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Liam Fox wants children to learn about global trade. But it’s Brexiters who need the lessons | Jonathan Lis

The trade secretary is slowly catching up with simple facts that should have punctured the Brexit fantasy years ago

International trade secretary Liam Fox has shown us what happens when one of the leaders of the revolution spends three subsequent years looking at paperwork. The fantasy lives – just – but must now inhabit a lever-arch file outlining everything the UK still doesn’t understand about global trade.

In recent weeks, dyed-in-the-wool Brexiter Fox has warned against no deal, explained why Boris Johnson cannot use Gatt article 24 to unilaterally implement a deal with the EU, and pointed out that we cannot negotiate a new package with the US before Brexit has taken place. The reason for his newfound pragmatism was perhaps revealed by Monday’s announcement that the government is seeking to train 12 new professional trade negotiators, and Fox’s declaration that trade should be taught on the national curriculum. So there we have it: the government has discovered that trade depends on rules, and almost nobody in Britain knows what they are.

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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt under pressure to denounce Trump over racist tweets – live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen

Getting back to the UK and reading a raft of stories that assume Boris will be next PM. Don’t! We have been getting huge numbers of switchers, won both the ITV debate and Neil interview and this all depends on how far Boris was ahead at start which no one knows...

NEW - Over 200 current and former Labour staff and supporters write to condemn Labour’s handling of the Panorama documentary, accusing them of trying to “smear Jewish victims” and posing 5 questions for Corybn to answer

This is from my colleague Jennifer Rankin in Brussels.

Commission president candidate Ursula von der Leyen has said she would support a Brexit extension if "good reasons".

That's a very logical position, as decision would be taken by EU leaders. And extension is a very hypothetical question.

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