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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL -Wednesday 24th April 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL -Wednesday 24th April 2019


Aaaand – they’re back! Aaaand – the ‘sources’ have started flowing again. Aaaand – they are all spouting the same guff as before. But: the political game is changing before our eyes, thanks to Nigel Farage and TPB. More on that below.

Yesterday’s main question was: will the 1922 Committee do something or will May stay? The answer is: it’s business as usual. We read this morning that both Remain and Brexit Tories are accusing each other of having a death wish (here):

“One of the leading rebels is Nigel Evans [Leaver], a member of the 1922 committee executive who claims there is a “clamour” for Mrs May to quit. However another 1922 committee executive member, Antoinette Sandbach [Remainer], is calling for Mr Evans to stand down over the plot.”

Edifying, isn’t it! The other possibility to oust Ms May is the EGM called for by Tory branch chairmen (see here) but this will only be possible after the EP elections after the horse has bolted.

The Cabinet met yesterday and it’s It’s instructive to note how different papers report on this same issue. Here’s the DT (paywalled link):

“Theresa May has been told by Cabinet ministers that she should end talks with Labour “immediately” and focus on overhauling her Brexit deal and winning round the DUP. […]The Prime Minister defended the continuing talks with Labour, saying that while many in Cabinet disagreed with the ongoing discussions “we have to govern in the national interest” and “this course of action is what the country expects of us”.

No, it’s not, Ms May! Here’s another ‘source’, focussing on Ms May apparently trying to put Labour under pressure:

“In a sign that the discussions have hit an impasse, the Prime Minister told her Cabinet that the timetable for the UK’s departure from the EU had become a key sticking point between the two sides. She is also understood to be concerned Labour will wreck crucial Brexit legislation in the Commons to block her EU withdrawal deal for a fourth time.” (link)

Then there’s this report, based on yet another ‘source’:

“ […] it emerged that the Prime Minister may try to bring her deal back again in the next ten days despite three defeats already. The Prime Minister is holding cross-party talks with Labour in an attempt to find a Brexit compromise which will win the support of a majority of MPs. But they appear to be faltering, and if they fail the Prime Minister could try and bring her Brexit deal back. Mrs May’s official spokesman also suggested Labour is dragging its feet over the Brexit talks and said: ‘Progress needs to be made urgently’. (source)

Finally, here’s how RemainCentral, The Times, has spun this Cabinet meeting, using another ‘source’:

“Theresa May is preparing to challenge Labour to support the legislation needed to achieve Brexit if cross-party compromise talks break down. In a high-risk strategy, the prime minister is considering introducing the bill that would give effect to Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union within weeks.The move would effectively decouple the withdrawal agreement, which Labour largely supports, from the plan for a future relationship, to which it is demanding changes. It would also bypass the so-called meaningful vote on the complete package that has been rejected three times by MPs.” (link, paywalled)

This next quote is very interesting:

“Downing Street hopes that the new approach will put pressure on Brexiteer Labour MPs to support the legislation needed to ensure Brexit happens before European elections in a month’s time. Mrs May is also understood to have suggested that the passage of the Withdrawal and Implementation Bill through parliament could be a “forum” to allow MPs to compromise. (link, paywalled)

At three minutes past midnight, i.e. after the May Extensions, she and her remainers now say that ‘progress ‘needs to be made urgently’? Goodness me, hasn’t May, hasn’t her Cabinet had enough time to ‘make progress’? Like – nearly three years? Really?

At three minutes past midnight, Ms May threatens to bring her WA back for a fourth time? Is she hoping for a No Confidence Vote after yet another defeat?

At three minutes past midnight Ms May, using a sickening historical twist, is now talking about ‘National Unity’, comparing Brexit in the Nation’s mind to WWII? Note that she seems to think that her desperate attempts to get her abomination through the HoC can be achieved by letting them talk about compromise!

We, unlike the pratfall of clowns, cabinet included, know that Brussels will not change the WA. It’s done, cooked, stick a fork in.

We also know that the EU Parliament is legally obliged to assent to this May WA. But: it’s gone – finished, done, reconvening on July 1st, after the EP elections.

The Tories fear these elections. They know that the only way to avoid them is to get ‘something’ on the table. The redoubtable Sir John Redwood wrote in his Diary:

“I do not favour the attempt to broker a deal for the PM to step aside in return for getting through a bad Agreement. I am urging the PM to lead us out on May 22nd, by cancelling the European elections. Under the Extension Agreement with the EU we would then automatically leave on May 22nd.”

Indeed. He knows that this is the only way out for the Tory Party because he and all the rest know that The Brexit Party is gathering momentum. The Tories don’t need to read the MSM who won’t report on TBP anyway, they have ‘helpers’ to scour the internet where they will have  found this, for example (names in the linked article):

“After the announcement of seven candidates last week, today Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has added five new candidates to their list. It’s an impressive lineup and a big change from the kippers of old. Just 58 to go…”

And how about this:

“Tory grandee Ann Widdecombe has defected to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. The former minister has been a member of the Conservative party for 55 years, but has been put her retirement on hold to ‘campaign vigorously’ for Farage’s party in the upcoming European elections in May.” (link)

Ms Widdecombe will stand in the SW, against Labour’s Lord Adonis … that will be an epic fight!

No wonder that Labour is screaming blue murder, with a Labour MEP writing in RemainCentral (The Times) where he uses the same old and tired arguments attacking Nigel Farage (‘snake-oil salesman’):

But behind the fancy marketing and the fawning media platform, it’s the same nasty stuff that won’t solve a single ailment and instead will only make you sicker.” (paywalled link)

He and presumably Labour also haven’t grasped the tidal change in our country’s politics. They’re still fighting the 2014 EP elections ‘war’ …

He, Labour and their helpers in the MSM don’t get it that actual, real Labour voters outside the M25 regard Corbyn’s ‘negotiations’ with Ms May with as much disgust as do Tory voters.

They don’t get it that we out here have had enough, collectively, of the smoke-and-mirror performances by those inside the Westminster bubble.

They don’t get it that we’ve had enough of the political games they play just for themselves. We’ve had enough of the MSM’s support for that despicable status quo. And we will vote accordingly.

Be sure that the backroom ‘strategists’ of those parties know this full well. Be sure that the Labour strategists know full well that we won’t buy their 2nd referendum. Be sure that the Tory backroom boys know full well that we won’t buy Ms May’s WA. That’s why they’re so desperate to avoid having to run the EP elections next month.

What they don’t realise is that by somehow abolishing the EP elections they will have kicked off a political storm the likes we’ve not seen in this country for centuries.

It’s ‘Nigel ante portas’ – Nigel at the gates. Defeat for That Lot looms in the EP elections – and if May and her crew, with the help of Corbyn, is successful in scuppering the EP by selling Brexit out – then all I’ll say is ‘they ain’t seen nuthin yet’.




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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Tuesday 23rd April 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Westminster was still mostly empty on yesterday’s Bank Holiday Monday. Everybody, even the D-list politicians, were unavailable. No ‘source’ leaked nothing, and as the EU Parliament closed its doors on the 18th of April, preparing for elections next month, the ‘diplomats’ and ‘administrators’ who kept leaking their gossip to our Brussels correspondents were also enjoying their well-deserved ‘family holiday’ back home. Don’t forget though: Juncker is gone for good …

It was inevitable though that RemainCentral, i.e. The Times (paywalled link) picked up an unprecedented attack by that Remain backbench MP Nicky Morgan on Sir Bill Cash. He wrote a succinct article last week in the DT where he did not mince words about the failure of the May government securing Brexit. Ms Morgan however attacked him for daring to speak his mind:

“A veteran Tory Brexiteer has been accused of fuelling the hate mail and death threats directed at MPs after accusing Theresa May of appeasement. Sir Bill Cash used a newspaper column to lash out at the prime minister, claiming that she had made the country “crawl on our hands and knees” to France and Germany to secure a Brexit extension. He said that the extension agreement with the EU was a betrayal of the referendum result, asking: “Since when has a forced and humiliating surrender ever been an ‘agreement’?” (paywalled link)

Nothing wrong with writing that, surely? Not for Ms Morgan though:

“Nicky Morgan, the Conservative chairwoman of the Treasury select committee, warned that his comments risked further stoking public anger. “This kind of language is not helpful. It’s not the kind of language that our councillors or frankly any normal people would use,” she told the Today programme on BBC Radio 4. Asked whether she saw any connection between such phrases and the threats received by some MPs, Mrs Morgan replied: “Yes, I do.” Such comments, she said, were “stoking up other people who are often sitting at home and watching this stuff, and it gets them really, really angry and fired up, and then they will say things that they would never say face to face”. (paywalled link)

Are we in North Korea? Have we travelled back in time to Stalin’s Soviet Union where ‘the great leader’ must not be criticised? And note well how Ms Morgan (i’m sure she’s not the only one!) regards us ‘people out there’: too stupid to make up ur own minds, needing someone to tell us what to think – which is good if we listen to the likes of herself, but bad if it’s proper criticism of her idol May and by extension herself. It seems that being an MP does rot some people’s minds ..

Given that our MSM would rather talk about “Game of Thrones” than Brexit, I’ve been looking at articles published at the Easter weekend which I’ve saved up. Here’s one: in one final deed the EU MEPs did get in one last vote before it was all over, and that vote was rather important. Facts4EU reported:

“Yesterday [Ed:18th April] the EU Parliament moved another step closer to the goal of a common EU defence policy and EU Defence Union. 328 MEPs voted in favour, with 231 against and 19 abstaining. They approved the next part of the EU Defence Fund (EDF), totalling €13 billion (£11.2 billion pounds). This means that the EDF can now go to the EU Council for final discussion and approval.”

If we’re still in, we’ll pay – and if you d like a little piece to fit into the puzzle of why our Whitehell serpents do their best to keep us in, here is one which only makes sense if those serpents are certain that Brexit will ‘not be done’, one way or another:

“The UK army’s fleet of tanks is to be stripped by a third, and is planning to revamp 148 of its 277 Challenger 2 tanks, which were in use between 1998 and 2002, because of cost restraints. Analysis from the Ministry of Defence says the British army would plummet to number 56 in the global league table of number of tanks available. It would mean the UK’s mothballing of tanks would make it smaller than Burma, Serbia and Cambodia.” (link)

While this may please the usual lefty “pacifists” who’d rather waste our money on illegal immigrants and green crap, this reduction of our defence capabilities only makes sense in the context of the EDF – something Ms May has signed up to, Brexit or not. Now look at this league table:

“The league table is compiled from data collected by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. At present, the UK’s fleet of 227 tanks sit at a ranking of 48th below nations such as Ethiopia, which has 461, Romania with 418 tanks in its fleet and Spain, which counts 327. Russia tops the tables with 12,950 tanks, followed by the US with 6,333.” (link)

Obviously, we don’t need no tanks because, with EDF, we can use the tanks from Spain (hello, Gibraltar …!) and Romania as well as those of Germany (do they still have any?), France or the Netherlands!

Do any of our dedicated Remain civil serpents actually believe that, should it come to that showdown with Russia the EU seems to be so keen on, this EDF, commanded from Brussels, will actually ‘protect and defend’ us ‘orrible Brits? 

Closer to home, the Tories are locked in self-destruct mode, desperately trying to get rid of Ms May. The Party leadership must now decide to call an EGM. That is  of course the fault of all those bad “UKIP entryists”, therefore Ms Amber Rudd and others have now written an Open Letter to business owners:

“Amber Rudd and other leading Tory moderates have issued an open letter to business owners urging them to join the Conservative Party so they can vote to prevent a hard Brexiteer from becoming the next prime minister. In a move designed to combat the influence of the hardline leavers of the European Research Group (ERG), the new One Nation group of Conservatives urged those who want a closer relationship with the EU to sign up and fight. It comes after the ranks of Tory members were swelled by an influx of tens of thousands, many of them former Ukip supporters and leave campaigners.” (paywalled link)

Do they see their beloved Remain in jeopardy, or even their cabinet posts? BoJo, Ms Rudd’s pet hate, is topping the list of possible May replacements (see ConHome). She is of course on record saying that she’d rather leave the Party than stay under BoJo …

As some Tory MPs have rushed back to London yesterday evening, we have again ‘sources’ talking to ‘correspondents’. In a bid to shape the debate, they hinted that they would tell Ms May to give a proper date by which she’ll leave, namely the end of June. Do they really think the Tory grassroots will swallow this and go back campaigning (see here)?

But who knows – the ‘men in grey suits’, a.k.a. the 1922 Committee of backbenchers may finally find their collective round dangly objects and do the evil deed … They are meeting this evening, and rumour has it that some are thinking about installing a ‘caretaker PM’ to get us Out now so that there won’t be an EP election.

Anyone with half-a-brain will of course add two and two together and come up with the reason for the sudden urgency: no EP elections, therefore: no Brexit Party upsurge, therefore: the Farage Fox slain. Or so they think. We’ll know tomorrow if there was a ‘Night of the Long Knives’. I’m not holding my breath …




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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Easter Monday, 22nd April 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Easter Monday, 22nd April 2019

Democratic desert?

~~~   ***   ~~~


The peace of Easter Sunday yesterday, the holiest of days for Christians across the world, was rudely and bloodily shattered in Sri Lanka by the atrocious attacks on churches and hotels. More on that below.

Here at home, there weren’t any ‘Brexit News’: all those ‘sources’, those ‘EU diplomats’ and ‘EU administrators’, those ‘cabinet sources’, always leaking so busily, have gone home to their families as well as our MPs.

One news item in this ‘news desert’ however has been picked up by our MSM: British Human Aid NGOs haven’t received monetary support from Brussels – see the report in The Times (paywalled, here) and in the DM (here):

“[Penny Mordaunt] revealed British aid firms have had to wind up life-saving schemes in Somalia and Yemen because the intransigent EU has refused to fund them. Others have been told to transfer projects which they have been running for years to European bodies. In a letter to the EU commissioner for humanitarian aid, Christos Stylianides, Miss Mordaunt reminded Brussels the UK is now set to remain a member of the EU until the end of October.”

One wonders if other UK organisations working in concert with the EU have also had their EU money denied. Of course, they might say that it’s just an admin error – after all, we were supposed to have been Out already, weren’t we …

Then there are the rumblings inside the Tory Party. Allegedly, Ms May’s “departure” might be “weeks away” (a bit late, one would’ve thought …):

“A vote on Theresa May’s future among the party’s grassroots supporters which could hasten her departure from office is just weeks away after enough local party chairmen signed a petition supporting it. The National Conservative Convention, which represents Tory volunteers, now has a duty under the party’s constitution to call an “extraordinary general meeting” to allow a no confidence vote in Mrs May to be held. Any vote would be unprecedented and would put pressure on Conservative MPs to change the leadership rules and allow them to hold an early vote on Mrs May’s future which could see her being forcibly removed from office. […] MPs on the executive of the 1922 committee of backbench Tory MPs are meeting on Tuesday to discuss an early vote, rather than waiting until December as they have to under current rules.” (paywalled link)

There are ‘rebels’ on the Tory Remain side as well though. Tory Party donors are now going to donate to MPs rather than to Tory Central Office:

“[Party donors] have called for MPs to back Mrs May as the only leader who can deliver Brexit. […] The warnings come as […] there were claims last week that the party’s top official is having to reach into his own pocket to cover some of the costs of the European elections. Sir Mick Davis, the chief executive and treasurer of the party, has told cabinet ministers that the Brexit impasse and infighting is putting off supporters.” (link, paywalled)

Oh really? Interesting that the Tory Grandees only take notice when it’s a question of money! Moving on:

“Many Conservative MPs believe a crunch moment for Mrs May could come next week if the party performs badly in local elections. […] Local election experts yesterday warned that the Tories were on course to lose 500 council seats on May 2. But the cost could be as high as 1,000 seats if polls showing a collapse in support prove accurate, they said in an article for The Sunday Times.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – those local elections … finally entering the field of vision of the MSM! This scandal however – and it is one, indicating how democracy is being killed off at the grassroots level – has only been mentioned in passing:

“New research by the Electoral Reform Society ahead of next month’s vote shows 300 council seats in England have been guaranteed for one party or individual before a single ballot has been cast, weeks before the May 2nd polling day. […] Nearly 150 councillors will win their seats without a single vote being cast, because candidates are running totally uncontested. They’ve already ‘won’. Around 270,000 potential voters in these ‘democracy deserts’ will be denied their democratic right of expressing a preference about who will represent them locally.” (source)

Given the Remain HoC, it seems we’re living an a ‘democratic desert’ anyway. The MSM however are only really interested in the EU elections because: Brexit Party! Nigel Farage! How exciting!

Labour’s Tom Watson, who fancies himself as a contender in a possible Labour leadership fight, has now come out on the side of those who demand a 2nd Referendum – like that Mr T.Blair …:

“Mr Watson said: ‘Labour won’t defeat Farage by being mealy-mouthed and sounding as if we half agree with him. We won’t beat him unless we can inspire the millions crying out for a different direction. We won’t win if we sit on the fence about the most crucial issue that has faced our country for a generation. Now that we know a bit more about what Brexit means, the very least that Leavers and Remainers deserve is a final say – a confirmatory referendum – on any deal.’ (link)

Note how, for Labour, Brexit is now only and exclusively about defeating not just the Tories but also Nigel Farage. It’s about their beloved political games – the EU’s intransigence, the fate of our Nation and our democracy: irrelevant!

Now allow me that brief excursion from Brexit: the atrocity which took place yesterday in Sri Lanka. You’ve seen the headlines, the photos, the number of dead and wounded.

There are two things, in addition to this crime ,which made my blood boil. One is the mealy-mouthedness in our MSM, where reporters and opinion writers simply could and cannot bring themselves to put the blame where it belongs: on islamic terrorists.

They more or less openly tried to insinuate that this could have been a return of the civil war – Tamil Tigers – or perhaps, given that Sri Lanka is mainly Buddhist, some fanatical buddhist group …That there was a warning received by the police, that the atrocities were committed by suicide bombers: that is shamefacedly hidden in subordinate clauses.

The other item is a report in The Times, and I quote:

“A sense of “post-colonial guilt” and a belief that Christianity is the religion of the rich and powerful have held Britain back from supporting persecuted Christians around the globe, according to the bishop leading a government review into their plight. […] Speaking before the attacks in Sri Lanka, Bishop Mounstephen told The Times that Britain had “something of a blind spot to the persecution of Christians”. The Foreign Office has conceded: “The UK’s foreign policy response has not always reflected the suffering of persecuted Christians.” (link, paywalled)

But wait – haven’t we been told for decades that everything is our fault because of our ‘colonialism’? And now the persecution of Christians across the globe is also our fault because we’ve accepted that burden of guilt? Oh my … words fail me!

Do enjoy this Bank Holiday and relax – it’s the last breathing space before the coming turmoil of the next weeks which will demand all our strength.




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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Good Friday, 19th April 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Good Friday, 19th April 2019

Good Friday used to be a day of contemplation for what once was Christendom. Now it is another opportunity to rush off for a long weekend, Ecoloon-Protests notwithstanding. So there’s little real Brexit news, but there are still some interesting snippets to be found … I couldn’t help but grin when I read this:

“UK Commissioner Sir Julian King will takeover as the bloc’s most senior official for five days, as his colleagues go on holiday. The British eurocrat will make the final decision on applications for EU funding and dictate the Brussels response to emerging domestic or global crises. The bizarre rota decision, which was made ahead of Britain’s original Brexit date on March 29, will see Sir Julian in charge of the EU despite him expecting to lose his job three weeks ago.” (link)

And I savoured this:

“The EU security chief’s ongoing presence is likely to infuriate French President Emmanuel Macron, who attempted to axe British participation in the European Commission in exchange for the latest Brexit delay.” (link)

But stop rejoicing – see this:

“European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker praised Sir Julian’s “exemplary” performance during the leaders’ debate on the Brexit delay. Sir Julian was nominated by Downing Street to serve as part of Mr Juncker’s Commission cabinet, which pulls the EU strings from Brussels.” (link)

So the business of the EU now rests in the hands – capable, as far as the EU is concerned, I’m sure! – of another of May’s ‘Remain’ helpers. Well, as long as it upsets the wannabe Napoleon M Macron …

Next we have various pundits pontificating – not about Brexit but about the Tory Party, about Labour, about Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party (TBP) and UKIP. I shall not enlarge on the TBP/UKIP fight – you can read about that in most non-paywalled papers – but make these observations:

Firstly, and depending on the political bend of the writer to either Labour or Tory, their interpretation regarding TBP is wildly different, even though they use the same YouGov poll which gave TBP the enormous lead in the European Parliament elections (EP).

Secondly and interestingly, both sides, coming from opposite directions and interpreting the TBP phenomenon differently, reach the same conclusion: because of TBP, there must not be a ‘hard’ Brexiteer to replace Ms May, and her WA ‘deal’ must be dragged across the line.

Here’s a quote from an author of the Tory persuasion (I assume), who sees the way out in voting Ms May’s deal through and then have a charming, touchy-feely PM to replace her to implement it:

“What do we want out of all of this? Surely to end up out of Europe, but still in a civilised relationship with it. To feel good about ourselves as a country again. To find common ground rather than retreating into boxed-in corners where neither side can move forward.  So yes, absolutely, the next Tory leader should be a Brexiteer. […] But they [ed: that’s PC speak for when you want to be gender-non-specific …] also need to be able to bring two snarling, warring sides together – which means they need to be able to try and understand the other side of the argument. That requires warmth, charm, and a desire to bring rapprochement. To be able to practise the skilful, ancient British art of compromise politics. Vote an extreme Brexiteer into that role, and the irony is, we might end up with no Brexit at all.” [paywalled link]

It is of course pure coincidence when we read elsewhere (here) that Boris Johnson is believed to be the front runner in the May Replacement Stakes:

“The former London Mayor is in a prime position to takeover as Prime Minister should Theresa May be toppled. […] A senior figure of the ex-Foreign Office minister said: “Right now, Boris would win. We will have the numbers. Before recess, five new MPs a day were approaching him. Everybody knows Boris puts bums on seats like nobody else can, and May’s decision to invite in Corbyn pushed a lot of people towards us.”

Hm. Is he the ‘they’ the DT author was thinking about? I couldn’t possibly comment …

Labour, on the other hand, still seems strangely unconcerned about TBP, but a former Labour spin merchant has this warning:

“A Farage victory may well convince the Tories to respond by electing a hardline EU-sceptic to replace Theresa May as party leader and as prime minister. If you’re a Labour Party strategist, that may be a risk worth taking. Maybe a Right-wing Tory leader is all that Labour requires to shore up its own support and create a broad enough anti-Tory coalition to propel Corbyn into Number 10. All of this is possible, but the risks are huge. To maximise the chances of success, any political strategy needs to cut down on the number of “ifs” upon which that success depends. British political life is too unpredictable and combustible right now. The safer course of action for both main parties would be to agree a deal and call off these unwanted elections.” (paywalled link)

Ah – see the last sentence: the cat is out of the bag. I’ll come to this below.

Now let me draw your attention to the nicely-hidden suggestions in those two articles I quoted from at length – suggestions which, I believe, other pundits will make with increasing clarity and force over the Easter weekend.

One is that Ms May’s deal must be dragged over the finishing line after Easter, regardless. The covert reason is that this would stop the EP elections and thus the rise of TBP and Nigel Farage. The Westminster Establishment is again scared of that particular fox as a YouGov researcher predicted ‘a Nigel-Farage-shaped upset at the ballot box’ (here).

Just as David Cameron (remember him?) was singularly unsuccessful to slay that particular fox by giving us the referendum, I believe that, again, the Westminster establishment will be singularly unsuccessful this time round.

The reason is that they all know that the WA, no matter how erudite the pundits’ arguments, is an abomination. They know that we know it, and a ‘compromise’ by May and Corbyn to push it through would end in electoral catastrophe for both parties.

The other suggestion is that ‘we must all come together’, that ‘we must find a compromise’, that ‘being divided’ is bad. Of course, they know and we all know that the compromise they ask for is a compromise on Remain terms.

However, ‘compromise’ is the preferred political instrument of the EU. They carefully make it look as if ‘compromise’ and ‘pragmatism’ were one and the same thing. Yes, British politics were always pragmatic, not driven by ideology but by principles.

In contrast, EU compromises are driven by ideology (EU = good, everything else = bad), and are imposed from a position of power. Ms May’s WA, her ‘negotiating team’, Remainers of all political colours have shown in abundance that they have assimilated the EU’s ideology to such an extent that the destruction of our democracy is negligible, as far as they are concerned.

We Leavers however have not and never will adopt the EU ideology. When we seek a compromise we do so while standing firm on our principles, on our convictions. Our compromises are based on give-and-take. They are not based on grovelling surrender, especially not when that surrender is draped with worthless phrases like ‘let’s all come together’.

On this Good Friday, I leave you with a quote from G.K. Chesterton: “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and left untried.”  Now replace “the Christian ideal” with ‘Brexit’ … isn’t that a perfect fit?




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YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Wednesday 17th April 2019

YOUR DAILY BREXIT BETRAYAL – Wednesday 17th April 2019

Can we still talk about Brexit and how we are being betrayed? Or is the sad and horrific destruction of one of the finest cathedrals, Notre Dame in Paris, the ‘shiny object’ to which we must pay attention, to the exclusion of everything else?

This introductory paragraph by Philip Johnston the DT says it all:

“What’s this? I awoke yesterday, turned on the radio and the first word to be heard was not Brexit, backstop or Jacob. In fact, partly because of the extensive coverage of the Notre-Dame fire, I am pretty certain that the entire 7am bulletin passed without a single mention of the B-word. I cannot remember when that last happened. It is like trying to recall life before the mobile phone or colour television. Has it all been a bad dream?” (paywalled link)

If one wants to be cynical, and given the way the Remain MSM have been reporting on Brexit and Ms May’s WA and the debates in the HoC, one is sorely tempted to look at this with a very jaundiced eye, one might be tempted to agree with Mr Johnston’s next paragraph:

“We are in a Brexit interregnum. The morning fix of indignation, frustration and sheer bemusement at what is going on (or not going on) has been suspended for Easter and/or until our hapless politicians work out what to do next. It is like giving up smoking – you know you would be better off without it and might have an apoplexy if it carries on; but there are some comforting certainties about Theresa May’s hopelessness, the Cabinet’s abject spinelessness and Parliament’s paralysis that are hard to give up.” (paywalled link)

However, when one digs a bit deeper, one finds some articles which the MSM seem to have published in order to provide some sort of Brexit continuity. After all, Brexit ain’t going away just because of Easter or Notre Dame.

The incessant propaganda to ‘get it over with’ and ‘vote for Ms May’s WA regardless’ continues, as does the uprising inside the Tory Party. Mark Wallace at ConHome lays out the ways in which Ms May could be made to go (here) while the DT reports (paywalled link) that Tory Party chairs are now petitioning to call an EGM (Emergency General Meeting):

“The petition, a copy of which has been seen by The Telegraph, says that it has been “almost three years since we voted to leave and after two extensions to the original departure date, we no longer feel that Mrs May is the right person to continue as Prime Minister to lead us forward in the negotiations. We therefore with great reluctance ask that she considers her position and resigns, to allow the Conservative Party to choose another leader, and the country to move forward and negotiate our exit from the EU”.

Good luck with that! We know about EGMs, don’t we …

There are two articles in The Express – not paywalled – which seem to aim for one and the same thing: to accept Ms May’s WA. The first (here) is a most dire warning about the consequences of ‘going with Labour’. Indeed, who would not agree! There’s one interesting remark though:

“Number 10 is said to be concerned the Labour Party will not support a plan for MPs to vote on amendments to the withdrawal deal in order to break the deadlock, according to The Guardian. If the withdrawal bill is voted down before the amendments, Mrs May would be forced to prorogue parliament and start again by bringing it forward with a new session and the Queen’s speech.”

Ah – so proroguing Parliament is being talked about en coulisse? Now that’s interesting! What I’d like to know is this: is it taken as a serious alternative, is it a ‘Project Fear’ item aimed at Labour and the pratfall of clowns generally, or is it aimed at the Tory ‘hardcore’ Brexiteers? These are of, course, still on the radar of the May-WA-supporters, see this extraordinary article in The Express.

To all those who declare that the ERG is the only ‘Brexit wrecker’, and to all those pundits in the MSM and to the Remain Tories ,given to promote themselves and their WA-Brexit dreams, I’ll say this:

You haven’t been paying attention. The WA is worse that BRINO, it’s Remain in another name. Worse – you’re also labelling all 17,4 million Leave voters as deluded. Thank you very much. The numerous articles by such ‘deluded’ people like Sir John Redwood (e.g. here, yesterday), by Martin Howe QC to name just two, seem to have passed you by, just as they haven’t impinged on the massed mighty (not!) minds of the Remainers in MSM and HoC.

Here’s one of the articles which probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day were it not for Notre Dame. It’s in RemainCentral, The Times, and is a defence of the nameless civil servants who’ve been working their socks off to prepare for a No Deal. So they have, I’m still getting all those Government papers. But when you delve deeper, you recognise which way the wind is blowing:

“The last few days have once again seen Tory ERG hardliners furiously attacking civil servants and demanding that they continue to spend precious time and effort preparing for a no-deal outcome that nobody outside of their tiny faction actually wants. In typical fashion, they are happy for others to do the work and pay the price for their own ideological obsessions. The prime minister has what might be her final opportunity to defy them and stand up for the people who have kept her government running for the last three years.” (link, paywalled)

Gawd, I had no idea that the ERG was so powerful! Obviously, since 2016 they’ve worked hard at thwarting Ms May’s and the Whitehell civil serpents attempts at keeping us in the glorious EU! After all, it’s for those serpents to ‘guide’ the PM who has to ‘guide’ us deluded voters … 

They are now wasting their time – on our money – to make us accept that there’s only one ‘enemy’ and that is the rump ERG – ‘rump’ because prominent ERG members have caved already to Ms May’s demands.

Finally, let’s take a look at the contortions in Brussels and the EU – yes, they didn’t stop, Notre Dame notwithstanding. We read for example:

“Mr Verhofstadt responded [to Mr Tusk] by saying the decision by European leaders to allow Britain to stay in the EU had taken the pressure off cross-party talks between Conservatives and Labour to find a deal. “The pressure to come to a cross-party agreement disappears and is weaker in the last days,” he said. Both parties will run down the clock and the proof of this is that the first decision the House of Commons took after your decision was to go on holiday.” (link, paywalled)

How dare they! Wait – it get’s better:

“The former Belgian prime minister went on to hope that Mr Farage and his new Brexit Party would inflict a defeat on the Conservatives and Labour, prompting them to find a compromise to ratify the withdrawal treaty. “The only thing that can save us is Nigel Farage,” he said. “He is already campaigning, rallying with the Brexit Party, and Labour and the Conservatives risk getting wiped out in the EU elections.” (link, paywalled)

Goodness gracious me! I had to check today’s date to see if it’s still April 1st. You never know with the EU types, they’re good at stopping clocks … It couldn’t be, could it, that they are all very very fond of Nigel Farage and wish for his presence in the next EU Parliament, could it? No, it’s only about promoting BRINO, promoting ‘compromise’ and getting Labour into No 10 …

In a final twist to the Brexit tale, M Macron, who is riding very high on the back of the catastrophic fire destroying Notre Dame, has trained his now rather big EU guns on – Mr Verhofstadt:

“Mr Verhofstadt, a former Belgian prime minister who supports a united states of Europe, could find himself as the first high-profile casualty of the upcoming Parliamentary vote. According to an EU Parliament sources, the high-ranking MEP will be discarded by Mr Macron as he installs an En Marche candidate as the institution’s liberal leader. The French President’s party are set to merge with Mr Verhofstadt’s ALDE group in the new Parliament.” (source)

Yes, I’m grinning as well: M Macron the Verhofstadt slayer …! Since nobody knows the makeup of that new EU Parliament, it’s a bit like dividing the skin of the bear before you’ve killed it.

For us Brexiteers though it’s another day of holding firm, of confronting our constituency MPs and of relentlessly




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At the end of this week – where are we now?

The breath-taking illegal audacity of the Prime Minister reached peak horror in the early hours of Thursday 11 April, when she accepted the counter-proposal for an extension of the Article 50 period.  Throughout all this extending, she has ignored the lesson Gina Miller taught her, and which Yvette Cooper tried to remind her in her uniquely unconstitutional way, that the government does not have the power to tweak Treaties like this, let alone the Prime Minister going off on a folly of her own.

A court case is being brought against her by a group calling itself English Democrats on the basis of this blatant illegality, seeking a Declaration that the UK left the EU at 11.00 p.m. UK time on Friday 29 March.  If the law is applied and enforced, all will be well if the exit date in the legislation can be backdated to avoid any problem with the ECA 1972.

Meanwhile, the terms of the extension to Halloween are interesting in their detail and in how they have been expressed.  The important detail to note is that there is an alternative earlier termination of the extension on 1 June if the UK does not put up candidates for the EU elections.  The PM will undoubtedly take steps to avoid that, unless the unlikely event of her quick removal and replacement by a staunch Brexiteer occurs and the new PM deliberately goes for 1 June.  This, I fear, is the stuff of dreams.

The manner of the expression is interesting because of the introduction of the term “flextension”, as if this was something novel.  What the EU is saying is we can get out earlier if the withdrawal agreement is approved. But this is what Article 50 says, and has always said.  Its terms are crystal clear: the UK is released from the Treaties on the coming into force of a withdrawal agreement, or if that has not occurred by the end of the relevant period, then at the end of that period.  It seems to be novel to just about everyone, however, because it was a point wholly lost to just about everyone.

The PM is now quite open despite her crocodile tears; she hopes to blackmail Parliament into approving the withdrawal agreement, failing which she will just keep extending the period on an infinite basis.  However, this is a very dangerous tactic for her to adopt; her year of invulnerability is up in not that many more months.

A silver lining to all these clouds is indeed the forthcoming elections, both the local ones here and the various ones in Europe.  These look like being immense fun for rabid eurosceptics from all 28 nations!

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius


~~~   OOO ~~~



Following the publication of William Hagues article in the DT of 9th April 2019: “The Prime Minister has a Point: a no-deal Brexit could unravel our United Kingdom”, I have sent the following letter to the DT editor:


William Hague says (DT, 9th April) that a no-deal Brexit could unravel the United Kingdom. Well, consider this Mr Hague: keeping us in the EU would probably lead to protests that would make the Poll Tax riots look like a Sunday School outing and that could snowball across the continent. We are already seeing the Yellow Vests in France, many Italians and Spaniards (particularly Basques and Catalans) are unhappy, the Greeks voted against the EU imposed austerity, their vote was ignored, many of these people hate the EU and it’s totalitarian methods.

Keeping us in could quite easily put a match to the tinderbox that is Europe and that would be the fault of the plastic politicians who currently inhabit the House of Clowns.

I was present when a 16 year old William Hague made a wonderful speech to the Blackpool Conference in 1977, judging by some of his recent comments I thank God he never became Prime Minister.”

Thanks for publishing my letter in INDEPENDENCE Daily!

Respectfully, John Owen


~~~   OOO ~~~



On Tuesday evening [9th April], Jon Snow (C4) interviewed a lady who has received the Légion D’Honneur for her key role on D-Day.

He implied that we need to be in Europe to prevent war, whereas we have of course always been in Europe and always will be. We may love the peoples of Europe, but not necessarily the E.U. with unelected leaders, who are have little interest in what we think.

A key Allied objective was to restore the sovereignty of nation states. The irony that Snow fails to grasp is that the EU wants to end the era of nation states. He should perhaps visit the building adjacent to the EU Parliament in Brussels, where this quote from Lord Lothian is proudly posted:

“National SOVEREIGNTY is the root cause of the most crying evils of our time ..…The only final remedy for this… is a FEDERAL UNION of the peoples….”

That may have something to do with the fact that 408 constituencies voted to leave the E.U. with a 72% turnout, when they realised that the era of the Conman Market was over. A sense of history tells us that the lack of democratic checks and balances, in the E.U. with its expansionist ambitions, is more likely to cause war.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour

So, it looks like Brexit has been postponed until Halloween. I can’t help feeling that this is somehow appropriate if a little disappointing. One thing I am sure about though is that this fight for our independence is far from over. By Halloween and our supposed Brexit the world, I think, will be a very different place and we independently minded people need to plan accordingly.

Geo-politically things will get interesting as the year progresses. Certainly by Halloween, if the S hasn’t HTF, we’ll have a much clearer indication of the way things are going: nowhere good I suspect.

Since the conclusion of the Mueller report in the US, it has become apparent that the the political left, the Democrats, in collusion with the national security services have been involved in a coup against a sitting US president and his government: “Trump urges inquiry into ‘attempted coup’ against him” .

The above sounds unbelievable in the US but it’s early days yet, there is a lot more information to come out, particularly as Donald Trump has now gone on the offensive.

What is happening here in (still) Great Britain could also most certainly be described as a coup. We’ve seen our democracy undermined to the point of collapse, the will of the people defied, and an attempt by globalist, leftist politicians (criminals) to undermine parliament and Brexit.

My belief – and looking at other sources it is shared by many others, is that as events unfold in the US and the crimes of certain politicians and government officials are exposed, many members of our government and Civil Service will also be implicated: “MI6 Scrambling To Stop Trump From Releasing Classified Docs In Russia Probe” .

The above has been widely reported, including in the Telegraph but I’ve used Zerohedge as it isn’t paywalled.

As details of the coup in the US emerge, so will the full extent of the coup in our own country: “It Begins: Ex-Obama Counsel To Be Indicted Following Mueller Probe”

The world economy has been propped up since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, in fact it never went away and now the cracks in the illusion are appearing increasingly by the day: “UBS Expects 75,000 US Store Closures In Coming ‘Retail Cleansing’”

Retail outlets will be just the first to suffer and loan defaults have already started. I’ve just been reading about a case of a shopping mall commercial mortgage going bad. The mortgage was for two hundred million dollars and the mortgagee just walked away and the mall was sold for sixty million, a knockdown of one hundred and forty million: a taste of things to come.

In Europe the zombie bank problem hasn’t gone away. The likes of Deutsche Bank are still on the brink as are certain European countries. This from the Telegraph: “IMF fears Italian debt spiral, and Macron is making it even more dangerous”

Italy is on the brink of a debt default and it will have global consequences. However, it seems that Salvini and his government are planning for this. This from The Economist: “Italy’s plan to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative ruffles feathers” . And Italy has taken control of its gold reserves from its Central Bank. One can’t help but wonder: if or rather when Italy’s insolvency crisis hits, will it be to the European Union that it turns to for help? Perhaps it has learned a lesson from Greece?

With the Eastern European countries at odds with the European Union over immigration, irreconcilably it would appear, and with Italy forming closer ties with China and the East, it seems to me that major fault lines are developing within Europe.

Then there is this: “Globalists Are Bringing Their One World Currency Plans Out Into The Open”.

As I discussed in my last article, if the globalists attempt to introduce a one world currency, it’ll probably bring them and us into conflict with Russia, China and Iran among others. This will heighten tensions with all of the countries in the process of moving away from the US dollar and, I also think, that many of the emerging markets will walk away from their dollar debt as it’s simply unrepayable.

By Halloween, Angela Merkel will be gone from her present position at least, Macron will be lucky to survive if the Yellow Vests have their way, and hopefully and with fingers crossed, the hag in Downing Street will have taken her infamous place in history.

It was probably always too much to hope that on Friday we’d leave the European Union and all live happily ever after, but sometimes you have to fight for what you want in life and in this case the game is far from over.

By Halloween the world will be a very different place, the witches and warlocks will be cackling and circling with glee. If you think that we’ve been living in some surreal political and economic times, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. What is coming is going to be a lot worse and we need to be ready for it.

We have European parliamentary elections coming up, we must make sure that we get a significant amount of independence minded candidates elected, from whichever party and from Britain and hopefully other European countries. I’m hoping that Theresa May and Angela Merkel haven’t found a way to prevent this.

As Europe and probably our own government cracks up politically and economically from within, we have time until Halloween to be there to stick the boot in. We must make sure that the European Union rues the day it tried to keep us tied to it and then we can walk away.

In our country’s history, we used to burn witches at the stake, barbaric perhaps, but I can think of one particular wicked witch that deserves just that.


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