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Suzanne Moore of the Guardian wins Orwell prize for journalism

Columnist’s articles on Brexit and #MeToo aftermath made her joint winner with Steve Bloomfield of Prospect

The Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore has won the Orwell prize for journalism for her “stubborn and brave commentary” on the aftermath of Brexit, #metoo and the politics of remembrance.

Moore won the prize for articles on attitudes to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in the wake of the #MeToo movement; why she was wrong to refuse to wear a poppy for remembrance; and why she didn’t take part in the march for a People’s Vote.

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Boris Johnson could ignore efforts to block no deal, says Raab

Ex-candidate says any motion against no-deal Brexit would have ‘zero legal effect’

Boris Johnson would be able to ignore parliament’s efforts to stop a no-deal Brexit and blame the EU if it refuses to give the UK a better deal, one of his supporters has said.

Dominic Raab, who is backing the frontrunner after being knocked out of the leadership contest, said any motion from MPs against a no-deal Brexit would have “zero legal effect” and could be overridden.

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Corbyn aides seem to want Brexit no matter what, says Margaret Beckett

Labour MP says some of leader’s advisers oppose backing second referendum

Jeremy Corbyn wants to back a second EU referendum but some of his inner circle seem to want Brexit to be carried out no matter what, Labour’s Margaret Beckett has said.

Beckett, a former foreign secretary who is campaigning for a second referendum, said she thought the Labour leader was open to the idea but some of his closest advisers were preventing him from budging and would be prepared to allow a no-deal Brexit.

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Labour can’t afford to lose its working-class heartlands by backing remain | Jon Cruddas

Seeking to appeal only to a certain part of its traditional coalition could have epic, unforeseen consequences for the party

What is going on with Labour, Brexit and the second referendum? On one level it looks pretty straightforward. In recent elections the party lost many more votes to the Greens and Liberal Democrats than to the Brexit party, through paying the price for Jeremy Corbyn’s Euroscepticism and fence-sitting. The simple solution is to guarantee another vote on any deal with Labour as the enthusiastic party of remain in any such contest. This aligns with shifting demographics in the country and a detectable Brexit remorse. What’s not to like?

Media coverage tends to give the impression that the only people who think that Labour should not back a second referendum are a few MPs from somewhere up north who are scared witless by Nigel Farage and their electors, and a couple of Corbyn’s closest aides. So it appears self-evident the party should stop triangulating, offer some leadership and hoover up the votes of remainers.

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Rising risk of no-deal Brexit slows UK growth as pound slides

Latest Guardian analysis finds business alarmed by prospect of Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt leaving EU without deal

Britain’s next prime minister will take charge of an economy beginning to falter, as Brexit uncertainty and the mounting risk of a no deal scenario serve as a brake on growth, according to a Guardian analysis.

As the Conservative leadership race reaches an acrimonious finale, the sugar hit for the economy from the stockpiling rush before the original Brexit deadline has run its course, with warning signs emerging that growth will flatline.

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How has Brexit vote affected the UK economy? June verdict

Each month we look at key indicators to see what effect the Brexit process has had on growth, prosperity and trade

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Jeremy Hunt says Boris Johnson can’t be trusted on Brexit

Foreign secretary says Conservative leadership rival cannot fulfil promises

Jeremy Hunt has suggested there is “no trust” in Boris Johnson to fulfil his promises on Brexit, telling the BBC he believes he has the better personality to be prime minister.

Speaking after a war of words with his Conservative leadership rival, whom Hunt branded a coward for turning down a debate with him on Sky News on Tuesday night, Hunt said 31 October was a “fake deadline” and could lead to a snap general election.

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