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An election is on the cards. So what do the polls tell us? | Gideon Skinner

We know what the parties’ strengths and weaknesses are, but predicting what that means in terms of seats is difficult

With the government shorn of its majority, and the Brexit deadline looming, the odds of an imminent election have dramatically reduced. So it’s worth examining the current state of the parties in the polls. What’s important to bear in mind, of course, is that polling provides a snapshot of public opinion at the time the poll is taken, and we are currently living in a highly volatile political situation.

It’s possible that people’s minds will change when faced with the reality of an actual general election, and the parties experience the pressures of the campaign, as we saw in 2017. Not only that, but it’s very difficult to say precisely where the election will be fought and won. The key battlegrounds may not be the easily identifiable marginal seats where results were decided in the past.

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