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For Northern Irish farmers, no-deal Brexit would be a calamity | Ivor Ferguson

Without an exit deal with the EU, the whole NI agricultural industry will be destroyed

• Ivor Ferguson is president of the Ulster Farmers’ Union

As president of the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU), my last three years have been dominated by Brexit and what it means for farming families. More than 33 months on from the referendum all we have are unanswered questions and uncertainty.

The threat of a no deal is still there. Parliament’s vote to reject a no-deal Brexit, and to seek an extension to article 50, are positive steps but the legislation is clear. If the UK does not agree an exit deal with the EU, we leave with no deal. This is a terrifying prospect for Northern Ireland farming families and their businesses.

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UK firms react with fury to ‘cack-handed’ no-deal Brexit plan

Government accused of failing to consult with businesses, giving them no time to prepare

UK firms have reacted angrily to plans for sweeping changes to tariffs in the event of a no-deal Brexit, with business leaders slamming the government’s approach as “cack-handed”.

Bodies representing a wide range of UK business sectors accused policymakers of rushing out plans for major changes in trade terms without consulting companies, leaving them with no time to prepare.

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UK will cut most tariffs to zero in event of no-deal Brexit

Tariffs to vanish from 87% of imports, excluding some meat, dairy and underwear products

Tariffs will be cut to zero on 87% of imports to the UK as part of a temporary no-deal plan, but prices of some imports including meat, shoes, underpants and cars will go up.

In an attempt to prevent a £9bn price shock to business and consumers while “supporting farmers and producers who have been protected through high EU tariffs”, the government on Wednesday set out its long-awaited pricing regime in the event that the UK crashes out of the EU on 29 March.

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What are tariffs and how do they affect the prices consumers pay?

The government will slash the taxes we pay on imports in the event of a no-deal Brexit

The government has announced that tariffs would be slashed to zero on 87% of imports should Britain crash out of the EU without a deal, while keeping higher border taxes on some sensitive products.

Here is how the plan might work.

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