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Japanese bank blames Brexit for move to Amsterdam

Norinchukin announces plan day after Shinzō Abe offered public backing for May’s deal

One of Japan’s largest banks has blamed Brexit for its decision to move part of its business to Amsterdam, 24 hours after Theresa May sought to enlist the Japanese prime minister in the fight to save her deal with the EU.

Norinchukin bank announced plans to set up a wholly owned subsidiary in the Dutch capital, a move that critics of the prime minister’s deal cited as evidence that both a no-deal Brexit and her deal were likely to damage the UK economy.

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Shinzō Abe given the silent treatment as the Maybot runs on fumes | John Crace

The Japanese PM once got Theresa May’s pulse racing but the magic’s gone and she’s too tired to care

It had come billed as one of the greatest love stories never told. In previous interviews, Theresa May had spoken of Shinzō Abe, the Japanese prime minister, as her Rock. The one world leader who set her pulse racing. The man who truly got her. It was the relationship that transcended language barriers. Then again, May has always been more at home with silence.

Love comes in many forms. Even near-indifference. After a day spent chatting to Abe about a new robotics deal – her software was seriously out of date – and visiting Twickenham, May looked as if she was all loved out. She managed a quick smile as she and Abe walked into the Downing Street side room for their joint press conference, but her eyes looked dead. The prime minister is currently running on little more than fumes. Almost as if the vote on Tuesday can’t come soon enough. It’s the waiting for inevitable defeat that’s destroying her from the inside.

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Japanese PM implores Britain not to leave EU without a deal

Shinzō Abe says ‘the whole world’ wants the UK to secure an agreement

Japan’s prime minister has implored the UK not to leave the EU without an exit deal, saying it was “the wish of the whole world” to see Britain secure an agreement.

The remarks from Shinzō Abe on a visit to London came as two cabinet ministers, Greg Clark and Gavin Williamson, traded blows over the viability of a no-deal.

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Brexit: Japanese PM tells May ‘whole world’ wants her to avoid no deal – Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit speech, Theresa May’s press conference, and day two of the resumed Brexit debate

For his part, Coveney said his day involved meeting business leaders, trade unions, farmers’ representatives, women’s groups and other people working in the voluntary and community sector.

I have to say that, in all the meetings we have had today, there is very strong support for what the prime minister is advocating for now and I wanted to try to reinforce many of those messages.

It’s not for me to say that. The DUP have a very important constituency, they are the largest party in Northern Ireland. I respect that. But I’ve got to listen to the other political parties too and business organisations and community organisations.

I think we have a job to do to all work together here to try to navigate a way through what is a very complex and difficult negotiation.

The prime minister said earlier that she wanted her deal to go through the Commons with the support of the DUP. The DUP, however, have been busy making it clear – for anyone who remained in any doubt – that they will not support it without significant changes being made.

After the party held discussions with Ireland’s deputy leader, Simon Coveney, the DUP leader, Arlene Foster, released this statement:

The withdrawal agreement is not a fair deal and we cannot support it. It should be no more acceptable to build a new east-west border than it is to build a new north-south border.

The backstop is not needed. No one is going to build a hard border. We will work with the government to reach a better deal for the United Kingdom but this will require more pragmatism from the European Union.

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Clogs gift for EU medicines agency’s Brexit move

Dutch officials handed over a pair of clogs and the keys to the European Medicines Agency's temporary base in Amsterdam on Wednesday (9 January) as the watchdog prepares to leave London after Brexit.

May hopes Japanese PM will back Brexit stance in London visit

Shinzō Abe will first visit the Netherlands, where many Japanese firms are relocating ahead of Brexit

Japan’s prime minister, Shinzō Abe, who is to meet Theresa May in London on Thursday, will underscore the damage Brexit is likely to have on Japanese investment in Britain by first visiting the Netherlands, the country to which many UK-based Japanese firms are redeploying ahead of the UK’s departure from the EU.

The choice of the Netherlands as the other stop on Abe’s mini-European tour is not a coincidence since he will also be given a chance to be briefed on how a no-deal Brexit could clog the flow of trade into Rotterdam, the main gateway for Japanese and British firms into the EU single market.

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