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George Osborne’s Evening Standard backs Lib Dems for EU elections

Editorial in former chancellor’s paper is latest breakaway by Cameron-era Tories over Brexit

The Evening Standard, edited by the former Conservative chancellor George Osborne, has urged readers to consider voting Liberal Democrat in the European elections, in the latest sign of David Cameron-era Tories breaking with the party over Brexit.

The London newspaper said the Lib Dems had the “courage from the start to say the referendum result was a mistake” and as a result, “voters have started to think again about them”.

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Irreconcilable Brexit tribes create a split-screen EU election

Poll shows UK voters are rigidly divided and only agree on one thing: that politics is broken

As we enter the last days before the European elections, neither leave nor remain has won the argument. The more noise the parties make, the less voters seem to be listening.

Our latest poll, as part of our Unlock Europe’s Majority project, shows the pro- and anti-Brexit camps are evenly matched.

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Corbyn defends Labour’s bid for both leavers and remainers

Polls suggest his party could be squeezed into third place in the European elections

Jeremy Corbyn has given a robust defence of Labour’s decision to try to appeal to both leavers and remainers in this Thursday’s European elections.

With an Observer poll suggesting Labour could be squeezed into third position behind Nigel Farage’s Brexit party and the pro-remain Liberal Democrats, Corbyn said he still wanted to bring the two sides of the Brexit divide together.

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EU elections: Labour voters in Cambridge ponder their loyalties

The university city gave strong support to Jeremy Corbyn in 2017, but now the pro-European electorate faces a difficult decision

In Cambridge’s Market Square, where vendors of bargain clothing vie with stalls selling crystal healing stones and artisan cheeses, few people had doubts about which side they were on when it came to the stark dividing line running through the country.

“I’m going to vote for a pro-Remain party, but I don’t know which one,” said Scott Mackenzie-Lee, 48, manning a coffee and cake station. “Lib Dems, the Greens, Change UK – they’re all possibilities, but I have problems with Labour. Sitting on the fence hasn’t been good for them.

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Michael Heseltine will vote Lib Dem in European elections

Tory ex-deputy prime minister says he cannot endorse Conservative stance on Brexit

Tory grandee Michael Heseltine has said he will not be supporting the Conservatives in the European elections and will instead vote for the Liberal Democrats.

The former deputy prime minister and lifelong pro-European said the party has become “infected by the virus of extremism” and he cannot endorse its support for leaving the EU.

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Labour panics as remain voters switch to Liberal Democrats

Polls makes Vince Cable’s party the favourite for remainers and puts it in first place in London

Senior Labour figures were engaged in a desperate battle to shore up the party’s support on Saturday night, amid warnings that its stance on Brexit was helping to “detoxify the Lib Dems”.

With just days left before the European elections at which Nigel Farage’s Brexit party is expected to triumph, shadow cabinet ministers are among those concerned that Labour’s ambiguous position on Brexit has helped revive the Lib Dems. It comes as new polling seen by the Observer suggests Vince Cable’s party is running in first place in London and could even beat Labour overall.

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Tories in for a Brexit party trouncing, while Remainers abandon Labour

Polling shows Nigel Farage’s party would defeat Tories in a general election, while Lib Dems become top choice for Remain voters

More voters now say they would back the Brexit party at the next general election than the Conservatives, according to the latest Opinium poll for the Observer.

Nigel Farage’s party increased its support by three points to 24% of the vote, leapfrogging the Tories and trailing Labour by just five points. The Conservatives claimed 22% of the vote, the same figure they recorded in last week’s poll.

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