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Corbyn statement on Brexit position fails to impress remainers

Backers of second referendum express disappointment as Labour leader reiterates his position

Labour backers of a second referendum who had hoped for a decisive shift in their party’s policy towards remain have expressed disappointment after Jeremy Corbyn issued a lengthy statement reiterating his position.

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Trying to unite the country over Brexit won’t win Labour a general election | Peter Kellner

The polls make it clear the party’s equivocal stand on Brexit is losing it supporters. Taking a decisive stand is the only way forward

Ahead of today’s meeting of Labour’s shadow cabinet, here is a thought experiment. In the latest YouGov poll, the party has lost half its vote at the last general election. Suppose three-quarters of those lost voters had switched to the Brexit parties or the Conservatives, while one-quarter had switched to strongly remain parties – the Liberal Democrats, Greens or SNP. Pro-leave MPs in Labour’s heartlands would say “told you”. The case for Labour pivoting to a strongly pro-leave stance would be overwhelming.

The laudable aim of healing divisions cannot succeed while the issue of Brexit remains unresolved

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Corbyn to outline Brexit strategy – but unlikely to back remain

Labour leader under pressure from shadow cabinet over position on fresh referendum

Jeremy Corbyn plans to use a speech in the coming days to outline the latest evolution in Labour’s Brexit policy – but is expected to stop well short of the clarion call for remain demanded by his deputy, Tom Watson.

The shadow cabinet will discuss Brexit on Wednesday, with the Labour leader under intense pressure from shadow ministers including Watson, Emily Thornberry and Keir Starmer to signal more clearly his support for a fresh referendum.

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Barclay and Barnier clash on citizens’ rights under no-deal Brexit

EU negotiator urged to rethink decision to reject plea by UK to ringfence key part of deal

The EU’s chief negotiator has been asked to think again after rejecting an appeal by the UK’s Brexit secretary for the full gamut of citizens’ rights in the withdrawal agreement to be protected in the event of a no-deal exit.

In a clear signal from Brussels that it is not willing to countenance a “managed no deal”, Michel Barnier has described the suggestion that such elements of the agreement could be carved out as “far from straightforward” and insisted that the focus should be on getting the Brexit deal ratified.

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Tory leadership race: what’s the view from Europe? | Mujtaba Rahman

Leaders are hugely sceptical of Boris Johnson, but will do what they can to help him get a deal over the line if he becomes PM

Viewed from Europe, the race for the Tory leadership has taken on a surreal quality as Boris Johnson takes an apparently unassailable lead in the multi-round contest. As a plethora of hostile editorials and articles in the European press attest, the sight of a politician widely derided as a “mini Trump” becoming the new British prime minister has only confirmed the impression that the UK has been consumed by a populist revolution symbolised by the vote for Brexit.

At one level this “noise” is more than superficial, since it points to a fundamental problem with the Johnson candidacy for Europe, which is the baggage he brings as a high-profile character who made a career out of lampooning the ideals, initiatives and institutions of the European Union. There is no doubt that Johnson’s record as both newspaper columnist and foreign minister will make it harder for Europe to justify making concessions to him that leaders were not prepared to make for Theresa May. Come the October European Council, there will be voices arguing that any concession to Johnson is a concession to “populism”, and should be avoided.

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UK led towards no-deal Brexit by untruthful elite, says ex-EU envoy

Ivan Rogers offers withering assessment of Tory candidates vying to be prime minister

Britain is being led to a no-deal Brexit by a political elite “which has great difficulties discerning and telling the truth”, the UK’s former ambassador to the EU has said, in a withering assessment of the Conservative candidates vying to be prime minister.

Ivan Rogers, who resigned from his post in 2017 after clashing with Theresa May’s senior advisers, suggested it was “probable” the UK would leave the EU without a deal in what he described as an act of “economic lunacy”.

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Labour has only one realistic option on Brexit – back remain | Paul Mason

An alliance of the left and centre against Brexit is inevitable. The only question is: who will lead it and own its success?

With the Conservatives ready to seal an electoral pact with Nigel Farage, British politics has become a battle of cultures and beliefs. At the same time, as Labour’s shadow cabinet was forced to accept last week, we are now seeing a four-way fragmentation of the party system.

As a result, at some time between now and its September conference, the Labour party is likely to commit unconditionally to a remain/reform position on Europe. Whether via a second referendum, or – which looks more likely – a snap election, Labour’s task is to become the leading force within a progressive majority that wants to stop no deal, defend parliamentary democracy and halt the Trumpification of politics.

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