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Brexit deal: how will the Westminster factions vote?

May’s plan has fragmented the Commons, but here is your guide to a complicated picture

If the tribal divisions of Brexit are complicated enough, then things become even more atomised when it comes to how the various groups in the Commons might vote on Theresa May’s deal and why. Here are the main factions and their leading personalities.

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UK immigration plans would harm Highland industry, warns SNP

White paper would ‘pull rug from under’ firms in northern Scotland, says Kate Forbes

The UK government’s stance on immigration “completely pulls the rug from under the feet of businesses and communities in the Highlands”, according to the Scottish National party’s Kate Forbes, one of the area’s most prominent and vocal representatives in the Holyrood parliament.

As the Scottish government warned last Thursday that proposals in the UK Conservative party’s recently published white paper on immigration will cut the number of workers from Europe eligible to work in Scotland by up to 85%, Forbes identified a “failure of imagination” from politicians who spend much of their working lives in a city so densely populated that they cannot fathom there are areas of the country where that is not the case.

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How will your MP vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal?

Between the opposition, the DUP and rebels from the pro and anti-EU wings of her party, May faces an uphill battle getting her deal through parliament

There are many more MPs who say they will vote down the deal than vote for it.

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