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Sam Gyimah continues down Lib Dem path of fairytales and unicorns | John Crace

There is no plan B because Jo Swinson will become PM and stop Brexit, all on her own

It wasn’t the worst day to campaign on adult education. Almost at the very moment that Sam Gyimah, the Lib Dems’ business spokesperson, was sitting down to chat to a handful of apprentices in Marylebone after a near pointless two-mile journey in the party’s electric battle bus, Nigel Farage was busy handing out P45s to 317 of the Brexit party’s own candidates in Hartlepool. Still, as they had all stumped up a non-refundable £100 for the privilege, the party was over £30K to the good. And Nige had kept Boris Johnson and Arron Banks happy. You win some, you win some.

It wasn’t the most challenging outing for Gyimah. All the apprentices were either too friendly, too young to remember or just not that bothered about university tuition fees – which was was probably just as well. He too has the wide-eyed innocence of the ingenue. But then he has been on something of a reskilling programme himself, having defected from the Conservatives only a few months ago.

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The Guardian view on the Brexit party offer: one the Tories cannot refuse | Editorial

In backing Boris Johnson’s deal Nigel Farage shows what it really is: a nationalist project that sacrifices economic, constitutional and social stability on the altar of cut-throat competition and deregulation

Nigel Farage has never won a seat in the UK parliament, nor has he sat at a cabinet table. Yet he has been one of the most effective British politicians of recent history. On Monday he made an announcement that showed why he cannot be discounted from exerting influence just because he cannot get elected. Mr Farage’s decision to pull his Brexit party candidates out of the 317 seats won by the Conservatives at the 2017 general election will help the hardliners in Boris Johnson’s party.

Whether this is a formal pact or just a loose arrangement, it signals to liberal Conservatives, who blanch at Mr Farage’s demagoguery, that they are a vanishing species in the Tory party. Any form of Brexit that is acceptable to Mr Farage will be deeply damaging for the UK. In backing Mr Johnson’s deal, Mr Farage reveals it for what it really is: a nationalist project that sacrifices economic, constitutional and social stability on the altar of cut-throat competition and deregulation.

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Boris Johnson set to break pledge not to nominate EU commissioner

UK poised to comply with Ursula von der Leyen’s request to propose candidate

Boris Johnson’s government appears to be preparing to nominate an EU commissioner, potentially breaching another Brexit promise after he failed to meet his “do or die” deadline to leave on 31 October.

The incoming president of the commission, Ursula von der Leyen, wrote to the prime minister last week, asking him to propose a British candidate or candidates for EU commissioner “rapidly, in the shortest time possible”.

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Labour and DUP demand clarity on Northern Ireland fishing

Letter asks whether Northern Ireland waters will be controlled from London if PM’s Brexit deal becomes law

Labour and the Democratic Unionist party have formed an unprecedented alliance to demand that the government explains whether Northern Ireland’s fishing waters will be controlled from London if Boris Johnson’s proposed Brexit deal becomes law.

In a sign of further confusion over how prime minister’s withdrawal agreement will work, the parties’ fisheries spokesmen have written to the environment secretary, Theresa Villiers, asking why her department appears to claim that fish caught in waters off the coast of Northern Ireland will no longer be classed as Northern Irish fish.

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Labour promises ‘managed migration’ from EU after Brexit

Emily Thornberry says there would be fair rules for EU nationals not already in UK

Latest election news - live updates

A Labour government would introduce “managed migration” for EU nationals in the event Brexit happens, the shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, has said as the party continues to debate what immigration policy to offer at the election.

Senior Labour figures are expected to meet on Monday to discuss the policy, although a final decision will not be made until next weekend, with some pushing for ideas including a rejection of income-based entry, and the maintenance of free movement to and from the EU.

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The Brexit party has made its first U-turn. But expect more surprises from Farage | Darren Loucaides

The so-called leave alliance will no doubt help the Tories but will also let the former Ukip leader focus on key constituencies

Ten days is a lifetime during a general election. On Friday 1 November, at the Brexit party campaign launch, Nigel Farage committed his party to contest more than 600 seats. This was despite worries being aired by MEPs and Arron Banks, ally and erstwhile financial backer of Farage, that it would split the leave vote. As of this morning, Farage appears to have listened: the Brexit party will now not stand in 317 seats won by the Tories in 2017. This U-turn represents, effectively, a “leave alliance”. What more can we expect from the Brexit party in the coming weeks?

It is likely the first of many surprises to come from Farage. But beneath the surface, it consolidates his party’s key strategy – focusing resources on 20 or so key seats where the party has the best chance of winning under the first past the post electoral system. It also reminds us that Farage will have an important role to play in this election: leave alliance or not, the Tories must gain seats to win a majority, which won’t be made easier by the Brexit party focusing its efforts on Labour-leave marginals that the Tories had also targeted.

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And then there were three: Remain tactical voting sites fail to agree

Two new campaigns launch – one led by Gina Miller, the other by the People’s Vote – but their analysis may only confuse voters

Another major tactical voting site is launching designed to deliver an anti-Brexit parliament, with three separate campaigns now advising voters on how to help stop a Conservative majority.

The Remain United site, led by businesswoman Gina Miller, who led the case against the government’s suspension of parliament, will make recommendations in constituencies where it believes tactical voting will make a difference.

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