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David Davis: bullish wheel-greaser or Brexit fall guy?

The Brexit secretary started the negotiations to exit the EU full of bounce and bluster – but No 10 subterfuge and hard economic reality have taken their toll

Even by the standards of party conference season, it was an impressive show of stamina. An afternoon that began for David Davis in the bar of Manchester’s Malmaison hotel ended, after midnight, with him holding court at a raucous party for backbench MPs celebrating Brexit on the other side of town. The prime minister, who earlier interrupted proceedings to warn them it would not all happen overnight, had long since left the room to rest her voice.

Four months later, the Brexit secretary is still standing. Despite rumours swirling that night that he would stand down before the PM’s transition phase began, Davis returns to Brussels this month to negotiate the terms of the standstill. He has survived a series of gaffes and confrontations in parliament that would poleaxe lesser ministers and sold a series of once unimaginable concessions to backbenchers who had sworn to oppose them.

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Pity the Brexit 52%, led by cowards and charlatans | Rafael Behr

The Ukip chaos is revealing. Leavers are being betrayed by leaders who lack credible ideas

Nigel Farage might not match everyone’s idea of a charismatic figurehead, but his special capabilities as leader of Ukip are proven by his enduring irreplaceability. Since he stood down in 2016, the party has had three leadership contests. It is about to have a fourth.

Henry Bolton was ousted over the weekend for reasons connected to his relationship with Jo Marney, a model with a string of racist text messages to her name. It isn’t clear whether activists objected more to Marney’s opinions or Bolton’s failure to silence them.

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‘Tories’ approach, if anything, is less clear,’ Corbyn to tell business

Labour leader’s speech a strong hint his party will accept close regulatory alignment with EU

Jeremy Corbyn is to attack the Conservatives’ “lack of clarity” on the future economic relationship with Europe in a speech a day after the Labour leader is said to have faced down lobbying from his own party to take a softer line on Brexit.

Corbyn will tell the conference of manufacturers’ organisation EEF on Tuesday that Labour is “insisting the economy must come first” in the Brexit negotiations, a strong hint that the party would accept close regulatory alignment.

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David Davis: Brexit will not plunge Britain into Mad Max dystopia

Secretary for exiting EU to say in speech that fears of a race to the bottom are unfounded

David Davis will tell business leaders in Austria that fears the Conservatives will plunge Britain into a “Mad Max-style world borrowed from dystopian fiction” after leaving the EU are unfounded.

The Brexit secretary will claim that Theresa May’s government wants to oversee a race to the top in global standards, listing workers’ rights, City regulation, animal welfare and the environment as areas for potential improvement.

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UK cities shut out of Brexit discussions, say leaders

Representatives of some of the biggest cities outside London met EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier in Brussels

City leaders have accused the government of failing to involve them in the Brexit process, as a group of councillors and mayors met the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier.

Leaders from some of the UK’s largest cities met EU officials in Brussels on Monday, in a bid to have a bigger say in the Brexit process.

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May insists she does not worry about being ‘stabbed in the back’

PM tells This Morning she is not concerned about being deposed and says she enjoys her job

Theresa May has insisted she feels secure in her job and does not worry about being deposed as she prepared for another relaunch of her embattled prime ministership with a speech introducing a review of university funding.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning chatshow before her address in Derby on Monday, May reiterated her desire to continue in No 10 and said she was enjoying the role.

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UK hits visa cap on skilled workers for third month in row

NHS and other key employers face staffing crisis as Home Office refuses visa applications

Britain has hit its cap on visas for skilled non-European workers for an unprecedented third month in a row, deepening the staffing crisis facing the NHS and other key employers.

When the monthly quota was reached in December and January for the first time in seven years immigration lawyers had expected it would prove to be a blip, but they now fear it is turning into a long-term problem.

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