228 - a majority of 80.

Here is the explanatory note from Lewis saying what his amendment will do.

The subsection would include placing a duty on the secretary of state to report on the options available to ensure that veterans of the Troubles would be able to assist in a truth recovery process, for the benefit of bereaved families, without fear of prosecution.

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Trashing of Trump gives MPs chance to enjoy a bit of deploring | John Crace

Alan Duncan begs MPs to go back to doing what they do best: go heavy on the moral outrage and forget the details

No one was much bothered by what had been leaked. Kim Darroch, the UK ambassador to the US, had only reported back what had long been obvious to the entire world: that Donald Trump was vain and inept and ran a wholly dysfunctional administration. It was the sort of email that anyone might send after watching the news headlines on American television.

Related: Theresa May has 'full faith' in Kim Darroch but rejects his view of Trump

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Senior Tory MP says he has asked police to investigate leak of memos from ambassador to US – live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including the latest from the Tory leadership contest

Duncan finishes by thanking MPs for their cross-party support on this matter, stresses the Commons’s support for Kim Darroch, and expresses the government’s respect for President Trump and his office.

Duncan says the government does not see any evidence to suggest another country was involved in the leak. But it is not ruling anything out, he says.

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