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AfD party votes to campaign for German exit from EU

Far-right nationalists decide for first time to seek ‘Dexit’ if bloc does not meet demands

The German far-right party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) has voted to campaign for the country’s exit from the European Union if its demand for reforms within the bloc are not met.

The decision on Sunday marks the first time any party has called for “Dexit” – a German departure from the EU in the mould of Brexit.

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Grayling claim Brexit block could boost far right is ‘gutter politics’

MPs accuse transport secretary of dangerous scaremongering in attempt to prop up PM’s deal

Chris Grayling’s claim that blocking Brexit could lead to a rise in far-right extremism is dangerous scaremongering and a desperate attempt to shore up the prime minister’s Brexit deal, campaigners and MPs have said.

The transport secretary told the Daily Mail that Britain would become a less tolerant and more nationalistic society if it failed to leave the EU. He said reversing the referendum result would result in the 17 million people who voted to leave feeling cheated and urged colleagues to support Theresa May’s deal.

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Annual parliamentary pancake race falls flat over Brexit bad feeling

Event called off due to ‘intense activity’ around Westminster, with ‘yellow vests’ protesting

While the grievances of the self-styled “yellow vest” protesters outside parliament can seem varied and opaque, it is unlikely that they include pancakes. But it is pancakes – more specifically pancake racing – that has paid the price for their activities.

The annual parliamentary pancake race between MPs, peers and political journalists has been cancelled because of the level of bad feeling connected to Brexit, the charity that organises the event has said.

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The Guardian view on the politics of street confrontation: a dangerous trend | Editorial

Brexiters’ casual denigration of remainers as ‘traitors’ and ‘enemies of the people’ has helped fertilise political ground where violent extremism grows

Politics describes many activities that do not look much alike. In the Commons today there was passionate debate on a point of parliamentary procedure – what kinds of motions can be amended and by whom – arcane enough to flummox veterans. Outside the Palace of Westminster, supporters and opponents of Brexit wave placards and shout slogans. A healthy democracy needs both political styles.

Both also have limits. Parliament can be too rarefied and too raucous at the same time. But the more appalling spectacle is pro-Brexit protesters outside parliament harassing and intimidating MPs, obstructing their paths and hurling abuse.

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‘The police are after all of us’: pro-Brexit protesters ditch yellow vests

Police outnumber Westminster protesters a day after MP Anna Soubry was harassed and verbally abused

Such was the official fuss after “yellow vest” protesters harassed and verbally abused Anna Soubry outside parliament, that a day later the few activists who had turned up again were being so low key they had not even donned their trademark garments.

“They’re in that bag,” said one man, who like all those present declined to be identified. “We’ll put them on when there’s more of us. The police are after all of us, so we’ve got to be careful.”

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Police told to intervene after Met accused of ignoring abuse of MPs

Met takes action in wake of ‘Nazi’ slurs against Conservative Anna Soubry

Police officers around parliament have been told to “intervene appropriately” after the Conservative MP Anna Soubry accused them of ignoring abuse directed at politicians and journalists.

The Met’s deputy assistant commissioner, Laurence Taylor, defended the way it polices parliament after Soubry accused the force of ignoring the targeting of politicians and journalists with abusive and racist chants on Abingdon Green, a grassed area outside parliament used by broadcasters.

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John Bercow urges police to do more after ‘Nazi’ taunts against Tory MP

Speaker concerned about number of protesters targeting female MPs outside parliament

The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, has urged police to do more to protect MPs outside parliament from abusive protesters after they repeatedly shouted at Conservative MP Anna Soubry that she was a “Nazi” as she spoke on live TV.

Soubry also criticised the lack of police response after chants of “Soubry is a Nazi” could clearly be heard during an interview with BBC News on Abingdon Green, a grassed area outside parliament used by broadcasters.

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