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It’s not just British leavers – the rest of Europe is responsible for Brexit, too | Eric Jozsef

The UK departure from the EU isn’t a solely British issue, yet Europeans have connived with Brexiters in pretending it is

“Brexit will never happen. Too complicated, too damaging to the British economy, too anachronistic.” How many times in the last three years – from Rome to Berlin, Paris to Bucharest – did we hear this belief asserted so confidently as to admit no discussion? The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union is now imminent. Yet much of Europe’s public and many of its politicians have not truly grasped the consequences of the historic break that is about to take place, nor have they tried to understand the reasons.

On 31 January the first concrete step in Boris Johnson’s political game plan will be achieved. And, even if no new barriers will immediately be apparent at the borders, we will from this date start to drift apart. Johnson won his bet using a simple strategy: he sold the illusion that the politicians who lead Europe’s nation states still hold the reins of power in a globalised world. He won on the false promise that Brexit allow the British people to “take back control”.

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Brexit: UK immigration will ‘put people before passports’, Johnson tells African leaders

PM’s light-on-detail speech at investment summit extols benefits of trade after EU exit

Boris Johnson has promised that the UK’s new immigration policy will put “people before passports” as he used his first set-piece speech of 2020 to extol the benefits of trade with post-Brexit Britain to a major gathering of African leaders.

Addressing more than two dozen African presidents and prime ministers in an opening speech to the UK-Africa investment summit in London on Monday, the prime minister said the UK was the “ultimate one-stop shop” for trade, education and tech.

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Unsettled status: EU citizens want card to prove right to stay in UK

Poll finds 90% of EU citizens in UK fear discrimination without evidence of rights after Brexit

The government is facing fresh calls to issue EU citizens with a physical document to prove they have the right to stay in the country after Brexit.

A report found nine out of 10 EU citizens in the UK would prefer a card over the digital evidence they have now to demonstrate their rights in future to employers, banks or landlords.

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UK house prices rise at fastest rate on record

2019 general election result provided period of ‘stability’ following Brexit uncertainty

UK house prices rose over the last month at the fastest rate on record for the time of the year, as sellers felt more confident about the outlook for the housing market after the general election, according to Rightmove.

The average price of properties coming on to the market jumped by 2.3%, the biggest rise for the period since the property website started its house price index in 2002. Nearly 65,000 UK properties were marketed over the month, with an average asking price of £306,810.

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The Guardian view on Ireland’s election: a contest with consequences | Editorial

The start of the American presidential race next month may seem more alluring. But the Irish general election is of more immediate importance for Britain

Britain’s political class is insular. It rarely shows any interest in foreign elections. That general rule may get bent as the United States presidential election gets into gear in the coming weeks. But the evidence of this country’s default inwardness is that there is an election on this side of the Atlantic in less than three weeks with a far more immediate bearing on Britain than the one in America. This one will get only a fraction of the attention that will be expended on the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. But then this one is in Ireland.

Why does Ireland’s 8 February election matter to Britain? Partly for the obvious reason that Ireland is one of Britain’s nearest neighbours. Partly because the peoples of these islands are so intermingled. But more than anything it matters because of Brexit.

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With Brexit imminent, what are the chances of a UK trade deal with China? | Rana Mitter

Trump has shown compromise with Beijing is possible but Britain has to dance between US, EU and Chinese demands

Last week, Donald Trump and Liu He, the Chinese vice-premier, signed phase one of a new trade arrangement between the US and China. The talks surrounding the agreement have been tortuous, leading to fears that the world could be caught up in a trade conflict between these two economic giants. The signing showed there is space for compromise as well as confrontation in dealing with China, but the negotiations illustrate the difficulties of dealing with a US that has embraced economic nationalism and a China whose markets are still restricted in many important areas.

Nonetheless, as Britain prepares to leave the EU, there has been a resurgence of interest in the possibility of a major UK trade deal with Beijing. Just days after the 2016 referendum, the incoming Brexit secretary, David Davis, declared that “trade deals with the US and China alone will give us a trade area almost twice the size of the EU”.

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House of Lords may move out of London to ‘reconnect’ with public

Tory plan a symbol of Boris Johnson’s aim to ‘level up’ rest of UK with capital

The government is considering moving the House of Lords outside London – potentially to York – as one of a range of options to “reconnect” politics with the public, the Conservative party chairman, James Cleverly, has confirmed.

Asked about the plan, which was reported in the Sunday Times, Cleverly said: “It’s one of a range of things that we are looking into.

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