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‘Sacrificed on the altar of trade’: Britons in Europe feel betrayed by Brexit deal

British nationals settled in Europe say they are used as ‘bargaining chips’, and that Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker’s deal does not guarantee their rights

British nationals living in Europe say they are alarmed by claims that their rights have been protected by the Brexit deal sealed by Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker.

One Briton, Ingrid Taylor, who is settled in Germany, described claims that their rights were now guaranteed as “a barefaced lie”.

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Outside the EU, Britain should be an evangelist for world trade | Liam Fox

Brexit gives us the chance to reshape Britain’s role on the global stage. We should champion the poverty-busting power of rules-based trade

• Liam Fox is international trade secretary

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, there will continue to be a passionate debate over the direction our country now takes. Some see this debate as a purely domestic issue: the UK arguing with itself about what to do next. But when it comes to future trade, these discussions are not taking place in a vacuum.

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UK business investment on ice until more Brexit progress, warns BCC

With rate rise expected to remain on hold this week, British Chambers of Commerce urges ministers to finalise transitional deal

Britain’s biggest businesses are warning the economy will remain in the slow lane, as uncertainty from Brexit puts their investment plans on ice despite progress with Brussels.

The interjection by British Chambers of Commerce comes before a meeting of Bank of England’s rate-setting committee this week. The BCC have told ministers they now need to finalise a transitional deal to smooth the Brexit process before firms will increase spending on staff and production capacity, despite the breakthrough last week that moved talks with the rest of the EU on to trade.

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Steve Coogan wrestled with including Brexit in Alan Partridge’s return

Comedian felt conflicted as a remainer but broached topic in new BBC series because current situation is ‘sympathetic to Alan’

Realising that Britain had linked arms with Alan Partridge and voted for Brexit caused a crisis of confidence for his creator, Steve Coogan. It was only after some soul-searching that the comedian opted to include the decision to leave the EU in his alter ego’s return to the BBC.

“The world has coalesced into a situation that is sympathetic to Alan, which for me is quite depressing,” Coogan told the Radio Times. “Sometimes I agree with Alan, but on Brexit I’m a remainer, and I feel quite conflicted about it. But the fact is having a fool praise something is a far more powerful indictment than just criticising it.

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David Davis clashes with Ireland over Brexit deal

Brexit secretary describes deal as a ‘statement of intent’, leading Irish government to insist it will hold UK to phase one agreement

David Davis has clashed with the Irish government after claiming that the Brexit divorce agreement between Britain and the EU was a “statement of intent” rather than something legally enforceable.

The Brexit secretary’s comments came after it was reported that Downing Street advisers had told cabinet ministers who campaigned to leave the EU that promises around full regulatory alignment were “meaningless”.

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Ben Jennings on the breakthrough in Brexit negotiations – cartoon

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The New Jerusalem of Brexit is revealing itself to be a mirage | Matthew d’Ancona

Talks in Brussels are inching forward on ambiguities and vague promises. Those hoping that Theresa May is carving out real change may be sorely disappointed

So, here’s an idea: let’s abolish the wheel. Let’s escape the tyranny of the circular device, and spend the money saved on axles, spokes and hubs on – oh, I don’t know – the NHS. Let’s take back control of rotation! But wait a minute. This can’t be done overnight. We shall still need some means of transporting ourselves and our goods until we have formally renounced the wheel, but before we have agreed on a new device. There’ll probably need to be an “implementation period” in which we remain “aligned” with the existing circular format.

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