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Austerity, racism, the NHS and Brexit: Corbyn and Johnson clash in BBC debate – video highlights

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clashed over whether the future of Britain should be capitalist or socialist as they presented two wildly different visions for the country in the final leaders' debate. From austerity and the NHS to Brexit and racism, these are the highlights of the night

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Russia involved in leak of papers saying NHS is for sale, says Reddit

Documents, believed to be genuine, were used by Jeremy Corbyn to lambast Tory party

An anonymous online poster who disseminated documents later brandished by Jeremy Corbyn as evidence the Conservatives would put the NHS “on the table” in US trade talks was part of a campaign directed by Moscow, the site hosting the papers has said.

On Friday evening, Reddit confirmed it has banned 61 accounts; including that of a user called Gregoriator, who it believes was part of a Russian information operation known as Secondary Infektion.

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The Guardian view on Trump and Johnson: a toxic alliance | Editorial

The prime minister kept a calculated distance from the US president at the Nato summit because he knows their similarities play badly with voters

A US president’s low-key exit from a Nato summit, skipping the traditional press conference, would once have been perceived as a snub to the host government. But Donald Trump’s departure from London will come as a relief to Boris Johnson. Mr Trump is a fan of Brexit and praises the prime minister as the man to deliver it, but his presence in the country was an electoral hazard for the Conservatives.

Some British voters admire Mr Trump, or find him entertaining, but more do not. It is no recommendation for the Tory leader to be liked by a man notorious for dishonesty, ignorance, narcissism and chauvinism.

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Jeremy Corbyn on the offensive over Donald Trump’s plans for NHS

Labour leader questions US president’s assertion that he has no interest in health service

Jeremy Corbyn has again sought to pile pressure on the Conservative party over the status of the NHS in any future trade deal with the US, as Donald Trump arrived in London just over a week from polling day.

Despite the US president insisting that he would not be interested in access to the NHS if it was presented “on a silver platter”, the Labour leader said he remained deeply sceptical of Trump’s claims and vowed to tackle him personally over the issue.

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Steve Bell on Donald Trump and the NHS – cartoon

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Trump denies interest in NHS even if it was handed to US ‘on a silver platter’ – video

Donald Trump has said he would not be interested in putting Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) on the table during trade talks with the UK even if it was ‘handed on a silver platter’.

Trump, who is in London for a Nato summit, said: ‘We have absolutely nothing to do with [the NHS], and we wouldn’t want to. If you handed it to us on a silver platter, we’d want nothing to do with it’

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How accurate were Johnson’s Andrew Marr interview claims?

Among PM’s claims was that he is planning largest NHS funding rise ‘in modern memory’

Boris Johnson defended his record during a major setpiece interview with Andrew Marr on the BBC while laying out his election pitch and attacking Labour. But how accurate were his assertions?

Related: The Guardian view on Boris Johnson and the NHS: a problem of trust | Editorial

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