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Porsche asks UK buyers to commit to 10% no-deal Brexit surcharge

Company says move is a precaution in case WTO tariffs apply to EU-UK trade

Porsche is asking British customers to sign a contract committing them to pay a surcharge of up to 10% of their vehicles’ purchase price if there is a no-deal Brexit.

Cars made in Europe could attract tariffs of 10% if imported to the UK under the terms of the World Trade Organization, the default trading relationship if the UK and the EU are unable to agree a transition period before 29 March.

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Labour and Tory MPs in talks over setting up new centrist party

Discussions could lead to new party consisting of six or more Labour MPs plus some Tories

Intense discussions are taking place at Westminster that could lead to the emergence of a new centrist party consisting of six or more disaffected anti-Brexit Labour MPs along with the involvement of some Conservatives and the backing of the Liberal Democrats.

Labour MPs reported that some of those involved had lobbied backbench colleagues they thought were sympathetic as to how they could “make the shift” away from a tribal loyalty to the party.

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Our destiny is in the hands of Rees-Mogg’s unfinished robot sidekick | Marina Hyde

Steve Baker is still claiming the Malthouse compromise, the most ludicrously far-fetched option, is the solution to Brexit

Where are you on Steve Baker, on a scale of one to so-completely-over-him? The deputy chair of the European Research Group took to the airwaves today to warn mildly that parliament passing Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement would “collapse the government”. Furthermore, Baker complained: “I really do rather object to being called ‘hardline’.”

Oh dear. Given the need to find alternative arrangements for describing Steve Baker, let’s look at technological solutions. It’s as if someone had half an idea to build a fun, geeky robot sidekick for Jacob Rees-Mogg, then became so bored or repulsed by the task that they gave up before they’d fitted him with a cool metallic exoskeleton. Somehow, the unfinished unit picked itself off the workshop floor and found its way to parliament. By rights, Steve Baker is just the innards of something that – had it been completed – you might find in the background of a Mos Espa docking-bay scene in The Phantom Menace. Instead, he’s one of the fanatics holding our national destiny in his partially assembled hands. The more versatile politicians of this golden age have two expressions; Steve Baker has one. Steve Baker’s sole expression is cocking his head slightly to the side as if to say “I’m listening politely and reasonably”, when what he is actually saying is, “Let’s just fucking burn it all down and see what happens.”

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Boris Johnson’s sister bares all on Sky News

She showed her support for a Cambridge professor who did the same thing this week

And the award for most incompetent minister goes to … | John Crace

Chris Grayling and Liam Fox appear to be trying to outdo each other as they seek coveted title

Joanna Lumley has come in for criticism for reading out a bad script badly as host of the Baftas. An embarrassment I missed, as the new series of Endeavour – featuring a great nod to the creator of Morse near the end, with a poster on the wall of the police station for the retirement of “Mr C Dexter” complete with a photo of the man himself – started on ITV. Quite why broadcasters think awards shows make brilliant TV has always escaped me. Not only do they invariably overrun, as people you’ve sometimes heard of give rambling acceptance speeches, thanking people you’ve certainly never heard of, but the format is numbingly predictable. A bad joke, someone reading out the four nominations, a few clips of the show in question and then the winner is announced. Repeat for four hours, ending with a lifetime achievement award for someone the organisers think is getting on a bit and might die soon.

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I swallowed the Brexit lies. Now I regret telling curry house workers to vote leave | Oli Khan

With Indian restaurants in crisis, Boris Johnson and Priti Patel said we would be able to employ more chefs from south Asia

• Oli Khan is the secretary general of the Bangladesh Caterers Association

One of the many myths and mysteries of the 2016 referendum campaign is that people from the south-east Asian community backed a leave campaign that was so often linked to bigotry.

Related: Who killed the curry house? | Bee Wilson

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This angry, embittered parliament has been defeated by Brexit | Anand Menon

Last night’s votes not only failed to break the deadlock – they exposed the bad blood between MPs more clearly than ever

So the ERG does it again, and scuppers the prime minister’s plans. Anna Soubry emerged from the chamber last night visibly enraged and talking of a complete lack of leadership. And meanwhile, over the aisle, the tensions and bad blood in the Labour party are there for all to see. Parliament is angry, tensions are running high – and that’s a problem not just for now, and the fate of Theresa May’s deal, but also for the longer term.

Related: Conservatives react angrily to defeat of May's Brexit plan

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