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How is Boris Johnson’s Britain viewed in other G7 countries? Our panel responds | Roland Kelts and others

As world leaders prepare to meet in Biarritz, writers from Japan, the US, Germany and France give their verdict Continue reading...

Macron tells Johnson Brexit backstop is indispensable

French president tells Boris Johnson he must present concrete proposals for UK exit

Emmanuel Macron has described the Irish backstop as “indispensable” to a Brexit deal and urged Boris Johnson to set out his proposed alternatives as soon as possible, as he met the British prime minister in Paris.

The French president told Johnson on Thursday that the EU would like “visibility” on London’s concrete proposals for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU within a month, echoing language used by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, on Wednesday.

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Brexit: Boris Johnson to meet Merkel as France says no deal now most likely outcome – live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has now arrived for the welcome ceremony.

There is a live feed at the top of this blog.

Here are some pictures from Berlin, where the Germans are getting ready to welcome Boris Johnson who is due to arrive at the Chancellery quite soon.

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Boris Johnson visit will not change German stance, says Merkel ally

British PM’s proposal to ditch backstop likely to be firmly rebuffed when he visits Berlin

Angela Merkel is likely to give a friendly but firm rebuttal to Boris Johnson during his first overseas visit as prime minister on Wednesday, with politicians and officials in Berlin saying they do not consider that his letter to Donald Tusk asking the EU to drop the Irish backstop contains constructive proposals for further negotiations.

“The letter to the president of the European council is not a serious offer, and Boris Johnson knows it,” said Norbert Röttgen, an ally of the chancellor who heads the German parliament’s foreign affairs committee.

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Is US capitalism really abandoning the ‘greed is good’ mantra? | Larry Elliott

The US roundtablers’ pledge is woolly. So it’s baby steps for now to stop Capitol Hill forcing more drastic changes

Milton Friedman will be spinning in his grave at the heresy perpetrated by the US Business Roundtable. For the thick end of five decades US capitalism has been run along Friedmanite lines – namely that businesses are there to make money for their shareholders. No charitable giving, no diversity awareness. No green audits. Just making money. Period.

Now some of the highest paid on the planet have appeared to ditch the idea of shareholder primacy. Sure, they say, shareholders matter but so do a range of other stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers and communities. Workers must be treated with dignity and respect. Businesses will be run sustainably in order to protect the environment.

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Boris Johnson to head to Paris and Berlin in bid to break Brexit deadlock

PM set to meet Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron ahead of next week’s G7 meeting

Boris Johnson is expected to make a diplomatic dash to meet Emmanuel Macron in Paris and Angela Merkel in Berlin early next week as he seeks to break the Brexit impasse.

The prime minister, who has yet to leave the UK to meet any of the EU’s leaders since entering Downing Street, will also speak to the Irish prime minister, Leo Varadkar, and Donald Tusk, the European council president, by phone, the Guardian understands.

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European markets rattled as global recession fears linger

Index of Britain’s top 100 firms at six-month low and oil prices fall 3% to below $58 a barrel

Stock markets in Europe extended their losing streak on Thursday and oil prices fell 3% to below $58 a barrel as mounting recession concerns continued to hit investor confidence.

The index of Britain’s top 100 firms dropped more than 1% to hit a six-month low and and stock markets in continental Europe also dipped in response to investors channelling their funds into financial safe havens. However, US stocks staged a modest recovery after heavy sell-offs on Wednesday.

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