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EU leaders reject May’s idea to salvage her Brexit deal

Jean-Claude Juncker tells PM it’s not Europe’s job to satisfy demands of rebellious Tories

EU leaders delivered a devastating knock-back to Theresa May after she appealed to them to hold “nothing in reserve” and work with her to salvage her Brexit deal by putting a 12-month limit on the unpopular Irish backstop.

The embattled prime minister had pinned her hopes on a last-ditch effort to persuade the European Union to work with her in devising a legal guarantee, known as a “joint interpretative instrument”, that she believes could get her Brexit deal through parliament.

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Labour plans to ‘throw kitchen sink’ to force May’s hand on Brexit

Opposition considering all options to prevent government running down the clock

Jeremy Corbyn will seek to increase pressure on Theresa May in parliament next week in a bid to prevent the Tories running down the clock on Brexit.

As the prime minister urged EU leaders to offer fresh concessions in Brussels on Thursday, senior Labour sources stressed the party was determined to “turn up the heat” at home.

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Steve Bell on Theresa May’s Brexit plea to EU leaders – cartoon

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Running on fumes: May and her attorney general plough on | John Crace

While Geoffrey Cox explains why his Brexit advice should stay secret, the PM avoids the cameras in Brussels

The last few weeks haven’t been kind to Geoffrey Cox. When he agreed to become attorney-general it was strictly on the understanding that his appearances at Westminster would be kept to the bare minimum. After all, he didn’t take a massive pay cut – he was formerly a top QC – in order to have to do more work.

Since then he has been roped into spending two and a half hours on his feet trying and failing to explain why it was OK for the government not to hand over the legal advice that parliament had instructed it to provide. And in the process both his pride and his reputation have taken a bit of a hammering. As he sat on the front bench, the aura of invincibility had gone. He looked smaller than usual. Almost foetal.

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‘Despairing’ businesses triggering no-deal Brexit plans, says CBI

Industry body says firms have already sent hundreds of millions of pounds out of UK

Businesses are in “despair” over Brexit and have already diverted hundreds of millions of pounds in investment out of the UK, the Confederation of British Industry has said.

The CBI deputy director general Josh Hardie said companies around the country, who did not seek publicity, had already pressed the button on contingency plans for no deal.

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Hungary complains Brexit will leave it outnumbered in EU

Foreign minister Péter Szijjártó says Britain brought ‘common sense’ to debate on migration

Hungary’s hardline anti-immigrant government has expressed disappointment at the loss of Britain’s “common sense” from the EU immigration debate.

Its foreign minister said the UK leaving was “worst possible scenario for us” because “our preference would have been for Britain to stay in and migrants to stay out”.

In an interview with the Guardian in Manchester, where he was opening a new consulate general for the estimated 70,000 Hungarians now living in the north of England, Péter Szijjártó said without the UK, Hungary — “not part of the mainstream in Europe” — will be even more outnumbered than it already is. “With you leaving there will be an imbalance in the political debate about the future of Europe,” he said.

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What is the EU backstop offer and why won’t it sway Brexiters?

MPs demand a time limit to the backstop, raising the bar for Theresa May in Brussels

Theresa May, shortly after seeing off the rebels seeking to dethrone her, took to the steps of Downing Street to tell of her intention to secure “legal and political assurances” on the backstop in the withdrawal agreement to “assuage the concerns that members of parliament have on that issue”.

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