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Michael Gove makes pitch for position in Boris Johnson’s cabinet

Former rival says Johnson would make a ‘great prime minister’ despite backing no deal

Michael Gove has made a pitch to be in Boris Johnson’s cabinet regardless of whether it pursues a no-deal Brexit and has lavished praise on his former bitter rival who stands on the brink of becoming prime minister.

Gove set out his view that Johnson and Jeremy Hunt would be “great prime ministers” and claimed “we can trust them both to do the right thing on every critical issue. His attempt to bury the hatchet with Johnson, who is likely to enter No 10 next week, comes three years after Gove sunk his former friend’s last leadership bid with a stinging character attack.

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First-time applications for Irish passports up sharply since 2015

Number of new applicants from Great Britain alone rose from 6,000 to 31,000 in year to June

The number of first-time applications for Irish passports from Great Britain has risen sharply since the EU referendum with five times as many people interesting in acquiring one.

In Northern Ireland, where all citizens are entitled to an Irish passport, the number of first-time applications has more than doubled.

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Liam Fox wants children to learn about global trade. But it’s Brexiters who need the lessons | Jonathan Lis

The trade secretary is slowly catching up with simple facts that should have punctured the Brexit fantasy years ago

International trade secretary Liam Fox has shown us what happens when one of the leaders of the revolution spends three subsequent years looking at paperwork. The fantasy lives – just – but must now inhabit a lever-arch file outlining everything the UK still doesn’t understand about global trade.

In recent weeks, dyed-in-the-wool Brexiter Fox has warned against no deal, explained why Boris Johnson cannot use Gatt article 24 to unilaterally implement a deal with the EU, and pointed out that we cannot negotiate a new package with the US before Brexit has taken place. The reason for his newfound pragmatism was perhaps revealed by Monday’s announcement that the government is seeking to train 12 new professional trade negotiators, and Fox’s declaration that trade should be taught on the national curriculum. So there we have it: the government has discovered that trade depends on rules, and almost nobody in Britain knows what they are.

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Grieve: senior Tories may have to vote down Johnson government

Ex-attorney general says government will fall if it ‘persists in trying to carry out no-deal Brexit’

Former cabinet ministers could be among those who feel they have no choice but to vote down a Boris Johnson administration in order to prevent a no-deal Brexit, Dominic Grieve has said.

The former attorney general said it was significant that both Johnson and his rival, Jeremy Hunt, had rejected any prospect of compromise on the backstop at a Sun leadership hustings on Monday night.

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EU expected to reject outright Johnson and Hunt’s backstop plan

Next PM will be told in ‘no uncertain terms’ that axing backstop amounts to no deal

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt’s Brexit plan to axe the Irish border backstop from the withdrawal agreement will be rejected outright by the European Union, EU sources have said.

Informed sources say it is doomed to failure and if the next prime minister goes to Brussels with such a proposal, he will be told in “no uncertain terms” that it amounts to a declaration of no deal.

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Brexit weekly briefing: Tories back Johnson despite mistakes

Apparent future PM continues to insist he will take Britain out of EU ‘deal or no deal’

Welcome to the Guardian’s weekly Brexit briefing. If you would like to receive this as a weekly email, sign up here. You can catch our monthly Brexit Means … podcast here. And for daily updates, head to Andrew Sparrow’s politics live blog.

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Boris Johnson says tax cuts bring in revenue. But we now know that’s a myth | Polly Toynbee

The Tory leadership candidate is fond of citing the Laffer curve theory – yet it’s no more credible than a magic money tree

This time next week the tumbril calls for Theresa May, that removal van freighted with symbolism. Boris Johnson will kiss hands the next day, not elected by us, not with our consent, no “one nation” unifier but leader of a dysfunctional, disunited kingdom. He will get the usual goodwill poll bounce: May and Gordon Brown had theirs. Skipping spring-heeled across the Downing Street threshold, full of vacuous optimism and “let the sun shine in” self-intoxication, he may bring smiles to the faces of admirers.

His honeymoon will barely pass a hundred days before he hits the Brexit wall

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