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Brexit deal: how will the Westminster factions vote?

May’s plan has fragmented the Commons, but here is your guide to a complicated picture

If the tribal divisions of Brexit are complicated enough, then things become even more atomised when it comes to how the various groups in the Commons might vote on Theresa May’s deal and why. Here are the main factions and their leading personalities.

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Grayling claim Brexit block could boost far right is ‘gutter politics’

MPs accuse transport secretary of dangerous scaremongering in attempt to prop up PM’s deal

Chris Grayling’s claim that blocking Brexit could lead to a rise in far-right extremism is dangerous scaremongering and a desperate attempt to shore up the prime minister’s Brexit deal, campaigners and MPs have said.

The transport secretary told the Daily Mail that Britain would become a less tolerant and more nationalistic society if it failed to leave the EU. He said reversing the referendum result would result in the 17 million people who voted to leave feeling cheated and urged colleagues to support Theresa May’s deal.

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Hampshire motorway ‘may become lorry park after no-deal Brexit’

Portsmouth preparing to relieve Dover in ‘worst-case scenario’, Vince Cable told

A 20-mile section of motorway in Hampshire could be closed and turned into a lorry park if there are severe delays at Dover or Calais in the event of a no-deal Brexit, Vince Cable has been told.

Portsmouth is preparing to act as a relief port to Dover if there are serious delays at Calais, but like the cliffside Kent town, it cannot accommodate queuing lorries.

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How will your MP vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal?

Between the opposition, the DUP and rebels from the pro and anti-EU wings of her party, May faces an uphill battle getting her deal through parliament

There are many more MPs who say they will vote down the deal than vote for it.

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‘I never thought of myself as anything other than European’

In the first of a series, Guardian reporters visit constituencies across the country to listen to young people’s views on Brexit. First stop: Poplar and Limehouse, Tower Hamlets, London

Dominic Buxton didn’t much care for politics when he was at school but in June 2016 he stayed up to watch the results of the Brexit referendum. Born in London in 1999, he migrated to Germany when he was three and moved back to London in 2015. When it was clear the UK had voted to leave the European Union, Buxton, now 19, was shocked. “I never thought of myself as anything other than European,” he said. “It was like a large chunk of my identity was being stripped away from me.”

With Brexit less than three months away and the debate showing no sign of abating, the futures of young people like Buxton have become central to the discussions – even if they aren’t always consulted about it. In his local constituency of Poplar and Limehouse, he is one of many who feel their voices are not being heard.

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